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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantasy Friday, His Truck, II

I really enjoyed Love our Lurkers day! I don't know yet how many new people spoke up but I know Bonnie keeps up with those statics and I'll head over to My Bottom Smarts soon to see how everything went. I hope some folk that broke the commenting barrier yesterday will continue to leave comments.

But now I want to give all those folks another Fantasy Friday to read. This story first came from someone who was a new reader at the time. I don't know if she had done much writing before this or not but I sure think she did a great job! It's Friday, it fall, and it's going to be a beautiful weekend!

Please enjoy…


“Oh no not again” thought Amber as she got out of the truck to see what damage she had done this time. It was the fourth time in two months that she had scratched her husband’s new truck. It was just a small scratch from the trash can but she new he was not going to be pleased. The first time she scratched it John just gave her a warning but the last two times she was punished and in their house a punishment meant a spanking.

“Maybe I can cover it up, maybe I can say someone hit it with their car door in a parking lot, maybe I can act like I have no idea what happen” she thought to herself. It was just a passing thought though because she could never keep the truth from John for to long and the punishment would be twice as bad if he found out Amber lied also.

So, like the good girl Amber tried to be she text John and told him what had happened. She told him the truth. While backing out the driveway she had hit the trash can and she even told him about changing the radio station while backing out the driveway. His response was plain and simple,” You are not to leave the house the rest of the day without permission and things will be dealt with when I get home”

The “things will be dealt with ” statement made the butterflies appear in Amber’s stomach. She knew what was coming and she new she deserved it. She also knew the house was a mess and she better get it cleaned. No reason to add any fuel to the fire. Her bottom was going to be warm enough already.

“Oh my God its 4:30 already John will be home shortly,” Amber said quietly to herself. Just then her phone beeped and she knew it was John. “Upstairs and in the corner. I’ll be home in five minutes and we have some things to discuss,” his message said. Amber quickly put up her cleaning supplies and headed upstairs to their bedroom. After a quick fluff of the bed she headed to the corner and began her wait.

Once that five min. wait started to feel like hours she heard John pull into the driveway. Amber knew that he was inspecting his truck when she did not hear the front door open yet. Then all too soon the front door opened and his footsteps started coming up the stairs. The footsteps stopped at their bedroom door and once the knob started turning the hairs stood up on the back of Amber’s neck. “Oh no,” Amber thought.

The door opened and she could feel his eyes starring at her. John did not speak but she could hear him moving around the room and when she heard him open the drawer where the oak paddle was kept a lump formed in her throat. She stood perfectly still till he called her to. “Amber May over here now,” John commanded.

“Tell me why you are about to be punished,” he demanded in a soft firm tone.

“Because I scratched your truck again,” Amber answered quietly.

“And for,” John questioned.

“Changing the channel while backing down the driveway,” she answered as she lowered her head.

“You know exactly what is about to happen. Pull down your pants and panties and lay across the bed,” he instructed.

Doing as she was told Amber slowly pulled down her pants and panties and leaned across the bed grabbing a pillow to bury her face in. She held her breath till she felt the first swat land from the paddle. “That dam evil piece of wood,” she thought to herself because she did not dare say it out loud. Spank after spank landed on her fast becoming sore bottom.

“How many times have I told you to pay attention while you are driving? You know good and well every time you scratch something due to carelessness you will be punished, yet you do it anyways.” John lectured.

Tears started to fall down Amber’s checks as she began to silently cry. Soon the spanking had stopped and she sighed a sigh of relief thinking it was over. She realized she was wrong when she heard him unbuckling his belt.

“Please no more,” she cried.

“We are not done yet. This is a lesson you must learn. I am tired of repeating this punishment,” John replied not swayed one bit by her crying.

He pulled his belt through his belt loops and folded it over in his hand. John proceeded to spank his wife’s very red bottom again. ”Twenty more’” he said aloud and then precisely landed twenty stripes on just her sit spot. Amber was crying freely by the time he was finished and when John pulled her in his lap she buried her head to his chest and cried it all out. “It’s ok baby. All is forgiven, you have a clean slate now,” John said trying to soothe her. Through sniffles she promised to be more careful next time.

After Amber regained her composure they went downstairs to make dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening together. When she emerged from the bathroom after her shower she saw John sitting on the bed, bottle of lotion in hand. “Come let me soothe that sore bottom for you,” John said with a very distinct twinkle in his eye. She came to the bed and laid over it completely naked. When his hand started to caress her sore bottom she flinched at first but eventually relaxed into his soft touch. Soon his hand was exploring other areas besides her red backside. When his soft fingers came to rest between her legs she closed her eyes and thought “God, I love this man of mine.”


This wonderful story was written by Yaya! Yaya is thirty something and has been married for 10 years. She and her husband and their three little ones live on the south east coast.

Like many of us, Yaya can trace her interest in spanking back to her teen years. Often she would try to find romance novels that included some spanking. She came out to her husband several years ago by printing off articles and stories about spanking and highlighting the good parts. She admits it is still hard to talk face to face so they do a lot of their communicating about spanking by text. We know she is not alone in being somewhat embarrassed in live conversations. Health issues put spanking on hold for a while but I hope those are cleared up now. Thanks Yaya, I sure hope you will write again!

If any of you are willing to share a story for Fantasy Friday please send to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. As always PK you have shared another great story with us,and thank you Yaya for writing it you are a great story teller
    lil sam

  2. PK, another lovely story.
    Thank you Yaya you write well.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Yaya a lovely story, thank you.

    Thanks for sharing it with us PK.


  4. oh wowwwwwwwwwwww, this is fantastic... Yaya should certainly write more often....

    and a big hug to you PK...

  5. Love this! Thanks PK!

    Darn it, didn't know about Lurkers Day. Bummer. Haven't checked my email in awhile. That will teach me.

    Hugs to you, my dear,

  6. Congrats to Yaya for such a good story. I hope you will keep writing.