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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tattoo torment

I’m sorry to admit it but I am a terrible mother! I am sitting here this evening tormenting my daughter for no apparent reason – just for sport. She was a bit concerned before our LA trip that the four of us girls would get tattoos. She knows there is a special connection between the four of us that has never existed between me and any friends before. I teased her occasionally before the trip that we were going to get one.

Well I am still tormenting her. While watching the Olympic divers tonight Mollie asked “What is on that diver’s back?” I think it was a scar. But I casually said “You don’t even know what is on my back.” Well that certainly rang her chimes! She pitched a fit!

“What is on your back?” she yelled!

“Nothing!” I answered truthfully and in my least convincing voice.

“Why did you say that?” She demanded.

“Just messing with you.” I truthfully answered again.

“Get up and let me see!” She demanded.

I refused since I was comfy cozy with the computer on my lap. The next thing I know she has text Eva asking “Does my mom have a tattoo on her back?”

My good buddy answered her back “You will have to ask her. Maybe she will show you. If she has one that is, I’m just saying…”

Once Mollie left the room Nick turns to me and says “We need to get a pen and …” Mollie pops back in to see me grinning at Nick and chuckling.

“What did you just say to Daddy?” she demanded!

Again I was totally truthful when, with a grin, I answered “Nothing!” He was the one talking to me!

Why do I do things like this? It’s so much fun! Don’t know if I will make it to bed without her tackling me and ripping my shirt off but if I do make it I must find some fake tattoos for Eva and me to put on our backs as we head to the pool Friday. Who says its not fun having kids around??


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Do it... tomorrow go out and see if you can find some... I will too if I'm out anywhere here!!! Poor kid.

    Gotta love it!!!!

    Am I there yet?


  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    LOL, can't wait to see the tatoos on the back.


  3. Excuse me? You two are NOT having fun without me, are you?

    BTW, I just love my tattoo. The shape of a paddle with "spank me" on it....Good job picking that one out!


  4. I love teasing (torturing) my teen aged son too!

  5. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Poor Mollie. PK, you are mean!! She's probably finding the number of a therapist right now to help her get over the trauma of her responsible mother getting a tatoo ;-)
    Though you guys should SO get some fake ones so she REALLY has something to worry about!!

  6. Your just evil and so is your twin. Poor girl could develop a complex or something. Hehehehe get some water colored markers and let Nick get to work on you drawing that is.

    *hugs and grins*

  7. PK, monster mom, tormenting Mollie.
    Poor girl will worry about you now, do you tease her often.
    Love and warm hugs,

  8. Oh PK, you are a woman after my own heart! Our favorite hobby is to play with our son's minds!! Actually, we are quite good at it!
    Mollie is in good hands!

  9. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Love your blog. Been reading for awhile and decided I had to delurk for this subject. My hubby and I also love to torment our grown daughters. When Meryl Streep was asked why she decided to film the musical 'Momma Mia' she said she did it just to mortify her adult children by singing and dancing on film!!! Have to love that!


  10. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Fanny!! I LOVE love love your avatar!!! Why do you NOT have a blog, girlfriend?

    Twin, I found some kids tattoos today. They are okay... there's some butterflies... thinking we can make do with those unless one of us finds something better... if you really want to have some fun, go to youtube.. they have videos showing you how to make realistic looking fake ones with sharpies... since you ARE the queen of sharpies, it might not be too hard for you to do.

    Grace~ Having fun without you is NOT my idea of fun... so get your bottom there already....

  11. You are so evil--I love it!


  12. Eva-Thanks so much for the compliment! I just LOVE old photos, and the corny sunglasses were just too much to resist! Also, she has a slightly confused look on her face, like I usually do so it seemed perfect. As to why I don't have my own blog-well..there is only one thing my Hubs has threatened to spank me for..you guessed it!..the amount of time I ALREADY spend on line! So, as you can see, having my own blog is just not possible, out of the question, can't happen, period. Pssssst Do you have any ideas what I could call it.....

  13. P.S. I just can't resist patting myself on the back here - I figured out how to put that picture on there ALL BY MYSELF! Now that may not seem like much, but if you had any idea what an idiot I am with computers, you would be VERY impressed...

  14. Eva,
    I know you are on your way! Yeah!!
    We will get the tattoos on before we hit the pool tomorrow.

    I bet Mollie can't wait either!

    Grace, Hush! You are not supposed to talk about the real thing!

    And no - we will not be having fun without you and CeeCi. Promise, if one of us starts to smile or anything she will be taken out at once and spanked. There does that satisfy you??

    I think it keep us mentally sharp!

    Poor Mollie had lived with me a long time; she already has the therapist on speed dial.

    Now David,
    I'm not that bad. I will pay for half of her therapy.

    I have teased my children since I tried to confuse them about where there belly button and their nose was. Tormenting each other is a way of life for us.

    Fanny - I'll get to you in a minute!

    Thanks for delurking! With all the torment we get from the kids, losing teeth, scrubbed knees, broken hearts, and missed curfews I think any torment we can pay them back is only fair. I love the Meryl Streep information! It does make her sound like real people.

    Please don't be a stranger!

    Butterflies are fine but stop commenting and drive! Remember no fun with out CeeCi and Grace!

    I must confess I learned from a master - my dad. He had my room door nailed shut the first time I came home from college. I had to crawl in through a window.

    ROFL! You would so fit in out here! You really need a blog. Hmmmm...? What to call it? Nick suggested "Fanny Gets It". He has some experience with a wife who occassionally spends a tad too much time on the computer. I think you should call it "Something". When your husband ask "What are you doing on that computer?" You can tell him truthfully "I'm working on 'Something'!"

    About the avatar - I am impress! I had been blogging for months before I learned to put on a picture. And I am still doing it wrong according to CeeCi but she is going to teach me the right way soon!

  15. My favorite is when I pretend to take my daughter's nose and put it on my face...and she believes me and takes it back... :-)

  16. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Have fun this weekend


  17. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Have fun this weekend


  18. Anonymous3:39 AM

    OK, I just saw the new photo on the blog. Am giggling lots! Did Mollie completely freak out? You guys are so much fun!

  19. We torment our kids all the time!!! PS has made up songs to torment them and rhymes, they wouldn't know what to do if we didn't pick on them all the time! LOL! Glad I'm not alone!!!!