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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Relaxing and Corn Hole

Eva has told about the trip at her place and I really can’t add much to her account. If you haven’t taken a weekend to do nearly nothing lately let me suggest it! It was just what we all needed. Even the pup seemed to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

I really enjoyed the visit with Jane too. While I don’t think she is Cassie I know she is amused about our secret. She had only seen Eva once since the first time, before Eva’s surgery. The change is so very amazing. After their first hug Jane got a slightly stern look on her face (picture your average third grade teacher with 35 years experience) and asked Eva “Are you getting all your protein?”

“No.” Eva quietly told her, and asked Jane “Are you?”

“Oh, hell no” Jane admitted laughing, “I don’t think anybody does!”

It is fun talking to a vanilla about spanking. She is just so very amazed. I am sure it is just not something that has ever occurred to her in her life. She has not told her husband, which really surprised me. I expected her to tell him but no one else. I asked her why she hadn’t she said “Well I thought it was private.”

“Was that really it?” I asked her “Or do you think he might want to try it? She laughed a little and admitted “Well it did cross my mind.” I will be sure to report if I hear any more.

Back at the house we were pretty lazy. We hit the pool; Eva taught Mollie how to make a great breakfast casserole and made many amazing meals. Eva and I emailed across the room at times and we played games.

Bocce was one we did enjoy but after we played that, things got a little strange. I am from the south. I know what corn hole is. It is not always discussed in polite company – although I don’t mind discussing it with my friends if it is alright with them. But while Nick and I have gotten pretty much shock proof I can’t say I wasn’t startled when my good friend, the nice man married to my best friend, a good and honorable man turned to my 15 year old daughter and asked if she wanted to play corn hole.

It was very shortly after that we found out it was actually a lawn game! Phew! What a relief!! Once we googled it we saw that it seems to have started in Ohio. My friend in California seems to know about it and it is big in Guatemala! But here in the South, and evidently we are not the only ones based on the survey, we know its slang for anal sex, or just ass hole. We got another giggle when we saw the following title on the internet “Ohio, Corn Hole Capital of America!” I am making no comment simply telling you what we found!

Their visit, as you can see, is everything we hoped for and more. I just want them to come back or I want to go there or I want us all back in LA. And one last thing, Adam did spank Eva down by the pool! And I don’t mean one little pop. She was dancing a bit and owwwwwing! I was just grateful she didn’t employ her new method for keeping quiet!!

It was great twin, come back soon!


  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I was not dancing!!! But other than that, I love your post. Cornhole. Nice game. I can't imagine though what you thought when Adam mentioned it around Mollie. ROFL Had to be horrifying for a mom to hear that.

    Miss you like crazy.

    You here yet?


  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    LOL I grew up in the South, and knew it the same as you did. I moved to the Midwest 8 years ago, and learned about the lawn game.

  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Glad u all had a good time. LOL< I can just see the faces when it was mentioned around Mollie.


  4. Glad you all had fun. And thanks for the education/vocabulary lesson. :-)

  5. PK, I never imagined it was a game.
    And Corn Hole capital of the world, such a vision, and I'm not on anything at all.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. ROFL!!!!The look on your face must have been priceless!

    It's interesting that even though we live one state north of Eva, we have never heard of CornHole the lawn game. Around here, it means the same thing as in the south.

    Fun post P.K.!

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    HELP!!! I am new too blogging what does ROFL stand for? I figured out LMAO But have not figured out ROFL yet THANKS =-)Janic

  8. Janic-
    Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggerland mnemonics. Confused the heck out of me at first too!

    ROFL=Rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLMAO=Rolling on floor laughing my ass off

    Hope it helps.

  9. Twin I really miss you too. I KNEW it had to have another meaning but I hadn't heard of one!

    So you understood my shock I guess!

    It was a great weekend!

    You are welcomed, education is my business.

    They may make fun of the south but at least we are not the corn hole capital!!

    It was the look Nick gave me that was so funny!

    LOL!! I was hopeless at this when I started! I thought everyone in the world knew this stuff but me!!

    Fanny as gave you those two a few more I have managed to figure out are

    WEG- wicked evil grin
    TTWD- this thing we do (spanking)
    OMG - oh my god
    WTF- what the f**k
    BTW - by the way

    And if you read LA Kink
    ROP- rowdy old pervs
    OCW - Orange County Whap-her, our new paddle!

    But don't worry many still stump me.

  10. ROP = rowdy old pervs???

    Who the heck thought of THAT? And I sure hope I wasn't lumped into THAT group...LMAO!

    How's school?

    Love you!


  11. Hmmm maybe since I lived in TN, and FL for a while that is why this illinoisan thinks of it as a southerner! :-) Now, you'll have to go experience some snow this winter, (more than the dusting threat that shuts down the schools there), and of course Eva will NEED a nice warm break or two from the winter! I know PS and I always hit WV just after christmas and before school goes back in session!

    Love ya!


    PS Maybe I'm a misplaced southerner.. I've never heard of the lawn game!

  12. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Thanks so much. Now I am a little less confused. Janic