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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could you send gum?

School has a lot of changes this year. We have a new principal. He seems like a nice guy the only thing I have to complain about so far is the fact that he calls me ‘Ma’am’! I could really live without that. I am starting to become aware of this age thing. My new boss isn’t 40 yet, my doctor is younger that I am, my preacher the same age as me and there is a good possibility that the next president of the United States will be just a kid! What’s going on around here?

But I will tell you that after an all day workshop yesterday my new boss sure found a way to get my full attention! The workshop was packed so he asked that any questions be put on sticky notes and he would answer them at the end of the day. The questions were about a variety of issues. One was about gum – we don’t allow students to chew gum at school, but some teachers do. Basically the question was, what was he going to do about it?

He looked up, shrugged and said “I guess I’ll just have to take them in my office for three licks!”

Now that man speaks my language! I never have been a gum chewer but I could learn! Of course Nick gave me a small taste of what I might expect if I got in trouble at school. That was pretty nice too. In fact our mornings have been better than ever – that’s something else I would like to tell you more about but because of Grace (yes it is all Graces’ fault!) my time is severely limited at the moment. Next week does not look much better for long periods of uninterrupted writing. But I’ll be around when I can. Don’t go anywhere!


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Only in the south!!!

    I happen to know though that you chewing gum is a dangerous thing. Tell them why, twin. Tell everyone why you can't chew gum. I'll bet they want to know!!! LOL

    Do we HAVE to go to work tomorrow?



  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    lol, Eva, why?

    lol on what principal said/ I am sure it was nice that Nick should u what would happen - maybe u should chew gum now, lol


  3. Uh? ~confused look~

    What did I do?

    I didn't make the rule on when school starts!

    But if I did, school would have started about 2 weeks ago!

    So? Not speaking to me until June huh? I doubt you could hold out that long!


  4. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Rofl, I'd so be learning to chew gum if that was me!!

    Though maybe not, as the reason I don't chew gum is that my mother told me that if I swallowed it, it would fur up my insides and kill me. Nice! Not sure I could get over that, even for the possibility of a spanking ;-)

  5. So why is chewing gum a dangerous thing for you..I'm with Grace on the school thing...

  6. PK, just one question.
    What exactly does your new young principle intend to lick.????
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Eva,
    You are about to tell secrets - don't make me look dumber than I already do!

    Nick is getting better and better at looking for opportunities!

    It is very simple. There is always the chance that the school officals might forget to start back one year. Ok it doesn't happen often but it is always my hope. But you are telling the world it's time to start. Now do you see why it's your fault!! I am going to have to back peddle a little about not talking to you though.

    I have swallowed tons of gum (no that is not the problem) and I can promise you there is no problem. It passing right through and you will never know a thing!

    I hope you see about Grace now and feel free to scold her severly!

  8. Paul!
    You are definately one of the origional Rowdy old pervs!! Very common terminology in the south for the number of swats! You do put a new spin on it however!

  9. Yes PK please tell us why you can't chew gum.