I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Teen Talk

I had a conversation with Mollie the other day. I don’t know whether you would classify it as interesting, informative, terrifying or what. We were on our way home from school when she turned to me out of the blue and asked “Mom, what do you think of spanking?” Isn’t it strange how many directions your mind can go in a split second? Popping immediately to the front of my mind was,

I absolutely love it! What could be better? It’s done so much for my marriage. All my friends really love it too!

Then I realize that I am talking to my daughter! Driving into a ditch also came to mind but instead I calmly say,

“Why do you ask?”

She began, “Well some of my friends say that they still get spanked. I think that anyone 14 years old is too old to be spanked!”

Well, I don’t know, floated through my mind, my friends are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and they are still getting spanked and loving it. None of them have any plans to stop in the near future.

What I said was, “Expect for special circumstances, I believe spanking loses it effectiveness around age 4 or 5. And then I’m talking about a pop on the rear for things like back talk or crossing the road alone.”

“Special circumstances”, she asked, “what do you mean? Is there anything you would ever spank me for at this age?”

I thought this was a good time to let her answer. So I just raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look and asked “What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so” she answered “ I remember that look you gave me when we were watching that show where the girl climbed out her bedroom window to go off with her boyfriend. I guess that would do it.”

I just snorted and said “You got that right!”

We were quiet a while then Mollie started laughing. She said “I remember the last time you spanked me!” I had to laugh too. At about age 3 she took a big can of baby powder and powdered my entire bedroom. Bed, dresser, closet and especially the dark blue carpet! But I was a modern mother, you don’t spank children, you reason with them and give a time out whenever necessary. So I sternly explained what she had done wrong and that she was not to play with the baby powder again and to stay out of my room. I then put her in her room for a 5 minute time out. Didn’t I handle that like a modern parent? I thought so until the next day when the little devil did exactly the same thing to my room again! I decided to revert back to old fashion parent training and gave her a paddling appropriate for a 3 year old and sent her to bed early (while I had to clean the bedroom again!). The best part was the next morning. I went in to get her and the first thing she said to me was “Mommy I been tinking, I don’t tink I am going to powder your room today.” I told her I thought that that she had made a good decision. Score one for the old fashion parent!

She is probably wrong. I don’t think there is anything she would do that would cause me to spank her. I just don’t think it would ever happen. But then again if I caught her butt going out the window…


  1. ohmy! Elis!! I have to give you so much credit for the way you handled that conversation.! I'm afraid it would've been the ditch for me, before I could get a coherant thought together!

    Oh, and how the heck did you not crack up? lol

    I know my daughter thinks, or her friends, maybe are into spanking .. I've seen their myspace pages and hand prints on bare tushies. Who told them they can grow up so fast?


  2. This was priceless!! Thank you for writing about it...wow, baby powder... twice? I bet your room smelled really good.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  3. Anonymous4:50 AM

    See the problem is... the reason you'd find spanking inefective on her behind is because you see it as "reward" not "punishment." Now if you really want to punish her ever, then explain that concept to her. Watch her face. I'm sure you would discover her to be properly punished by the time you're done telling her how YOU view spanking. ROFL

  4. I am amazed at your ability to remain calm in a storm!

    Hey PK. I have an idea. Why don't you baby powder the bedroom tonight, and see if Nick spanks you!


  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    The first thing that would have crossed our mind is... our blog has been discovered! Probably would have turned a few different shades of red (from embarrassment) answering questions too. Sounds like you handled it very calmly.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  6. Oh goodness, what a question!

    You handled that well, my friend! Score one for Elis!

    Now, I have a story. My daughter was around 3, but instead of powder, she used vaseline. All over her face. In her eyes and in her hair...it was a MESS! She actually ran out of her room and said, Mommy, I can't see, it's burry. (blurry) I almost died of laughter, but I wasn't laughing when I tried to get it out of her hair. Turns out she was a greaser for a couple of days. Just put her in a leather jacket and taught her to say...Cool, dude!


  7. Oh, there went the iced tea all over the monitor... had to go clean it up so I could see well enough to type... Yes, I try to watch the screen when I'm typing!!!

    Hysterically funny... I'd have taken the ditch over the talk... AND turned crimson and laughed hysterically from nerves.


    Love Grace's story, too... and I have one. Not about my daughter but about me... I colored the TV with crayons once... all over it... that was bad enough... got sent to the corner by mom (it was SUPPOSED to be my nap time but I escaped... bouncy even then). But then, just a few minutes later, I came back out and doodled all over the wall BEHIND the tv. Well, that got me spanked but good. End of happy, funny story so I'll stop there. But it just proves that kids learn by DOING, and then DOING again and again and again...

    Hey, where ARE those crayons... I know the little guy has a whole mess of them...

    Love and laughs,

  8. Love the story Elis, great the way you kept calm. I think I might have had a bad case of the giggles and ruined it for you.
    Warm hugs,

  9. See now - considering all the trouble I got into as a 16yr old climbing out of windows (it was a bungalow!!) or sneaking out generally - a spanking probably would've worked better than the 'reasoning' I got!!!

    Really well handled though- hope I can do it that well when or if the time comes!!!


  10. Maggie,
    With Mollie in the house I have been forced to think fast!

    I think the room smelled of baby powder for years!

    I think I will hold that back for the ultimate punishment! LOL

    If I thought it would work I would try it!

    Todd and Suzy,
    I am just glad the conversation was with my daughter and not my son. My son and I seem to read each other's minds.

    I know that would have been a mess! I used vaseline once on Mom's antique table to shine it up!

    Now you are scaring me. Mollie has also had her behind warmed for using crayons on my walls. Good grief! I'm raising a Tiggr!!! Help!

    In that case it's a good thing that you were not with me!

    Let me know more about this sneaking out, I've got to know what to be on the look out for.

  11. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Okay...Please forgive me, I think I've delurked, I've been reading for a while. I know I'm late on this one, but I have to comment. You are incredible; I would have surely been the ditch...Lol. It' funny because in the culture I grew up in spanking was talked about all the time...but now a days if someone mentions the word...I get shy and quite.

    And that is such a cute story about the baby powder...Lol. I have one too...but it's a little more serious I guess...when I was 8 my cousin and I caught the back porch or fire. We joke now that the porch wasn't the only thing that got burned that day. :-) sugarpie

  12. Sugarpie,
    You drop by anytime! Isn't it strange how our ears perk up on the work spanking! And we thing to ourselves, be cool, just relax. But we feel like we are being watched. LOL

    I bet you did burn right along with the poarch! It's a wonder we all survived!


  13. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Thanks Sister...

    I thing my cousin and I got burned more than the porch did and even the firemen felt sorry for us...Lol. Have a great weekend! sugarpie