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Friday, November 03, 2006

It's the weekend!!

I really love the delurking day and having everyone stop by! Please come back often and leave a comment any time you would like.

I have had a very nice Friday. Well not at school, school is very annoying these days. But once home things began looking up. Mollie had been invited to a party and after making sure the parents were going to be there, off she went. Nick had commandeered the computer when I got back (he was commenting, I later found out) so I took a quick nap (quick nap, Eva!). When I woke up he asked if I had any plans to go to the gym tomorrow – Saturday??? I told him I didn’t feel very motivated to exercise these days. That was either the right or wrong thing to say because a short time later I had motivation to burn. Yes there was definitely burn! I think I’m probably going to the gym tomorrow. Tread mill maybe, not the bikes.

Anyway I was really motivated to write today by something I learned about Eva when she did her 100 question meme. Now I have always thought of myself as a big chicken about most things but on one point I really have her beat!

Several years ago the kids and I were off to a friend’s house to feed the cats. When we were close to the house I kept noticing something off to my left. There didn’t seem to anything along the side of the road so I finally turned for a good look. Coming out of the seat belt well was a snake. When I turned to look it’s head was about 2 inches from my face.

Since the kids were with me I decided against wrecking the car. No one had seen it but me so I told Mollie to move to the passenger side of the car. We were only houses away from our destination. As I pulled in I told my both kids to get out quickly and leave the passenger door open for me. I slammed on the breaks and we boiled out of the car. I quickly called Nick and a friend from the neighborhood.

Nick soon arrived with work gloves and a hook. Although he could see it down in the car door he couldn’t get it out. Our friend may have had the best idea – he told us to slap a ‘for sale’ sign on the car and never get in it again! The biggest problem was getting the car home. Nick offered to drive it but I said I would if my son sat in the back seat to tell me if it started to come out again.

We had only gone a short distance when I hear a soft “mom it’s coming out again…” I had had him put on the gloves – in case. So I asked him if it was out far enough for him to grab it and his quick answer was “Oh no!” I’m driving from nearly the middle of the car when he tells me it’s out about 6 inches I pulled into a parking lot and told him to give me the gloves! I put them on and made a grab for the snake, I missed but he went back down. I was near home so I took off. At the house I threw it into park and turned to look at my uninvited passenger. One more quick grab and I was able to get the snake just behind the head. I had it but it took Nick and me both the pull the nearly 4 foot black snake from the seat belt well. Nick released it in the woods and we were about to keep the car after all.

I suppose the basic idea behind all this is while Eva had me beat on math problems, squirting and visits to sex shops, I have her beat in snake handling. Boy, I bet she’s jealous now!!


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    You're kidding, right?

  2. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I love snakes!

    Well, the ones who don't squeeze or bite, anyway...

  3. You are a nut! Not just for driving the car with a snake, but for handling a snake. Then third you let him go??

    Now he knows the way! I can help you with the math. I am really quite good, leave the snakes alone PK!


  4. Master Fitz,
    I don't exactly love snakes, but some are okay. Just stay out of my car!

    Eva and Theresa,
    I'm not kidding, how else was I supposed to get it out of the car? I couldn't actually sell it and I didn't want to leave it slithering around in there to come out anytime it wanted to. What choice did I have?

    And, T, you don't kill black snakes! They keep the other unwanted creatures at bay.

    Elis, snake charmer

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I could have handled a snake as they do not bother me. Now had this been a spider, I would have screeched and torn the car apart to escape post haste. I don't do spiders. Nope. And the hopping-jumping ones are the absoulute worst!


  6. You're a braver woman than I am - kids or no kids that car would've been abandoned on the side of the road while I was on the phone gibbering frantically to the beloved!!!

    (I would've tried to conveyt the urgency of getting out of the car in a calm manner to the kids first mind, but there's no way I'd be staying there - what if it bit you or something???)



  7. Shy,
    I would have been more freaked out by the spider. They are just creepy!

    It looked like it was in a more curious mood than a biting mood.


  8. I just put you up on a very tall pedestal for that stunt! I would have absolutely freaked!


  9. I don't think I could have done that Elis. We only have three varieties in England two are harmless and the Viper, quite poisonous, is very rare, I've only ever seen it in a zoo.
    Fascinating story and very brave of you Elis, take four house points and two gold stars.
    Warm hugs,

  10. At the first sign of the snake I would have gone completely to pieces. I don't like spiders either. Basically I'm just a wimp.

    Have fun at the gym.

    Take care,



  11. Anonymous7:55 PM

    What Elis didn't add was that after first releasing the snake I had to recapture it to get it away from the pets. When picking it up I noticed that I now had not only a snake in hand but a large spider on that hand. So there I was slinging the snake trying to get free of the spider!


  12. Maggie, Paul, Lily,
    I'll start wearing my Super Girl underwear!!

    You are right honey, I had forgotten.

  13. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Yikes! A 4 foot snake... you could have kept it as a pet... named it 'Magic Pen' or something like that.


    ~Todd & Suzy

  14. Anonymous12:37 PM

    ahhhh hahahahahaha Magic Pen.....


    But it's a SNAKE for crying out loud. Ewe.

  15. What a wonderful story... thank goodness I'd finished my coffee or it would have been pouring out of my nose!!!

    I've handled my share of snakes but never one "in the wild"... that would have given me the willies... years ago, my ex and I had a python and it escaped in the bedroom... I shudder even now thinking back on that experience.

    Nick, I'm pleased to see you're using your new toy... and I can't get the picture of you shaking off the spider while flinging the snake around out of my head! Dante has a similar reaction to spiders... I'm the spider killer of the family.

    You guys are a barrel of laughs!

    Love and hugs,

  16. Todd and Suzy we have quite enough pets with out the snake. I'll let Eva handle the magic pen!

    From all your stories I have always pictured you as the consummate snake handler.


  17. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Un-be-lievable, PK! Holy smokes! I would have absolutely freaked!

    When my son was young, we had a bat fly into the van as we were driving at night. I'm probably more afraid of bats than anything, but my son (into all sorts of creepy-crawly things at that age) managed to kill him with his backpack (no animal rights comments, please.... it was a BAT after all!).

    You're a brave, brave woman!

    *hugs and more hugs* SuZQ

  18. I'm with Cuddlybum! I'd be yanking kids out of carseats and speaking gibberish to my husband -- papa shrek! My 4 year old would be sending ninja swings towards it though! He wants to be a wildlife biologist like his dad!!! I will say I have been within 2 feet of a black bear and her cub in my front yard though! Of course that was after papa shrek had captured and caged it! And my cat had a fight with a corn snake on our front porch once... I let them fight it out! I wasn't going near!!!!


  19. I have a story that just might creep you out. Several years ago my husband and I lived in a house built in 1790. We were having breakfast in the dining room that had fire place. I felt a tickle on my chest. Looking down I saw a spider about 4" in diameter in the v-neck of my nightie. I jumped up screaming, "Spider! Spider!" and tried to brush it off. My husband jumped up yelling, "Where, where?" We were looking all around me and not seeing it. "Maybe in the woodpile!" I'm still screaming. Then I felt the tickle again. I had knocked it down between my breasts and it was crawling back up! My husband, my hero, took my nightie by the neckline and with both hands ripped it right down the middle! I turned and ran into the kitchen totally naked and left him with the nightie in his hands. I stood in the doorway bouncing up and down until he found it in the woodpile and smushed it. This happened over 40 years ago and remembering still makes me shiver.

    1. Rosie,
      Spiders are way worse than snakes in my opinion!