I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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I am not sure why anyone is still reading but I thought I would continue now but wait a while on the last 50/100! LOL So hopefully I can come up with sometime more interesting for you in the days to come. This is 26 -50 but blogger doesn't think that I know what I am talking about so that's why the numbers are wrong. Eva will probably laugh at me then tell me how to fix it. Okay here goes-

  1. I am tired of driving a mom-mobile.

  1. I had my tonsils out when I was 6.

  1. When I force myself to go to the gym I spend my time mindblogging.

  1. Mollie’s cat tends to sit on my left arm whenever I try to type.

  1. Twenty-two years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as a little old school teacher. It frightens me how much I look like the pictures taken at that party.

  1. The thing most likely to make me cry is a sentimental commercial when I am not expecting it.

  1. I just realized that there are not 100 even remotely interesting facts about me.

  1. I had three car accidents in 3 months before I turned 17. Each time I hit something that was still at the time. When I called dad the third time he said “Girl, you got to stop doing this.”

  1. Nick and I chose Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” to be sung at our wedding. My mom wanted to know if it was a drinking song.

  1. I wish Nick was more in to the idea of discipline than I ever think he will be.

  1. I am more anal erotic than I care to admit to myself.

  1. I am more likely to cry at a book than a movie.

  1. During my planning at school I usually watch Dr. Phil. (Everyone has a TV in their room.)

  1. I fear rejection. Even out here. I keep thinking I’m going to screw up and get thrown out of the club.

  1. From the day I was born until about 5 months age if I was awake, the TV was on. Always! I still watch too much but now when I am blogging I often just listen to my ipod.

  1. When I was little if mom said I was going to get a spanking because I was acting up and then I started behaving she would forget the spanking.

  1. If dad said he was going to spank me you could take it to the bank. Although I only remember one or two times he spanked me and he was never harsh.

  1. I believe in reincarnation.

  1. When I am in a car I want to be asleep, even if I am driving.

  1. I sing extremely well when I am in the car alone, not so well if others are around.

  1. I’m the baby of the family.

  1. As a kid I sometimes wanted to get my sister in trouble. I would scratch myself badly and claim that she did it. When she protested that she had been no where near me they would look at my cute, tearful, little face and say “I suppose she scratched herself?”

  1. I got all my brattiness out of my system before I married, I need some back.

  1. My sister still loves me.

  1. I have 3 nieces, 4 nephews and one great-niece and one great-nephew.


  1. "Time in a Bottle" was one of the songs at my wedding...glad to know it wasn't one of those jinxy kind of songs!

    Wow, number 14, me too, sadly more than I care to admit.

    Isn't it just so much fun to type with a cats head draped across your arm? I can't bear to disturb himself, so I adapt.

    Great list so far...can't wait for the next installment.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

    And just in case you missed it on the last comment...TAGGED YOU!

  2. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Number 6. Me too. And I hate that. Oh, and btw,about the numbering thing... I tried it in word and it worked.. You simply change them once you do number one. Honest.


  3. First the bad news: Numbers 8 and 19 may be related.

    Now the good news: You are NOT an airline pilot!

    ...and you have one up on me. I can't sing well anywhere.

  4. OK I figured out why you kept hitting things at 17, you were asleep.

    I used to write my sister's name on the wall in crayons. I thought it ingenious. I got to color on the walls and she got into trouble. I even made the P backwards just like she did.

    I think everything about you is interesting. Oh and look around, you are still the baby in the family!

    If they ever kick us out of the club, we'll just start a new one. I have the same fears.

    Hugs and I am ready for the next 50!

  5. I LOVE Time in a Bottle... lots of old memories there... pre-Dante! And rejection... HAH! Laugh in the face of rejection, babe, especially here... you will NEVER be thrown out of the club... you're a founding member! Things around here would never be the same without PK... whether pissed or purring or playing or passionate, we love you ever so much!

    Love you, love the list, learning more, loving you more!

  6. Sweet PK, one of the things that I love about you is that you are so human.
    We are pack animals, we all fear rejection, anyone who say different is fooling themselves. Otherwise solitary confinement would hardly be a punishment. So far the list is very interesting, bring on the next instalment.
    I can only reiterate what the bouncy one says, love you PK, muchly.
    Warm hugs,

  7. ditto #11, 14, 17, 22 (which sets #17 into motion - again!) and #24.

    Loved getting to know just that much more about you. Now, where's the rest?


  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I agree with your number 1

  9. Great list you've got going! I'm enjoying it.

  10. CeeCi,
    How strange that you would ever consider 14. It must be like Paul said this is something everyone fears yet it still surprised me that it would ever cross your mind.

    That being caught off guard is a bitch isn't it.

    Honest I am much better now! Of course for long trips I must resort to no-doze!

    It is a wonder that our sisters even speak to us! Promise I can be in your club if we have to start one?

    Thanks my furry friend! I still love "Time in a Bottle"!

    It really feels good to hear you say that!

    It sounds like our sisters need to kick us in the butt! I think many of us have so very much in common. That makes me feel good!

    Aren't they the worse! It's big, it full of junk. Oh well, someday...

  11. That is a wonderful list, LOL! I love it!

    Elis, you are too cute, especially No.'s 5 and 8!!!