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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ideas please

This is quick but I sure could use some fresh ideas! I am taking tomorrow off for Christmas shopping. Got the time, got the credit card, got no ideas on what to buy!! The little kids in my life are taken care of. By biggest problems are those between 14-24 and those between 80 - 90. Of course husbands are always a problem. This year I have plenty of great ideas for Nick's gifts, but I need something he can open in front of the family!!

No kidding what do you guys get for people in this two age group? I know lots of you have ideas, something you have given in the past that has been well received. When I ask my son he told me "Mom, I have a cell phone, an ipod, a car and a computer - what else could I possible need?" I am glad he is content but I want something under the tree for him. Mollie on the other hand has told me so many thing that I quit listening long ago and now I can't remember anything she said!

So please, send any and all ideas. I also have folks between those age groups too. And if you think of any really good husband ideas that are, or could seem, G-rated let me hear from you. But email those husband ideas, he reads!!


  1. I can't help you here. Sorry, but if you get any 18 year old son ideas let me know. I need some.

    Mine also has a computer, a cell phone, and an Ipod. He doesn't have a car, but I don't have that much money!

    I am clueless!

  2. PK - Your son didn't mention anything about the stereo in his car. Possible idea. I think our sons are around the same age and I've found gift cards to Best Buy or your local music store work best.

    As for the other age groups ... ? *shrug*
    Beats me! lol Good luck!

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    14-24... video games seem like a safe bet. 80-90 year olds, hmmm... how about food items. Magazine subscriptions are good for both groups, too. We'll be thinking about this stuff around Dec 20th, btw... lol.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. Teen, the wonderful teens. We can't live with them and we can't shoot them...Ok, I'm just kidding...I think.

    Anyway, does Mollie wear jewlery? That always works. Of course mine LOVES gift cards. She loves funky toes socks. She loves new bedding for her room. A new funky lamp for her bedroom. Music cds and movie DVDs. Makeup? Shoes? Backscratcher? (HEY, you said yours always ended up in her room!)

    As for the hubby...your guess is as good as mine.

    Your son might like gift cards for food places. New bedding for his dorm room. Clothes? How about a basket of his favorite food, for his dorm room?

    I just thought of a great gift for both kids...how about digital cameras? Mine takes pictures of herself and her friends constantly!

    The 80 bunch is tough. Grocery gift cards are good as are gift cards to thier favorite resturants. Stationary and stamps, or better yet, greeting cards for the year with stamps and a calendar with reminders of special days. Or a calendar made of family photes are nice, you can get those at just about any photo place.

    Ok, I've run out of ideas. Now anyone want to do my shopping???


  5. I'm afraid that I'm a lazy giver money does the trick. Not keen on modern Christmases, too profit orientated for my taste, and hate shopping. Sorry Elis.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Well, Elis! This is a tough one and one of my biggest stressors!!!

    I have several in the younger age group and they all want gift certificates! It seems impersonal to me but they love it.

    The older group - grocery certificates, hair salon certificates, books, needlework. certificates to the fuel or utility companies...

    I guess you have to think about each individual in each age group to decide. Some things seem so impersonal to me but when you get to be 80, 90 or older...it does require thinking.

    Hope that's helpful and I also hope it wasn't really today that you were going shopping.

    Good luck!!


  7. Theresa, Maggie,
    Those 18 year old boys/men (I guess they are close) are very tough. I don't mind gift cards but I want something else under the tree.

    Todd and Suzy,
    Magazines might be a good idea.

    You have some good ideas. Mollie loves jewelry but I would be likely to find it under her bed or in the floor of the car. It drives me nuts! They both have digital cameras. But you have given me food for thought - thanks!

    In truth the kids would probably prefer money. I used to like shopping a lot more than I do now.

    Thanks, you have some good ideas too! Maybe all these will gel together and I'll come up with something but it was so much easier when my kids were 3 and 7!


  8. Elis,

    I think some of the others nailed it, at least as far as the 14 to 24 crowd: gift cards work great! In fact, you can even send them an Amazon certificate through e-mail. They can spend it without even getting out of their chair. I know it seems impersonal to us, but it absolutely works.

    As for the older folks, I think what they enjoy most is spending time with people. I would buy them a meal at a nice restaurant (by their standards, of course) and talk with them. Listen to their experiences Commiserate over aches and pains. Ask questions about times past. Celebrate small victories and grieve with them over losses.

    I wish you well!


  9. I can't offer any new or brilliant ideas here... love all these... my oldest loves money... and gift cards especially... the little guy is too young to help you out... but for your older crowd, maybe theater tickets or something similar... gift certificates to their favorite eateries are almost always a big success. Ot some sort of collectible, homemade reminder of times gone by... photo album, scrapbook, old picture colorized and printed big... if ya need any help, just ask... that's all right up my alley!!! Seriously!

    For the kids... gift certificates to music stores...

    Love you... happy shopping...