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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Party time! And It sucked.

I had an experience this weekend that might have seem fairly normal and somewhat pleasant, had it happened two years ago, but after a year of quarantine and a few other things, it seemed anything but pleasant.

I went to a bridal shower for one of Mollie’s friends. Mollie is to be in the wedding, I don’t really like the bride, but I keep that to myself around Mollie.

The first things that surprised me was the crowd. I’ve never liked crowds and in this reasonable size house there were more than thirty women. Standing room only and close together. I know the bride’s mother – I worked with her for years. To try and put it politely, the woman is an idiot.


Another annoying thing about the crowd is that all the women, well

the ones near my age, not those near Mollie’s age, have vastly different political beliefs than I do. Their conversation at one point centered around the ‘fools’ who were getting the vaccine. They went on about how the vaccine changes your DNA, makes you sterile, and probably inserted a chip in you. It’s hard enough to argue with one stupid person I wasn’t about to say anything to the crowd. So I tried to stay near Mollie and just eat – I have to give them some credit, the refreshments were great.


The tried to make us play games to show how well we knew the bride and groom. I declined having only met the groom a few minutes before, but I did offer to check out the ‘boxers or briefs’ question if Mollie wanted me to. She told me that wouldn’t be necessary since she’d been to their home often enough and had seen her friend folding the laundry.


I did get a kick out of watching the older women, grandmothers who

were hosting giving out the little gifts as prizes for those who got the most right. Mollie won, having been the girl’s roommate when they had first begun dating. But the giving of the second prize really caught my interest. The grandma brought over a pretty gift bag and as she was handing it to her she said, “You’re married, aren’t you?”

“No,” the girl answered. The grandma stopped and pulled her hand back looking confused. 

That was when one of Mollie’s friends leaned over and whispered to me, “Her boyfriend is. Do you think that counts?”

I was laughing out loud when the winner added, “But I do have a house.” 

The grandmother, still seeming a little hesitant, but finally handed over the gift. And what was this gift that she seemed to think was so inappropriate for a single women.

Oven mitts. 


I had to laugh again because I knew exactly what the grandmother was thinking and I had to explain it to Mollie as we came home. This crazy old woman was thinking that if the girl wasn’t married, then she obviously still lived at home and surely her mother had oven mitts. So the she would have no need of her own. This despite the fact that every young women there had their own home.

I didn’t enjoy my first ‘party’ after quarantine. I’m hoping for better soon.


  1. Hi PK, I certainly don't think I would be comfortable with a crowded house at the moment, and especially one full of covidiots! I'm also well past bridal showers lol, and especially the games. The oven mit story made me giggle.


    1. I'm with you all the way on this. It was just not my kind of party!

  2. Well that sounds like a chore! At least the food was good!

    1. It was good enough that Nick didn't get any dinner that night cause I was way too full to cook.

  3. Wow PK,

    That sounds....interesting. I am impressed by your class. I hope I can be the same one day.

    I am sorry though that you were surrounded by stupid. Sigh. Maybe they can come up with a vaccine for that?


    1. If they do come up with that I have a few people I'd like to put at the front of the line - but I'll be sure to get my dose too.

  4. Sadly, there's no cure for stupid. Sorry to hear you were surrounded by covidiots. How did you manage to socially distance in that crowd?

    My stepson says he won't get the vaccine, and Ron doesn't want to ask him why not. He lives in one of our province's hot spots for covid. Maybe I'll find out this weekend when they visit. We have both had our two shots so are finally safe.


    1. We've done well on the vaccine here and I do feel pretty safe. But like your stepson, my nephew refuses to get it. I don't ask why because I'm scared to find out how dumb he really is.

  5. I wouldn't have been comfortable there. I would have left but I know you couldn't as you were with Mollie. Stupid stupid people.


    1. They're EVERYWHERE! There are so many people I don't mind keeping my distance from.

  6. That sounded like a horrible waste of time. I'd have been grumpy by the end of it. "3 hours of my life I'll never get back" would be my thoughts.

    And oh those stupid people about the vaccine. Do they not understand science?

    I get how frustrating it can be for people like us who DO want to get the vaccine. My sister is anti vax and I want to thwack her over the head each time she objects whenever someone mentions the word "vaccine". sigh.

    Oven mitts - that was hilarious. Poor woman. Unmarried girls living alone BEFORE marriage... imagine that. LOL

  7. Oh my gawsh, I give you major points for even going to that DUMB shower. We have some numb nuts in our family who refuse to get the vaccine as well and have made stupid statements about microchips as well. I have no idea where Storm gets his natural intelligence. We won't visit indoors with unvaccinated people and that includes family. They can suck it. Morons. Sorry, but gosh, I don't know how you made it through that "party."

    Oh brother with the oven mitts! Had I been with you at the shower, I would have whispered in your ear that I just finished reading a book about the Kevin Coe, the South Hill Rapist of Spokane, WA. He would wear oven mitts and shove his hand down women's throats as he assaulted them. A nut that fell not too far from the nutty family tree!

    Thanks for the laugh .... and the eye rolls. Windy

  8. well, at least the food was good :-)