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Friday, June 25, 2021

Fantasy Friday - Balancing Act

I'm so happy to be able to bring you another brand new Fantasy this week. Alice has written for us again. Two weeks ago she introduced up to a new couple, Mark and Abi. I guess it's no secret that I like finding a good couple and having several stories about them. So here we go, I hope you enjoy...

Balancing Act


Abi had enjoyed a good week. She had been ill last year and it had left her exhausted for months. However, that was behind her now. She finally had energy again, though she got frustrated at her weakness and lack of stamina. She had started an exercise program, just small amounts that she was building up gradually.  

Before she was ill she had used races as her impetus to train, she never wanted to be that person who staggered or crawled towards the finish line, and the fear of that had helped her get off the sofa and train each day. She had only started to get fit in later life and she had surprised herself by the things she had achieved. She wasn’t ready for races yet however, so she had asked Mark to hold her accountable, while she built up her strength again. She was really getting in the swing of it now, and had kept to her schedule. 

She and Mark had met at the weekend and she had enjoyed a lovely good girl spanking, with lots of breaks while he rubbed her bottom. He had told her how proud he was of her commitment to regain her fitness. He had left her with both a glowing bottom and glowing inside.

It was the weather that had been her undoing. After a wet and cold May, the sun had decided to come out and suddenly all the jobs that needed doing in the garden became pressing. It was difficult to go for a walk or do some strength training when the garden needed her energy. She was really pleased with how much she had managed to do, but she hadn’t talked to Mark about cutting down on the training, he would understand wouldn’t he?

Mark had been busy at work for a few days, so they hadn’t been able to chat properly. However by Thursday evening things had eased up, and Abi sat down for a long chat with him on the phone. She eagerly told him of all that she had done in the garden. After a while, Mark said, “how are you managing to do so much work with your training as well? I hope you aren’t doing too much? Abi paused, 

“Well, I haven’t done so much training, but then the work I’m doing in the garden is like training.” 

“Is it Abigail?” responded Mark, “I don’t remember us having that discussion. So for how many days has gardening taken the place of your training? 

“Er, just the last 3 days,” replied Abi, hesitantly. She didn’t like the way this conversation was going. 

“And from the sound of things,” continued Mark, “you have been doing some heavy lifting out there. Didn’t you explain to me that you really needed to do the strength training to avoid getting injured with all your muscles being a bit weak at the moment?” 

“Yes, Mark,” answered Abi, quietly.

 “And didn’t you also agree that if you felt you had a legitimate reason not to do your training, you would run it past me first? said Mark, becoming even sterner. 

“But you were very busy,” said Abi, anxiously. “I didn’t want to bother you.” 

“Stop this Abigail,” said Mark. “You know fine well that you could have sent me a text and waited for the answer, you are just making excuses now.” 

“I’m sorry, sir,” said Abi, meekly. 

“What are you wearing, Abigail?” 

“Jeans and a tee shirt, sir.” 

“Right, jeans and pants off and go and stand in the corner for ten minutes. I want you to think honestly about why you didn’t discuss this with me as we had agreed. You asked for these rules, so they are clearly important to you. After the ten minutes are up, you will sit down and write an email to me about it. I will ring you back after I have read your email, is that understood?” 

“Yes sir,” said Abi. 

“Ok, I’ll speak to you soon, no clothes except your tee shirt until I give you permission.”


Abi took her jeans and pants off, being half dressed was harder than being naked. She set the timer on her phone and stood in the corner. She felt so silly, she hated having to do this when she was alone. Why hadn’t she asked Mark for permission? She knew the answer to that, he might not have given it, and then she couldn’t have done so much gardening. When she asked for these particular rules, she had known her tendency to get absorbed in something and for life to get out of balance. That’s what happened this week. She had done far too much and she was lucky she hadn’t pulled a muscle lifting those large stones and the bags of compost. Soon the alarm went on her phone and Abi sat down to write her email. Mark had become cross when she tried to make excuses, so no point doing that in the email. She would just have to be honest. After another fifteen minutes she felt she had said enough, and sent the email. A few minutes later, her phone rang. Mark was using the video. She answered it feeling embarrassed that she would have to face him.

“Well Abigail, show me first that you are obeying me” he said. She lowered the camera so that he could see her sans pants. “Good girl,” said Mark. “and well done for being honest in your email. I’m pleased you didn’t make excuses. Basically, you didn’t ask me because you had a good idea that I would say no?”

“Yes sir”, said Abi quietly. 

“Why did you ask for these rules, Abigail?” She was silent for a moment, 

“Because I wanted more balance, sir.” 

“And throwing yourself into gardening and being too tired for the other things that matter to you, isn’t very balanced is it, Abigail?” 

“No sir,” she just wanted this conversation over and done with. 

“Right, here’s what’s going to happen,” said Mark. “I’ve got a busy day again tomorrow, but then I’m free. I’ll be over on Saturday morning. Until then the only gardening you will do is essential watering. You can go for a walk  tomorrow and catch up with any other chores you’ve missed, you will be doing some strength training with a sore bottom on Saturday.” 

“Mark, that’s not fair, I haven’t done anything bad!” 

“So you want to forget about having rules now do you Abigail?” responded Mark. 

“No sir, but I’ve already had to stand in the corner and write stuff down, and….” her voice trailed away. 

“And you are sitting talking to me with no pants on? That was to help you think about what you have been doing. You had two alternatives, to ask me for permission to leave out your training, or to go easy in the garden so that you had the energy to train. You chose neither of those options. That is why you will be spanked.” They chatted for a bit longer and then hung up. Drat, thought Abi, she didn’t want a spanking and she certainly didn’t want to have to do training with a sore bum!

Abi went for a walk on Friday, but didn’t do much else, she really was rather tired. She got up early on Saturday so that she could do her training before Mark arrived. He had rung to tell her to wear a short skirt with no pants, and to get out the leather paddle and leave it ready on the coffee table. Ugh, she hated having to do that. 

They hugged and kissed for a few minutes before he pulled her across his knee. “Why are you getting spanked, Abigail?” 

“Because you are mean,” responded Abi. His hand crashed down on her bottom and she gasped. 

“Is that really how you want to play it? Do I need to spank you into a respectful frame of mind before we start, Abigail?” asked Mark sternly. 

“No sir, I’m sorry sir,” she quickly responded. 

“Then answer the question properly, Abigail.” 

“I ignored the rule sir, and didn’t check with you first.” 

“That’s right, we agreed on these rules for a reason, you don’t make excuses in your head, you ask me, right”? As he was talking, he was spanking hard. 

“Yes sir,” squeaked Abbi. It was starting to really hurt. Mark paused and reached for the paddle. He continued to lecture while he reddened her bottom even more. Finally he stopped, and began to rub. 

“Ok, Abigail, get your mat out, take your skirt off and do 15 minutes of strength training, while I make us both a coffee,” 

“ I got up early sir and did my training,” said Abi. Mark paused, 

“I told you that you would do some training with a red bottom, were you trying to avoid that Abigail?” 

“No sir, I just wanted to spend the time with you.” He stood her up. “Look at me, Abigail, did you genuinely forget or were you trying to avoid it?”  Abbi looked away, oh drat, she thought she was being clever, now she was going to be in more trouble! 

“I suppose I thought if I got it done, you wouldn’t make me do it,” she admitted. 

“You seem to be getting the idea that I don’t mean what I say, and won’t follow through “ stated Mark. “I most definitely will. Take your skirt off now.” Abi reluctantly removed her skirt. “Now go and get your mat, you will still have to do fifteen minutes, you chose to do extra training earlier.” 

Abi got her mat and went through her exercises, it felt so embarrassing doing them with just a top on. Mark came in with a coffee in hand and sat and watched her. When her timer went off, he called her over and pulled her back across his knee. “No more, please,” she shouted. He began again with his hand. 

“I want to be sure you have got the message, Abigail. I take your rules seriously, and I  expect you to, and if I tell you that you will be doing something with a red bottom I mean it, understood?” 

The pain in her bottom which had just begun to ease was back in force. “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, please stop!” 

He paused for a minute, “And do you get to tell me when to stop, Abigail?” 

“No sir,” she answered dolefully. He began again while she wriggled around trying to get away from his hand. In a few minutes he stopped and began rubbing gently. 

“Tell me what you have learned and thank me, Abigail,” he said. 

“I’ve learnt that you mean what you say and I must take my rules seriously, sir. Thank you, sir. “ 

“Good girl Abi.” He turned her over and she sat gingerly between his legs while he held her close. She hated getting in trouble, but she loved that feeling when it was all over and things were right again.


Thanks Alice for another great story. I hope these two stay in your mind and you can share even more stories with us. I hope some more of you are writing your fantasies and I hope you'll share your stories with us. Please send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thank you Alice and PK, this was a great story and wonderfully written. Be careful what you ask for. I would certainly hate having to do any of those things.


  2. Thanks PK and Alice! Lovely story! Exercising with a bare red bottom….? Yikes!

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Thank you both for your kind comments.
    Yes why do we like to imagine stuff that would be very embarrassing in real life??