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Friday, June 11, 2021

Fantasy Friday - Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave

I'm more than excited to be bringing you another brand-new Fantasy Friday. A reader emailed me a while back and we began writing back and forth about this and that. She was born with the same desires most of us out here have and I encouraged her to write out one of her fantasies and she did! Here is what Alice had to say about herself.

I live in the  North of England, and growing up before the internet, I thought my desires were just weird. I became more accepting of my fascination with spanking after finding so many other people here who enjoy it too. Feeling submissive has been a bit harder to accept, and I continue to struggle with it. I began chatting to PK a few weeks ago and she has encouraged me to try writing stories that express my desires. This is my first attempt and I must admit it’s felt good for me. While none of this is factual I could imagine myself responding this way!

Now please enjoy...

Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave

Mark had called in unexpectedly. She had asked for rules, she found it hard to be self-disciplined, but then felt awful when she procrastinated and put things off. It made her anxious. She had thought about it carefully. She knew her own tendency to set herself up to fail by trying to do too much at once. She had asked for three rules, one about exercise, one about sorting paperwork and one about keeping the house clean and tidy. 

She had been doing so well, but yesterday she had spent too long in the garden, which was much more fun than housework. By the time she had prepared a meal and eaten it, she was tired and had spent the evening in front of the TV. She had intended to clear up first thing the next morning, but then she slept in. It was a Saturday and the Wimbledon tennis championships were on TV. She didn’t watch a lot of sports but she loved Wimbledon. She was just going to watch the highlights from yesterday and then tidy up. Before she knew it, it was lunchtime. She had just finished her lunch when Mark messaged her to say he was free that afternoon, was she at home? 

Excitement and panic jostled inside her. She wanted to see him but the kitchen was a mess and so was she! She messaged back to say she was home and he told her to wear a skirt and top and nothing else. He would be with her in an hour. 

She went into action, she threw the dishes in the sink and ran upstairs to shower and get ready. By the time she had done all that , she only had about twenty minutes left. She ran round the house putting things away before heading back to the kitchen. She didn’t have time to clean everything, wishing again that she had space for a dishwasher, she grabbed the bowl from under the sink and packed all the dirty dishes in it. She threw everything else into cupboards. Those dirty pans would have to go in the pan drawer, she would get them out to wash later.

Within minutes Mark was there, they sat down to enjoy a cup of tea together and reconnect. It had been a few weeks and she always felt a bit shy at first. However, soon he was reconnecting with her body in an assertive way that left her melting. Then he turned her over his knee. “You seem to have been doing very well with your tasks,” he said as he started to stroke her bottom. 

Oh no, her conscience was beginning to trouble her. “Yes”, she said, a little uncertainty creeping into her voice. 

“Look at me, Abigail,” he commanded. She turned her head to face him, hearing her full name was not a good start. “What’s the matter, you told me you have been keeping up with your tasks?” 

“I have,” she said in a small voice, “it’s just last night and this morning…….” 

“What about last night and this morning?” He continued to probe. 

“I was tired, and just left things, but I’ve almost caught up”. 

“What do you mean, almost?” He questioned. “It looks good to me.” 

She was silent, she couldn’t tell him she’s stuffed dirty dishes in the cupboard to hide them from sight! 

He pushed her off his knee so that she was kneeling before him.” I think you had better explain,” he said. “Someone appears to have a guilty conscience.” 

“I just wanted it to look nice for you, and you didn’t leave me a lot of time.” She looked away. 

“So you hid the mess? I think you had better show me.” 

“No, please, I'm sorry, I’ll sort it out when you are gone.”

“Abigail, I think you are in enough trouble without disobeying me. Show me what you have hidden, now.” 

There was no help for it, she was mortified. It had felt like such a simple solution, but pulling out the drawer to show the dirty pans, and the cupboard full of dirty dishes was so embarrassing. 

He looked at her sternly. “So you didn’t do your tasks and then tried to deceive me?”

“No, I just wanted it to look nice and there wasn’t time, I didn’t mean to deceive you.”

“Whether you meant to or not, that was the result wasn’t it, Abigail?” 

“Yes sir,” she replied. There was no point making this worse than it already was. 

“Take your skirt off,” he said. 

She did so and he pulled out a chair and put her over his knee. He started spanking hard from the beginning. “This is just to get you into the right mindset,'' he said. “You will make me another cup of tea, and while I sit here and relax, you will get those dishes washed. While you do, I want you to think about what you could have done differently, both yesterday and then this morning. Do you understand, Abigail?” 

He finished with a few really hard smacks and she quickly replied, “Yes sir.” 

He helped her up and held her for a minute. “Now get going”, he said with a quick slap to her tender bottom. 

Moving around the kitchen with her red bottom on display felt embarrassing, but she knew that was the point. She did the dishes as swiftly as she could, though she made sure she did them properly. After it was done, she went to him, and he made her stand in front of her, with her arms by her side. 

“Well he said, what could you have done differently?” 

Oh help this was hard! “I could have finished the gardening earlier to make sure I had the energy to complete my tasks, or thought last night that this was a rule I had agreed to, and either miss the drama I was watching to complete it, or stay up late and do it.” 

“Yes, I agree,” Mark responded. “I know you get absorbed in the garden and just want to keep going, especially when the weather is nice. I want you to enjoy a hard earned rest in the evening, so in future, fix a time when you are going to stop, set an alarm and stick to it, agreed?” 

“Yes sir,” she replied. She appreciated the care for her welfare that he showed. She was feeling a bit calmer. 

“Ok, that was last night, but after messing up, what could you have done this morning?”

Oh, no, she didn’t want to think about that. “I could have got up and made the clearing up a priority, so that the house was clean and tidy by the time you messaged me.” 

“And when you hadn’t done that and I messaged you?” he prodded. 

Oh this was so embarrassing. “I could have told you about the mess and asked for instructions, or I could have put all the dirty dishes in a neat pile by the sink and confessed when you got here.” She responded reluctantly. 

“Yes, that would have been a much better idea than trying to deceive me wouldn’t it?” 

Oh drat, that ‘deceive’ again, it made it sound so bad! “Yes sir, I’m sorry, sir”. 

“I’m not sure if you are sorry for your behaviour or sorry that I found out, but I’m going to make sure it’s the former soon enough,”  said Mark.  “You had better collect a wooden spoon, perhaps that will be a good reminder to make keeping the kitchen tidy a priority.” 

“Oh sir, that will really hurt,” she said.” 

“Exactly, Abigail, do you want to add disobedience to the list?” 

“No sir,” she quickly replied and hurried to get the dreaded spoon.

He led her into the lounge. “Go and stand in the corner and hold that spoon behind your back. I want you to think about the things we’ve just discussed, and how much better this afternoon would have gone if you had made one of those decisions.”

He didn’t leave her for long and soon he had her handing him the spoon and bending over the table. He started with his hand again, before switching to the wooden spoon. Oh, it hurt so much, especially when he drove it into her sit spots. She wouldn’t be sitting comfortably any time soon. 

He stopped and she sighed with relief, until he spoke. “That is the messing up on your tasks dealt with, now I’m going to deal with you trying to deceive me.” She heard his belt being pulled through his jeans. 

“Oh please sir, I can’t take anymore,” she begged. 

“Shush, it will soon be over, you know how I feel about dishonesty and deception.”

With that she felt the strap land on her tender bottom, after a few strokes she was crying freely. He soon stopped and pulled her up, he held her as she sobbed. “You got over tired and made some bad decisions Abi, but it’s all over now,” he said gently. “Let’s go upstairs and get some cream for your bottom.” Soon it wasn’t just her bottom that was feeling his hands, the rest of the afternoon was much more enjoyable.


Alice thank you so much for your story! I hope you'll write more for us.I've said many times that if you read spanking blogs then I know you have a spanking fantasy in your head. Write it! Do it for yourself. But then if you find yourself willing share it with us. Send any stories you have to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thank you Alice and PK. I really enjoyed this. Wonderful story and wonderfully written. Alice definitely has a great talent for writing and I hope we hear more from her.


    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Thank you Roz, that's very kind and encouraging. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for the new story, Alice and PK! It is always so impressive to me that people write so clearly - can see this happening. And can I just say - yikes.

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Thanks Deena, yes I'd be saying yikes too if it actually happened! :)


  3. Really enjoyed your story Alice! Please continue to write your stories! It felt very loving to me!
    Thanks PK and Alice!