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Thursday, October 03, 2019

What I did on my end of summer vacation

We did have a wonderful trip. And I particularly enjoyed the way it started off. In the airport I was sitting by a lady who ask me if I was reading a novel on my Kindle. I told her yes, and as a matter of fact it was one I’d written. She seemed amazed and thrilled and wanted to talk. We chatted and I gave her one of my cards. She was headed to NY to see her daughter and told me they would look up my Amazon Author page. Then, before we boarded she wanted a selfie with me. LOL! Of course she had never heard of me in her life, but she made my day anyway.

We grabbed a cab and LJ met us at our hotel. Let’s just say the accommodations were not luxurious. I know I live in my head too much but as I looked at our room, I though of Cassie. I knew for a fact that Cassie would have been disappointed to find the closet in her hotel this small. Judge for yourself.

But it’s not just the size of the room – it was really the view that drew us.

Okay, room and view not much to look at, but I’d gone to see LJ and he was beautiful! We got lunch and then walked the High Line. Later that evening we met up with Colin and we all had dinner. The next day LJ took us to Metropolitan Museum of Art and we toured for quite a while and probably didn’t see half of it. 

By that time I figured that my iWatch had contacted the police to report itself stolen! We averaged walking about 5 ½ miles a day while we were there, while I usually average about a mile a day.

That night we saw the first part of ‘The Cursed Child.’ An excellent play with amazing illusions. I recommend it to everyone. We did touristy things the next day – Madame Trousseau’s, riding on the top of a tour bus, walking down along the Battery Park. And then we saw the second part of the play that night after having dinner with LJ and his friend, the girl who had officiated at his and Colin’s wedding.

Two of the best from Madame Trousseau's

The trip was great but getting home was even better. I’ll never be the eager traveler many of my friends are. But we have a bonus – LJ is flying in today to attend a friend’s wedding. And you know I like having all my chicks together. Unfortunately, Mollie is flying to Dallas Saturday. Grrr… Who told them they could grow up and have lives of their own?

Okay, that’s what I’ve been up to, how about you? 


  1. Hi PK,well, life here hasn't been as exciting as it has been for you lol.

    Wow, you packed in a lot, glad you had such a wonderful time, despite the room and view :) so glad you enjoyed the play you were looking forward to as well.

    I just love how your trip began at the airport. How awesome is that! :)


    1. It was a real boost for me at the airport. A big daydream is to tell someone that I'm 'PK Corey' and have them have already read one of my books. It's not likely to happen, but that would be thrilling.

  2. PK, I think your time in New York sounds wonderful. After all, you had a fabulous tour guide. The play in 2 parts sounds cool. So glad you got to meet the Queen! I wonder if she would like a Cassie book?

    Hugs From Ella

    1. I would be happy to send her one if she'd like, LOL! I did love our tour guide!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! I'm only a few hours from NY but so rarely get there. I love that you met a reader!!!

    What have I been up to? Reading your Cassie series! I am about to begin book #6! Loving them!

    1. Bless your heart! I'm so happy you're reading and enjoying them. I feel a little squeezed out of the genre as darker and darker books seem to flood the market. But I'm so very proud of the Cassie books and all the people in them. Thanks for letting me know you're reading.

  4. Hey PK,

    That sounds so perfect! The hotel is a duplicate to the one we stayed at this summer. The view really gets you doesn't it?

    Unfortunately, this is the summer where we had to be grown ups, so no real vacation. Instead, we have a brand new beautiful.....furnace/ac. I know, you are jealous right?

    As for kids growing up, you seem to have raised lovely human beings, so you should pat yourself on the back. Mine blissfully is still with me, it will be a sad day when university comes....sigh.


    1. The worst year for a parent is the year before the oldest child leaves. The dreading was much worse than when he left. With text, skype, FB it's so much better than when you had to depend on snail mail and long distance calls. You'll be fine when the time comes and trust me, they come back!

  5. glad you had such a nice visit

    1. We did. Always love seeing my boys.