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Friday, October 18, 2019

Fantasy Friday - Go Take a Hike

I’m very excited to be able to bring you a brand new Fantasy Friday story today. This came in from a reader, Cindy, earlier this week. This is the background she shared with me – she sounds like she would fit in well around here.

I am a women of retirement age who loves spending time with my grandkids. But sometimes I just like to be with my husband. My personal life is no way as exciting as the stories I read or even the one I wrote. One can always hope. Thanks for giving me a chance. Cindy

Please enjoy…

 Go take a Hike

The trees were showing some beautiful fall colors up in New England. The sky was bright blue and clear and the temperature was perfect. That plus a weekday that both Danny and I had a day off from work, but kids were in school, made for a perfect day to take a hike and have picnic lunch.As I made up some ham and cheese sandwiches and packed up some grapes and bottles of water, Danny gassed up the car and put the picnic blanket in the back seat.
After everything was in the car off we went on our little daycation. There was a state park about an hour away with easy but pretty hiking trails. As we drove we discussed the mundane; kids, finances, holiday plans. As we got closer we switched gears and started to concentrate on us. We talked about how nice it is to get away, if only for a little while, just to enjoy each other. As we drove into the parking lot we noticed only one other car.
“Great” I said, “We practically have the place all to ourselves.”

Danny took out the basket and handed me the blanket. “Here Josie,” he said, “let’s find a quiet spot near the river and under some golden trees.”
“Sounds good, “ I said as I headed toward a sign that pointed to the river trail.
About fifteen minutes into the hike I spot a beautiful outcropping of rocks with golden maples all around, I can hear the babbling of the river as it slithers over the small rocks on the river bed. Walking around the rocks, I see a small cove of fallen leaves, sun overhead and the rive right in front. Perfect.
“I think this is the spot, don’t you?” I ask as I was already laying the blanket out.
“Perfect” he agreed with a big smile.
I wasn’t quite ready for lunch and even thought it was a bit chilly, I took my hiking boots and socks off and dipped my toes in the cold running water. Quite shocking at first, but then quite refreshing.
As I turned back toward the blanket, Danny gave me that look The look that still gives me butterflies, the look that tells me he has a brilliant idea, the look that makes me tingle.
“What?” I ask
“What, what?” He responds in his smart voice. “I was thinking, since your boots and socks already off, it would be easy to take your pants off also”
“Oh you think so do you? Here in the woods. You never know who could be walking by.” I was intrigued and apprehensive at the same time.
Danny comes up to me and plants a big kiss on my lips at the same time he is trying to find my nipples. He knows as well as I do that once he starts pinching them, I become putty in his hands. Submitting to whatever he suggests. Do I fight this? No, I relax and accept. I let Danny run the show.
My pants and underwear are quickly discarded. I stand before him in my tunic length fishermen’s knit sweater. At least my butt is covered I tell myself. But is it protected?
Danny shakes me out of my thoughts by calling me over to look at some rocks. He “suggests” I bend over and put my hands on them. I do as I am told and wait as I hear his feet churching over leaves as he walks away from me. 
Is he going to leave me here?
Is he looking at my bare butt?
What is he doing?
I hear him shuffling through the leaves back in my direction. I don’t look back
I do ask, “Where did you go? What are you doing?”
As I hear a whish and feel a sting he answers, “Just went to cut a switch”
A switch!? I had read stories about them, seen pictures, but never really thought about how they would feel. THEY HURT!!!
As he continues whipping that switch across my ass, I get more and more uncomfortable, I started to kick my feet. Not a good idea with bare feet and bent over a rock.
Finally I heard him drop the switch. He turned me around and with a big smile he kisses me and squeezed my red hot cheeks at the same time. Wow? What a mixture of feelings.
As I went to get on my knees to thank him, he stopped me. “Let’s eat lunch” He calmly says. Eat I think, I can’t eat now.
But he leads me back to the blanket and begins to unpack the sandwiches. I reach for my jeans but am told no.
“Sit,” he says. “Relax,” he says.
As I sit, I realize I need to get a less scratchy blanket. It is burning my already sore butt. As I try to get comfortable, I see him chuckle.
After a rather uncomfortable yet enjoyable lunch I watch out
over the river. I am enjoying the scenery and relaxing when I can start to sense Danny staring at me. I look over and see that grin on his face again. I once more reach for his belt and he once more stops me. What now, what is he planning on assaulting my cheeks with this time.
Was I shocked when he began to rub my feet, working his way up my legs and butt cheeks. From there he continued up my back, loosens my bra and gives me the best back rub I have ever received. Listening to the river,  feeling the sun beat down on med, smelling the fresh fallen leaves, I sink into a state of relaxation that I have never felt before. I was floating.
I must have fallen asleep. I felt a quick smack on my butt and Danny says “Wake up sleepyhead” I jump up and look around a bit confused. Then the events of the day came back to me and I reached over and gave Danny a big kiss as I again reach for his fly and again am stopped.
What is his problem? Why doesn’t he let me thank him?
He sees the confusion on my face but says nothing. He lays me on my back and pulls my favorite vibrator from the backpack. He laid on his side next to me and worked his magic. WOW as I came down out of the clouds, Danny suggests we get packed up and head back.
“But, but” I stammer, “Your turn, let me make you feel as good as you made me feel today.” Again as I reach for him he stopped me. As I looked at him questioningly, he says the most loving , romantic, caring thing to me.
“Honey, I love you, you do so much for everyone. Today I just wanted to take care of you.”
As I stood there crying, he helped get dressed. I just kept crying and thanking him verbally. What a beautiful many, what a beautiful hike, what a beautiful day.

Cindy, thank you so much for joining in the fun and sending in a story. I hope you’ll keep writing and maybe send another someday. Now for the rest of you, think about it. Write a story and share! Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK and Cindy, aww what a wonderful and sweet story, and brilliantly written. I enjoyed reading this.


  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Cindy and PK,
    What a great Friday Fantasy Friday story. We welcome you. Loved your picnic story.

  3. Great story Cindy. So glad you decided to let us enjoy your writing. Hope you do it again soon. Thanks PK for finding another author.

  4. Well done, Cindy! I think it's a good sign for any writer when the reader comes away with a couple of your phrases in mind. This one spoke to me as a ttwd wife, "What a mixture of feelings." And, for an entirely different reason, I liked this one, too, "tunic length fishermen’s knit sweater." (I am a fisherwoman and am interested in just the vocabulary and when there isn't even a fishing pole in sight!

    Thank you for sharing your writing talents and sweet story here on PK's blog. It does seem like you fit right in! Welcome! Hugs, Windy

  5. What a lovely story, Cindy. We are surely glad you contacted PK. She loves giving new talent the spotlight, and we all loved getting to know you. Hope Josie and Danny have another adventure soon.

    Hugs From Ella

  6. What a beautiful story...such a sweet couple. Thank-you for sharing your story with us! :-) Hugs

  7. Cindy I loved reading your story, fabulous. Thanks PK for bringing us a new story.
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Josie has just informed me that she would like to tell more of her adventures. Lets see what she has been up to. I will keep the stories coming as long as she is willing to share with me. Thanks, Cindy