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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Another Chance, chapter 4

Happy Friday everyone. I do love my weekends.  I'm happy to be able to bring you part 4 of Annie story.  I really love this couple. I love older couples in general and I like Bill's style.  At least in story form, LOL!

You can find parts one, two, and three here if you need to catch up.  Please enjoy...

Another Chance, chapter 4:

 Erasing Doubt

The drive to the cabin was quiet, both lost in their own thoughts. Their whole world had changed in just six short weeks, though it had not come easily.

Bill stood by his decision, hauling his sometimes willing, often screaming wife over his knee every single day. Despite her sarcasm and complaints the benefit was apparent. She might howl like a scalded cat but their lives were running smoothly and there had only been one punishment needed in the entire month and a half, and it a fairly minor one. It would be easier to drop the maintenance down to a couple times a week, but, not if it was at the cost of the peace he was coming home to now.

Sylvia sat, wrapped in her thoughts and oblivious to the scenery. Today was the big day and she was scared. What if Bill was tired of her, tired of making time that was all hers every day? How could she give this up? She spent her whole life making sure everyone within earshot knew she was a strong, capable woman. How could losing all control be so perfect? What kind of nutcase wanted this? These “maintenance” sessions had sounded so silly when Bill demanded they try it, but this was no play. Her butt was sore every day, all day, and just when it started to wear off it was time to meet him for another round. Every day he scalded her bottom with his hard callused hand until she was through fighting and hung limp over his lap. Then he rubbed lotion over the tender skin until she was composed. After, well, then she usually attacked him. Who knew old farts could do it every day.

Bill carried the luggage in and sent his wife to put together a simple meal they could share on the porch. The air was cool but there was plenty of bright sunshine highlighting the fall colors on the trees across the lake. They enjoyed the crisp fall day, chatting about the grandkids. Bill could see how worried she was and decided to get the ball rolling.

“Go inside, undress, and meet me in front of the fire.”

Startled, Sylvia started to protest, but he cut her off.

“I said go, do it before you earn extras.”

She flew into the house, extras were usually with his belt, or that damned paddle of Ray’s he asked for a few weeks ago. Grumbling about it every step she scuttled into the house, unbuttoning as she went. Bill chuckled at the way she walked that razor edge between obedience and insolence, the last weeks had changed them both. He cleared lunch dishes and was about to carry them to the kitchen when the cabin door flew open and his wife, buck naked, came screaming through it. Bill was so flabbergasted he could only stare, with a dazed grin. She was hopping up and down, screeching, while her nipples puckered in the cool air and her breasts bounced with every jump. He burst out laughing, intending to tell her she looked like a teenager when she threw something and hit him in the forehead. The dishes landed with a crash, glass shards flying, one imbedding itself in her foot as she continued the tirade.

Bill stepped over the glass as best he could, threw her over his shoulder, still screaming, carried her to the closest chair, tossed her over his knee and whaled into her. At first the screaming got louder, she perceived herself as the injured party, though he had no clue what he had done. He just spanked until she stopped. It took a while. They were lucky it was off season. That kind of noise would bring the lake patrol if anyone heard.

He sat there, naked wife across his lap, both breathing hard, confused and disappointed. Figures, just when he was congratulating himself on finding the key to harmony all hell breaks loose. Then he noticed the blood dripping off of her heel. With a sigh, he threw her back over his shoulder and carried her inside. Toeing his shoes off to keep from tracking the glass in, he plopped his now shivering, sobbing wife on the kitchen counter.

Twenty minutes later, not a word spoken between them, he had the splinter removed, her foot bandaged, the glass swept up and a warm robe around her shoulders. Taking a bag of frozen peas for the lump on his forehead he joined Sylvia on the couch.

“I think I deserve an explanation and an apology.”

Sylvia sniffed, and turned away.

“Oh no, you do not get to play these games with me. I have no idea what set you off, what you threw at me, or why. You better start explaining or you are going to regret this deeply.”

“You think you get to decide everything now. I don’t even get asked, you just do whatever you want. How would you like it if I went through your private things? Oh, there’d be trouble then, but you get to just treat me like dirt, like I don’t count or matter at all , I ”


Bill tossed her across his knee again and started all over.

“I have NOT been in your private things, whatever that might be. I deserve an explanation and I will keep this up until I get one.”

With that he blistered her bottom and down her thighs until she sobbed and pleaded for him to let her explain.

“This is your last chance, tell me what happened calmly or I’ll take my belt to you.”

Sylvia climbed onto his lap and sobbed her story out with her face buried on his shoulder. After hearing it, Bill held her, letting her cry herself out.

“I want to be certain I understand. You went into MY suitcase, found something you didn’t like, carried it out to the porch, screamed so loud I broke the dishes then threw it at me. Is that about right?”

“You always make it sound like I am at fault. You had no business reading my private diary, I know how you feel about those kinds of things and I at least deserve to have my privacy.” she huffed, starting to get her temper up again.

“Okay, I did NOT read your diary. I didn’t even know you had one. I still don’t see what that has to do with you rifling MY luggage and throwing things at me.”

“Not ‘things’, you ass, that big fat butt plug you thought you would sneak in without me knowing. I hope that bump hurts, you deserve a headache for thinking you could fool me. I know how you feel.” Arms crossed, glaring through tear swollen eyes, she looked ready to start jumping around naked all over again.

“Are you telling me this is about a sex toy?”

“NO. Not a sex toy, a butt plug that you had no business buying.”

“So, you are saying that the idea of using anal toys is upsetting to you?”

“YES, you idiot, that is what I am saying. Besides the damned thing flew off of your head and into the bushes. It’s ruined now.”

Bill rubbed his aching head, not sure where to even start. Finally, he decided it was best postponed.

“I am too upset with you to deal with this right now. Go crawl into bed and rest, I want to grab a shower and think about what punishment you have earned for this.”

“Punishment? You have been beating me since we got here.”

“I said go to bed. You are in more trouble than you know.”


This was a good one! And yes, there is another great chapter coming next week. So many thanks to this great writer!! 

Come back for more next week. And I love hearing from new writers. Share a story with us if you will. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Annie,
    I hate cliff hangers, even when they are well written.
    Annie is quite a find, keep up the good work.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Glad there's another chapter as I'm really enjoying reading about this couple.

    Thanks Annie and thank you PK.


  3. I hate having to wait for the ending. I would have finished this book long ago.

    Great story. Thanks PK and Annie

  4. Just when they thought things were going well...

  5. And again we have to wait an entire week.
    There's a lot of making up work to do for Annie.
    Thanks Annie and PK.

  6. This is a wonderful story, PK. I just want to keep reading. :)