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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boys are fine, how are the rest of you?

My boys in NYC are safe – in fact they got to meet everyone in their small apartment building and they all partied together until the worst of the storm itself was over. 

But the aftermath is going to be rough.  The subway is NY’s life’s blood.  I hope that it will be up and running soon, so many without power – and a horrible fire in Queens.  I’m still praying for everyone that was affected by this horrible storm.  I’m hoping to hear from all my friends that went though it when you get the time to check in.

I can tell you a little good news for those out here – Celeste Jones is trying to give everyone a treat for Halloween.  Her book, Underwear Probation, can be downloaded for free through Oct. 31st, (Pacific Time).  Take her up on this for a good read.


  1. I'm so happy the boys are safe :)

    Our city is closed down, all the major highways in and out are closed. The snow came close, but so far has stayed south and west of us.

    We've had some minor property damage, but nothing we can't recover from. Now I'm off to try and get to work. I wish someone had warned me years ago that healthcare workers get called in during emergencies instead of sent home, lol.

    Stay safe everyone :)

  2. So Thankful for the good news from your end! Still waiting to hear from some that I know. Faerie, all the best to you right now.

  3. glad to hear the boys are ok...and Fairie, glad you are ok too...we are fine here... Hugs, Terpsichore

  4. PK,
    good to hear that you and yours are safe.
    The news from the storm front is worrying, I just hope that not too much damage is done.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Thanks for the Shout Out, PK. Glad your sons are ok. Sounds like they made a bad situation better. Wish my friend in NYC lived in their building!

    Be safe out there,everyone!

  6. glad tohear your good news. We are fine...stilltrying to get a hold of my daughter and her family.
    hugs abby

  7. So relieved! It is great to be young and share the stress with new friends. They had the right idea. I have some calls to make this morning myself.
    Glad to hear faerie and abby are okay! Anyone else I missed... my thoughts are with anyone affected.

  8. Glad to hear the boys are fine. Happy to hear about Faerie and abby too. Just got a text from my brother, he's okay - no power but his phone just came back on.

    Hope everyone else made it through in relatively good fashion too.

  9. It's always a relief to know your loved ones are safe and sound! Sounds like the boys found a fun way to pass the time though!

    Sandy's fury hit us in Ontario with wind and rain and power outages. At least no flooding here though!

  10. Happy to hear your boys are safe. Hope all our other friends are.

    I've downloaded Celeste's book with not started it yet.


  11. Two other free books, too! Traditional Love by Alta Hensley and To Love a Woman by Jade Cary. Go to Lazy Day Publishing and put "spankortreat" in the promo code box.

    I'm glad your boys are okay. Stay safe and be good. Aw, never mind. Just stay safe. :)

  12. Glad to hear that the boys are okay. I know why Mother worry does to a person.
    Thanks for the information on the book, PK

  13. oops I know what Mother worry does to a person.....sheesh

  14. So good to hear people are fine. My thoughts are with everyone without power, water or transport, and with the families of the victims.

    Hugs, Julia

  15. Faerie!
    I'm glad you are safe - you should teach, we get off when bad weather hits!

    Hope you hear soon.

    I love the internet to keep up with folks.

    It was a nasty hit!

    One son and his boyfriend - and yes, as usual they managed to enjoy themselves! Wish your friend was there too. I like neighbor's knowing each other.

    Hope you have heard from your daughter by now.

    They were smart enough to be cautious, and young enough fine fun where they can find it.

    Sounds like those we loved have been lucky in all this.

    I hope you are still flood free - power yet?

    Thanks Ronnie, I was a little worried about the boys.

    I promise to work on the safe part.

    I began worrying the moment i knew I was pregnant. I suppose I'll stop after my last breath.

    There sure are plenty of people who needs our thoughts and prayers.

  16. Must have been a stormy party.
    With no power it will be an oldfashioned party.
    I'm glad your boys came through. For them it will be something to tell about later.