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Monday, October 29, 2012

What a bitch!

I have to say that Sandy certainly sounds like a bitch!  It seems like a good forth to a third of the country is expecting to be affected.  We aren’t expecting serious weather here, although wind and rain seems likely. 

I’m worried about LJ and Colin.  LJ just got back from California and Colin was supposed to fly out this morning, but his flight was canceled.  I’ve asked LJ to stay in touch as he can.  I know NY is pretty much shutting down.  He tells me they are well stocked with emergency supplies, but I’m the mom and worrying is what I’m supposed to do – so I will.

Mollie is expecting snow and high winds where she lives, something she is looking forward to at the moment.  Last year she seemed much less enthusiastic about it as the winter progressed.

If you’re in an affected area I know blogging isn’t going to be high on your list of things to do, but try and check in – text someone you know and we can have sorta an information board out here to let everyone know who is alive and well.  Stay safe everyone.


  1. PK, what language! ;)

    I agree. I hope that everyone stays safe, and for those I know who are living in affected areas I will be anxious until after the storm passes.

  2. I'm thinking of all our friends across the pond. I hope everyone stays safe.


  3. My thoughts and prayers are with all those in the affected areas. I hope everyone stays safe.


  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Batten down the hatches. I truly hope the power stays on as it has gotten rather chilly here. The fact the "she" is colliding with two other storm fronts makes her a super bitch! More than just a typical hurricane. Thoughts and prayers to those in the direct path of this storm. I should only feel remnants of her outer bands. I do think a story from you or Cassie would help as we wait out the storm. :}


  5. We are due for a direct hit from Sandy, right where it is set to collide with the arctic low. They are predicting, flooding, then snow by the feet and winds of 80 miles an hour or higher. I hate wind and I don't mind saying, I'm scared.

    I was wondering about LJ, it's good to hear he is is battening down the hatches and prepared for the storm. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thoughts and prayers with all effected as well. Take care all.

  7. Gosh I hope everyone stays safe. I read this last night hoping to get an update that all was well, unrealistic of me.
    Worry about our kids,that is so hard.I will be thinking about everyone and praying that all stay safe.

  8. The kids are enjoying a day off from school...but nothing yet here...thinking of everyone and wishing you all safe... Terpsichore

  9. Take care everyone, and stay safe. Indeed, let us know how you are.

  10. So far so good here in our part of the DC area. Still have power,leaves are getting ripped off the trees. Our place has tons of trees. They keep saying to stay in the lowest part of your house,um we have only one floor with no basement so not much choice there. ;) Good luck to one and all we WILL weather this just fine!

  11. I am worried about Frankenstorm. My daughter is travelling today and tomorrow.
    Let's hope it is all okay for everyone where ever they may be.
    fingers crossed

  12. I hope all of you are still okay - any of you that have gone through this, come back and just leave a word that you are okay - LJ and Colin in NYC finally met all the neighbors in their small apartment building. He last checked in at 11 last night and they still had power and were partying with the neighbors.

  13. We lost power for about an hour, it was back quickly. Tree limbs down and stir crazy kids, high tide is approaching will tell. Here in New England we are pretty hardy


  14. fine here Terps hope everyone is well