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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Paradise Found at Home

Happy Friday!  I guess I'm a single woman this weekend.  Nick headed off on his golf trip sometime this morning while I slaved away at school.  I love my husband!  But I also love being on my own for short periods.  It makes me appreciate him even more when he gets home.  

We have a great story today.  This story comes from Slightly Naughty Princess.  I've enjoyed reading her new blog and I love her stories.  I know you will enjoy this one...

 Paradise Found at Home

They sat at the table across from each other.   They were at an impasse.  John was not going to budge on this and Heather tried to plead her case.  It was their anniversary weekend soon and she wanted to get away for a few days.  John wanted to do that, too.  However, they did not have a lot of extra money to spare for a big trip.  Heather had researched a nice resort on the internet.  The airfare would be reasonable if they would buy the tickets in advance.  John hated to disappoint his wife, but this trip did not seem like it would be possible at this time.   Heather finally yelled “fine”, slammed her hand down on the table, stormed out of the room and shut the door of their bedroom with a loud bang.  John sat there for a few moments.  He looked down at the family dog on the floor.  “Arthur, women are not easy to understand and live with all the time.”  Arthur just wagged his tail.  John was glad Arthur was glad to see him.  But, he had to go back and talk to Heather right now.
John reached the door and it was locked.  Oh, great.  “Heather, I want you to open this door right now.”

 “I just want to be alone for a little while, John.”
 “Heather, I am going to count to five. I am asking you to open this door by the count of five.  You are already in bit of trouble for the way you just stormed off so let’s not make this worse.  One....Two......Three....”

Oh, great thought Heather.   This is not what I wanted to happen.  Her feet begrudgingly took her to the door.  She made it to the door at the end of the count of five.
"Thanks, Heather.”

She moved away and sat on the edge of the bed.  John moved inside the room, but gave her some space.  He could see she had been crying and now she looked defeated as she sat there.  John wanted to handle this carefully if he could manage it.
“Heather, honey, I am sorry the funds just are not there for us to get away like you want.  I know you really wanted to go to the resort and we will go.  We just can’t go right now.”

Heather stared at her hands in her lap.  She glanced up at John for a moment when he first spoke, but she looked down after a quick glance.   She knew she was acting childish and she let her emotions get the best of her.  
The silence stretched on for a little while.  John moved to sit beside Heather on the bed.  He placed a hand over hers and gave her a little squeeze.  Heather started to soften by his touch.  Here was the man she loved trying to bridge the gap she created. A few new tears ran down her cheek.  John wiped her cheek with his hand.  She rested her head on his chest and he stroked her hair.  They stayed in that embrace for about five minutes.  Heather was no longer crying and he felt her relax a little.  He hated to break this peaceful moment, but they had to deal with the outburst from earlier.

“Heather, I love you.  I wish we could go on even greater trips than just to the resort.  Maybe one day we will be able to travel more and even out of the country.  But, Heather, you know I can’t let your attitude and outburst just slide.”
Heather moved her head from his chest and sat up.  She looked at John with pleading eyes, but in her heart of hearts she knew she had been wrong.  So, slowly, she nodded her head to acknowledge what he just said. 

John was relieved that Heather at least did not argue about this issue.  He would like to take it easy on her.  It would have been worse if she tried to argue, but this was going to be more than a hand spanking tonight.  John stood up and reached for his buckle on his belt.  Heather’s eyes opened for a fraction of a second.  She was hoping he would just spank her with his hand. 

“Heather, get the pillows from the top of the bed and put them on the edge.  Then I want you to take off your clothes and straddle the edge of the bed on the pillows.”

Heather did not say a word.  She did get up and collect the pillows. Slowly, she pulled her shirt over her head.  She reached for her zipper and soon her jeans were on the floor.  She was standing in her lace panties and matching bra.  She walked towards the pillows. John thought about arguing the point that he told her to get undressed.  But, her panties would soon be off and so he could let this go. John stared at his wife who placed herself where he asked her to go. 

‘Heather, I need you to stand back up and take off your bra and panties.”

Heather frowned.  She was just trying to get into the mindset for what was about to happen.  But, she knew she had to do it.   She stood and stepped out of her panties and unhooked her bra and slipped it off easily. She went back into place over the pillows.

 John moved closer to Heather.  He sat down near where she was.  Her head face down in the pillows.  “Heather, I changed my mind.”  She looked up and smiled.  He felt bad then because he had not changed his mind about the spanking.  He was just going to start out with a hand spanking over his lap as a warm up and then move to the belt.

“I mean to say, I want you over my lap.  We’ll start out with my hand, but I am going to finish with my belt.”

Heather did not move right away, but she knew she could not avoid what was coming.  So, without any words, she stood up and placed herself over his lap.  John ran his hand over her lovely bottom for a few moments.  There were no words said.  The room was silent.  It was just an intimate moment of a husband touching his wife’s behind. Finally, he stopped caressing and the first slap came down on her cheeks.
“Heather, I don’t enjoy punishing you. But, you acted like a brat earlier.”

The whole time he was talking his hand was coming down hard over and over on her butt.  Heather grimaced a few times, but did not say anything.  His hand just kept coming and coming. Finally, with one hard slap he stopped.  He pulled Heather up and told her to get over the pillows.
 “But, aren’t you going to make me stand in the corner and wait?”

 “No, Heather.  I want you over the pillows like I asked.”
She reached to rub her backside and with that John quickly started spanking her with his hand while she was standing.
“I saw you rub your butt, Heather.  Is that allowed?”
He had a good swing with his arm and he was turning her butt a nice red color.
“Heather, you will answer me.”
“NO, it is not allowed!  I am sorry, John!”
“Not as sorry as your going to be.”
He gave her ten more spankings with his hand.   “Now, get yourself over those pillows and make sure I have a good target high in the air, Heather.”
Heather was sniffling at this point.  She was already in pain and he had not even started with his belt.
“Heather, I need you to stay in place and not move.  You are being spanked tonight for your attitude.  You have the right to be upset.  But, you don’t have the right to yell in an outburst, storm off, and then lock the door.  Little girls who throw temper tantrums get punished.”
With that statement the belt came down hard across her cheeks.  She yelled out “Ouch”.
Her backside was on fire!  John just keep swinging the belt and hitting all areas of her sore backside.  It was not long and she was crying.

“Please, stop John.  I’ll be good.  I promise!”

 “Heather, you are good, but you behaved badly.  This is not over until I decide it is over.”
Heather started to move around and squirm.   “Heather, I need you stay in position.  I know you don’t want us to have to start this process over."
Oh, no.  She COULD NOT start this process over.  So, she pulled all her energy into staying in place.   Soon she was saying over and over “John, I am so sorry.  I behaved badly tonight.  Please forgive me.”
John decided she should get twenty-five strokes with the belt and then they would be done.  He did not hold back and Heather took them as best she could.  Finally, John tossed the belt on the bed and stepped back.  Heather was sobbing in the pillow.

“Heather, I want to hold you and comfort you, but I want you to go stand in the corner now.  When I call you back over then come to me.”
Heather got up and walked to the corner.  She was so tempted to touch her backside, but she did not.  Instead she stood in the corner and just let the tears flow down her face. John sat on the bed and watched his wife.   He wanted her to stand there and think about her actions some more.  He was starting to get a little turned on looking at her lovely red butt. He let her stand there about five minutes and then called her over.
Heather turned and walked back towards the bed.  She came to stand between his legs.  He reached out and took her hands in his.  “Heather, you know I love you”.  She nodded yes.  He pulled her into him and fell back on the bed. He turned on his side and turned Heather to face him on her side as well.  He lovingly stroked her all over.  He ran his hands down her back and overly her lovely breast. Soon he was touching her in an intimate way.  The tears had stopped and pleasure was replacing the fading pain.

Heather was starting to melt on the inside.  John started whispering endearing compliments in her ear.  But, soon after he started talking a little dirty to her. His fingers were plunging inside of her and his other hand was running over her sore behind.   “Heather, you’ve been such a bad girl tonight and you know what happens to bad girls”. While he was saying this he was squeezing her butt cheeks and his fingers were circling her with great expertise and making her very wet.
Heather started moaning and soon she was saying “Oh, John.  I want you inside of me.”
John smiled and said “bad girls just have to learn to patient”.  He withdrew his fingers and lightly spanked her behind.  Heather moved slightly to get out of reach.  She was not expecting that.  But, she recovered and decided John needed some torture of his own.  She reached for his manhood and started stroking him.  Then she knelt down and took him in her mouth.  Soon it was John who was having trouble holding his composure.  He looked down and his sweet wife was lovingly sucking him and he could see her red behind, too.  The sweet torture Heather was giving him went on for a few minutes.  She looked up at him and then their eyes met.   He could wait no longer and neither could she.
 “Make love to me, John.”
 “Heather, my bad little girl, it would be my pleasure.”
She giggled and he pulled her down on top of him.  Heather straddled her husband and in a few quick movements she was inside of him and riding him.  John cupped her sore behind and helped her establish a nice rhythm for them.  Her hair was tossed to the side and she looked beautiful as she moved on top of him.  John reached up and sucked on her breast.   Soon Heather was panting heavily and found her release.  That was all it took for John to flip her over and pump into her a few more times and he came in a low growl of satisfaction.
Heather lay in her husband’s arms basking in her afterglow.  Suddenly, money trouble and going to the resort seemed a distant memory.  She was in her own paradise here at home.


You did it again SNP!  Thanks for writing for Fantasy Friday again.  I just have a feeling you have many ideas for new stories running around in your head.  I hope you will continue to share some of them with us.  And I really hope some more of you will be willing to try a story yourselves.  We'd love to read them.  Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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