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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Into the Alley, part 2

I'm so glad you came back for part two or Minelle very first Fantasy Friday.  I do like our community, every encouraging!  Who knows, we may get her blogging before long, or at least commenting, LOL!

Please enjoy...

Into the Alley, part two

Ellie woke slowly, rolling onto her back the slight soreness in her backside bringing back her memory of the night before. Ugh, she moaned, crap-a-doo!! Softly moving to her left side she noticed Lance had already risen. The smell of coffee pulled her like a drug and she got out of bed. However, the butterflies dancing in her stomach reminded her that she wasn’t quite settled up with Lance regarding her “into the alley moment.” She walked in front of the window and noted the beautiful day. Her ire at having to answer for her actions was tempered by the memory of Lance’s voice breaking when thinking about what “could” have happened.

She certainly intended to plead her case reminding him that she was not injured at all. No guns or knives were produced for cripes sake… oh…except by the police in response to the violence…. Errr.  Maybe I won’t mention weapons at all, safer for my butt, she thought to herself.  Ellie started thinking about the euphemism they used (into the alley) instead of stupidity, for some of her more dangerous impulsive actions. Sometimes humor was used to pull her back from the brink of disaster, and Lance may whisper, “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!  From the show “Lost in Space”. Thankfully, not many of the younger people understood the meaning of that phrase, unless they were a fan of old time TV series from her generation. It almost always brought a touch of humor and stability to her broiling emotions. 

Not that she was always crazed with anger for the underdog. In their family, immediate and extended, she was known as the most understanding level-headed peacemaker. Often Lance sought the council she could provide when dealing with irate emotional parents. She frequently reminded him that it was hard for parents to see their child in any other way other than with rose colored glasses. Of course when provided indisputable evidence of their guilt many conceded the mistake their child made.  Always the consequences were decided and implemented as soon as possible. Her husband was always fair. What was she doing thinking along these lines? Everything that occurred could easily apply to her situation. “No!” she was a mature woman capable of making her own decisions and suffering her own consequences. Loudly and firmly she stated, “I am not getting spanked again! Once was enough!”

“Hmm… is that so?”

Gulp…, she didn’t hear Lance walk back into their bedroom. His unnervingly stated question had her sitting back down on the bed.

He handed her, her morning cup of coffee “Mmm, nectar of the gods.”  she whispered.

“Darling, you are aware that I didn’t want to continue your punishment last night due to my strong emotions. I was just so relieved to have you in my arms safely cocooned from harm. Besides, I always try and hear your total explanation.”

I replied just a tiny bit snottily, “Really Lance… I was over your knee almost immediately… when did you get my side of the story?” (I was a 50 year old mature woman when it suited my agenda)

Lance asked, “Did you rehash and rehash your statement to the police officer while I stood next to you offering my love and support? Was everything you said true and did cover  it fully, truthfully?” His calm voice shamed me for accusing him of being unfair. 

I wailed, “Crap, crap, crap… but I don’t want a double punishment for last night.

“Ellie do you remember why I said that if you ever metaphorically or actually went into the alley?  I said I would bust your butt twice, making the spanking I gave you that night 25 years ago feel like a piece of cake? I am not a bossy man.”

She raised her eyes at that comment.

“Well Ellie, maybe I misspoke.  I do not micro manage your every actions. Nevertheless, your safety is something I will not compromise on.” He stood up, “Take your shower sweetie, we’ll continue after breakfast. She knew he wanted her to think back, to remember and appreciate… ha! Fat chance, she thought… why was she in trouble with him!

Thinking back to that night 25 years ago she shivered involuntarily. The night started out so nicely. She and Lance had started dating not long after he took over as principal of Makon Academy. They hadn’t exactly hit it off immediately. He was a bit perturbed by what he thought as her total disregard for following the rules and policies of the school. Admittedly she kind of did her own thing, not that she didn’t think rules were important; she just wasn’t into being the bad guy. What could she say; she had wanted to be the young art teacher who was cool. Still after a few shaky situations that she often blanched at remembering, she was swayed to “the other side” (Maybe the middle of the other side) actually she was just better at discerning and differentiating the situations for discipline management. That is often called experience.  

Her thoughts continued reminiscing. A group of us had gone to a great dance club that evening; she was just a tiny bit tipsy feeling no pain. Lance was so cute sticking to her side like glue. She had worn a new pair of spikey black heels setting off her short black jersey skirt and red top. They had closed the club and started making their way out the doors ending the evening. “Wow that was a blast.”  She said putting her right arm through her best friend Jane’s left one. Lance asked them to wait away from the crowd as he turned to retrieve his car from the valet. When…just as fast as she could blink Jane was roughly, rammed into Ellie’s side, she screamed “Hey my purse!” Ellie looked up and saw a giant of a man running up the side street with Jane’s purse clutched in his hands.

Ellie didn’t even remember thinking, her shoes went flying off her feet and she began screaming, “Stop you creep,” running like her life depended on catching the erstwhile crook! “Stop the thief!” She shouted over and over again.  Her adrenalin made her faster than normal- the rushing in her ears blocking common sense; she began to close in on the giant crook! Her brain just kept drumming, ‘catch him- catch him- catch him’, even as she heard the faint frantic yelling behind her to STOP! 

You’re going to get hurt it’s not important. For God sake Ellie, stop!” Lance caught up to her just as the man stealing Jane’s purse turned the corner and ran down the closest alley behind the houses. At that moment looking down the alley her true thinking brain kicked in. Lance stood next to her tightly gripping her arm. She couldn’t have moved anyway, her eyes locked with the purse snatcher when he looked back to the entrance. She and Lance clearly heard his silent promise, ‘I will kill you if you come into this alley!’ Then he turned and ran with the purse. Shaken Up, Ellie realized that he had had a knife in his hand. Lance saw that as well.

“Are you crazy? What were you doing? That was certifiable behavior!” Then he reached around, and put his left arm around her waist and lifted her off her feet. She was staring at the ground when she felt smack after smack on her bottom!

“Ouch!” In disbelief she thought, he was serious!  “What are you doing?” She shrieked, “Stop now! This hurt like crazy! Lance, someone could see, please, please stop!”

 He kept up a steady rhythm mumbling, “Are you out of your mind?” Seconds before the rest of the group turned the corner and caught up to us, he stood her on her feet. Ellie’s face a bright red, she longed to rub the sting away. She was shocked at his actions. Glaring at him angrily, he returned her stare with fire in his green eyes.

She was chastised for her foolishness by every person in the group. She humbly apologized for worrying her friends. Lance mentioned quietly that he would be seeing me home while the rest of the group visited the police station to make out a robbery report.

 At first she let her outrage for the spanking burst to the surface. “How could you?” she shouted. He wasn’t biting, just stalwartly focused on the drive. She squirmed angrily. The rest of the ride back to her apartment was mostly quiet. Every now and then Lance would state, “Thank all there is you did not go into that alley!” He glared at her when she haltingly kept trying to explain what happened. Her anger dissipated slightly as she realized how upset he was. She felt bereft; there was no possible way he would want to be with her now. Our 6 years difference in age felt like twenty. She knew she was somewhat inexperienced and impulsive but…she was really was crazy in love with him. Ellie smiled in remembrance as she realized her love at that very crazy moment twenty- five years prior.

He opened her car door walking into her apartment building and up the two stories to her private entrance. She unlocked the door. Ellie turned to him to thank him as she placed the keys on a book case next to the heavy door. Thinking he would leave imminently, she was surprised when he locked the door, not recognizing her impending doom.

That spanking was one she now recognized as an epic event. After Lances right hand painstakingly finished his views on her imprudent actions. He teared-up saying he loved her so much and that he never ever wanted her to cause him such intentional blinding fear ever again. As a matter of fact he clearly promised that if she ever “went into the alley” again, she would have a double punishment like no other seismic event seen. She didn’t really understand this spanking thing, but she knew he would never really hurt her. Her butt being hurt was clearly not an issue. They were newly in love and frankly she thought spanking was never going to happen again. He was so gentle rubbing out the worst of the immediate sting. That night they made love, for her it was the first time.  They were married the very next year.

Ellie came back to the present. Spanking had occurred at times through the years, infrequently, but occasionally needed. Looking back over the years they had loved each other passionately. Their normal manner had been to support and love each other to the fullest. They often conceded issues important to one or the other. They were great partners. Not that they didn’t have their moments, they certainly did. However, trust and respect were major players for them.

Lance walked back into the room as she finished dressing. “Come on honey lets go have breakfast.” She took his hand, clearly recognizing that it would be burning hot later this morning. They walked down stairs to the site of freshly toasted bagels on the kitchen table. Smiling, at his loving gesture she knew he would suffer with her, but all would eventually be right. 

She was sure his love would never let me go back “into the alley again.”


Minelle, I think you're a hit.  Thanks again for sharing this story with us.  I hope you will look around the community and comment as you like.  It's a friendly place.  We'll be looking forward to more stories.  I hope there are more of you out there thinking of writing a story - we'd love to read it.  Please send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Minelle,
    I would have done exactly the same.
    I really enjoyed this, thank you.
    PK, nice one.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Yep Paul, that is why I have landed myself in a few precarious situations. (the consequences just weren't there, however) I am who I am. I feel really happy you enjoyed the story.-- PK I hope this is not considered rude blog behavior to comment to your site about my story?!

  3. Wonderful ending Minelle. I hope now that you got your feet wet we will see you around some :) I lurked for a long time before I started commenting, it can be intimidating. Once you get started though it gets easier, I promise :)

  4. Minelle, Lovely story. Hope you write again. It would be nice to see more of you either commenting or blogging.