I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Into the Alley

Fridays are getting better and better the closer I get to my summer of freedom.  I’ve actually been spanked several times this week, and although I don’t care if he has a reason or not, he came up with a really crazy one in my book.  More about them Sunday.

I am excited about today’s story.  We have a brand-new writer!  The author is Minelle.  She was kind enough to email me about my ‘lifestyle’ post and we began talking.  And you know pushy me I was soon trying to talk her into writing a story for Fantasy Friday and here it is!  It’s in two parts so the second one will be up tomorrow.  Oh, and while you’re reading you might want to know that the incidents (the dangerous ones) she mentions in the stories really did happen to her. I asked her to share a little about herself with us and that is at the end of this part. 

So now, please enjoy…

Into the Alley

The officer finished taking her statement, once again asking her if she was all right. “Yes officer, I really am quite all right.”

“It’s just that you are so tiny, and they were out of control crazy teenage boys.” he said.  “Besides the fact that you were lying on the ground next to a running car had all of us concerned you were knocked out or worse. They could have had a gun or knives.” He seemed compelled to point out her many missteps to her husband. Once again he asked, “Why did you disregard your safety so blatantly?”

Ellie looked up at her husband of 24 years and committed herself to metaphorically nailing the last nail in her coffin. “I just ran to save the boy they were hurting.” she insisted, “I just reacted.”  

“Ma’am, there were two carloads of large angry testosterone filled boys- one crazy on drugs, fighting in front of your house and you ran in the middle of that fracas?” The policeman looked at her like she was senseless.  Frankly she wasn’t sure she could or would have changed the series of events. She just kind-of lost all coherent thought when she heard their screaming.  Of course when the six foot angry boy put his arm around her neck, she quickly grabbed his arm so she would not pass out. She did think!  Her dander up seriously, she thought what if my child was the one being beat-up?

Furiously resuming her righteous position Ellie refused to concede the differing consensus of her actions. Her husband noted her clear lack of remorse present showing as an angry grimace on her face. Not realizing her husband’s perception of her thought process; she thought hopefully there would always be a Good Samaritan like her there for help in a similar situation… hmph! The officer closed his notebook, once again asking if she needed to be checked over at the hospital. She adamantly, if in a slightly exasperated voice stated, once again, that she had not been touched.

Lance specified “yet”- quietly, as he closed and locked the front door after the officer. He reached for Ellie hugging her to him running his hand all over to make sure she really wasn’t injured. “Is your neck ok?”

She explained once again, “He couldn’t tighten his grip with my hands between his arm and my neck, (even if his superior strength lifted her a foot off the ground) so I am injury free.”


“Yes Lance.”

“You went into the alley.”

“No Lance not really... It wasn’t the same thing,” she frantically reasoned with him. No answer… except for him pulling a struggling Ellie over to the couch where she found herself placed over his knees pants down, positioned vulnerably to receive his discipline. (Damn empty house!)  Seconds later he began spanking her upturned bottom, after securing her flailing legs. She barely had time to shout, no!...unfair!”  Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Really”…he muttered never missing a beat. “My darling wife thinks so little of her life that she rushes into the most…smack! dangerous…smack! situation…smack! since the alley incident…smack! smack! smack!smack! smack!

Owwwwww… you are over reacting! “Stop this now I shouted!” Not a very smart comment since it  just proved his point about her thoughtless action, and unleashed a flurry of spanks all over… including her sit spots and thighs. Of course now she was getting mad, mentally she was shouting, “I did the right thing!!! It is my conscience not yours!” Thrashing around flinging her hand back to prevent any more spanks from landing, she ignored the little voice in her head trying to filter through the emotional melee.

Clasping her hands across her back, he matter-of factly continued. Finally after making sure she understood his opinion on the matter, he let her up. Even knowing her butt would be a blazing red Lance sat her down on the couch. He walked over to the bay window, just to give himself a bit of distance for a moment. He felt like throwing up! She didn’t realize how many people called 911 frantic to get her help from the out of control kid. It looked like someone was breaking her neck! He closed his eyes against the heart rending image, feeling outraged at her lack of self- preservation.

 Behind him, Ellie angrily jumped right back up furiously rubbing her bottom with tears flowing down her face. Hearing her jump up Lance turned slowly and said quite firmly, "sit…back…down!"

Seething… Ellie really thought about saying something vulgar and inappropriate to him. Instead she channeled the feeling of her stinging butt to her brain and carefully sat on the couch. “I knew what I was doing.” she gritted out.

“Oh Yea, that came across clearly to everyone involved, my darling wife. Undoubtedly the reason you needed to be rescued by one lone teenage boy and two squad cars was clearly your remarkable handling of the situation.” He realized that she needed to crane her neck as he paced his worry and frustration across the length of the room. His six foot three frame was even more pronounced when he stood and she was seated. Of course thinking about her tiny five foot three, one hundred and twenty-five pound frame did nothing to assuage his aggravation for her actions in total disregard to her safety.

 He sat down across from his lovely wife on their brown leather chair. Lance lovingly clasped both her hands in his. Normally she loved this gesture; however it was clearly evident that his right hand was quite a bit hotter than his left hand. That awareness just made her mad once again!  “I am fifty years old, Lance and I thought that boy was dying!”

 “Then you should have called the police." he growled adamantly.

“I heard a crazy loud bang then lots of screaming, thumping and shouting. It really looked like a car accident when I looked out the window. So I ran out asking if they needed an ambulance.”

 “Of course the moment you realized that the situation required the police you knowingly joined in the middle of a fight?”

Ellis was feeling a little embarrassed, she angrily jumped up and yelled, “I am through with this conversation! You just do not understand how I think!”

He raised his eyebrow standing back up saying, “Maybe we were not finished with your spanking tonight. Not being stupid Ellie lowered her somewhat shrieking voice and sat slowly back down onto her flaming rear.

“Let’s analyze your actions once you ran outside, explain what happened, Ellie?”

“I tried to pull the crazed maniac off of the boy that was getting beat to a pulp.” I shared softly.

“You were so lucky that Jimmy Hansen was there to stop that drug induced young man from clobbering you! There was enough blood splattered about without adding yours to the mix.” Thank God Jimmy had the foresight to call the police when the first car blocked them intending to do some major damage," he whispered, his voice breaking at the end.

She began to realize how stressed and worried Lance had been.  Her heart pained her as she channeled his pain, making her start to cry softly. She loved this man with all her heart; she never wanted to cause him emotional pain. “Lance, I did realize I was out of my element… that is why I got down on the ground honey.”

She tried to placate him before he could start thinking again. “Maybe I should have called the police first…”

“You think?” He smiled just a fraction of his usual bright grin. “For goodness sake Ellie.” he started again, “Even experienced police men and women call for back-up before they enter a dangerous situation!” She scooted a safer distance on the couch. He was still very upset. “Ellie what would you think if either of the kids acted impulsively like you tonight?”

Man he was pulling out the big guns now. Ellie knew she would be soooo upset with them. She exclaimed righteously, face a flaming red. “I would tell them to call 911….and wait…ok; ok I get your point!”

Lance sat down hugging her close. She turned my face into his shirt, loving the comfort his scent never failed to give her. “I wanted to be mad at you for spanking me just a little longer.”  She stated as her emotions returned to normal.

“You know love; I do not enjoy spanking you like that.”

She kissed him softly, “I know honey so you’ve said before. If you feel my pain like you say, then you’re going to have a sore butt for a few days.” She giggled.  

Lance looked at her saying, “We need to re-visit the alley incident tomorrow. Ellie, remember what I said would happen the next time you were to put your life in danger?”  

“Oh Lance please, let’s let this be the end of the incident.  I don’t want to go to bed with you still angry about this.”  She pleaded.

He calmly told her that he wasn’t mad anymore just sad and determined nothing like this would happen again.  “Darling we will worry about tomorrow later.  We have a teenage free home.” (Both kids were away on overnights) “I want and need a lot of reassurance and connecting with you my loving wife.” He lifted her in his arms… strong man that he is; they entered their bedroom and lovingly played the night away, pushing all the unpleasant thoughts and worries to the back of their minds.


Thank you Minelle!  Now all of you who have shared a story here know that it’s always an anxious experience.  I hope you all take the time to let her know what you think.  Don’t forget to come back for part two tomorrow. Now here’s a little about Minelle in her own words.

I am a 51 year old mom of two (girl and boy) married for 21 years. I live in the Midwest, and teach art. I have taught all ages. I married later and had my kids later so I stayed home and made them my focus for many years. Finding secure jobs has been a challenge because of my (too much) education and experience. As you know the "systems" everywhere do not want to pay.  So I change jobs often and am very very adaptable (keeps my mind young) As I approached 50 I decided I didn't want to slide gracefully into middle age, I wanted to have fun, learn and try and have much joy in life. When your kids get older they just seem to not need you as much. These thoughts made me more daring I guess.

I started reading spanking stories a few years ago, my secret guilty pleasure. However I grew up reading Harlequins and all the great romance Authors, Lindsey etc. I always knew the books and or pages where a spanking occurred. (movies, sitcoms etc... etc) I guess I am a closet spanko, or at least reader of them. I also have always written stories in my head, going to bed with a new scenario most nights. I just never put them on paper until recently, without PK's encouragement I never would have dared to actually type it up and send it off.

Not really sure how or where I fit in this community. I am such a mixture of old fashioned, traditional, and modern liberal woman it is hard to categorize me. We do not do spanking, aside from hubby's many threats and the occasional swats, (maybe more normal in our age bracket) otherwise it’s not there. He's a gentle big guy originally from another country. I am not even sure if I want to incorporate "real" spankings either. I do love how the dd community seems to prioritize marriage and family. I hate the way society belittles men and makes them look wimpy and stupid!

This part of my life is pretty secret, even if I have shared a bit with hubby. 


  1. Welcome Minelle, great story, I'm so happy you took the plunge and wrote one down.

    Don't worry too much about where you fit in. We are a pretty non judgemental bunch out here in in blogland :)

  2. Good story!! I can't wait to read more! :) Thanks for writing it!!

  3. Great story! Thank you for sharing.


  4. Minelle,
    well done, nice for a first, looking forward to part two.
    Fairie is correct, most of us are not judgemental, we cannot afford to be.
    PK, I think that you should set up as a spankosphere agent.
    Great job.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Minelle, Welcome to Fantasy Friday.
    You did a great job and look forward to part II! I enjoyed reading a little more about you. PK is the best and such a great hostess. It is a real thrill to see your story published.
    Thank you Minelle and PK!

  6. Welcome Minelle! Loved part one of yur story, glad it does not end there! We are of all types here...

  7. Welcome Minelle. Really enjoyed your story and reading about you. Hope you will be a regular contributor to FF and blogland.

    Thanks PK for encouraging yet another good writer.

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  9. Minelle, what a lovely name. Hello and welcome to you and thanks for sharing a little about yourself.

    Thanks also for your story, really enjoyed it. Hope you do write more for us.

    Cheers PK.


    Sorry PK deleted comment was mine - really must learn to spell:)

  10. What a wonderful story. Looking forward to part two. Thank you for writing.

  11. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I am taking the plunge PK and commenting! (or trying to comment)
    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I have visited you many times as a "lurker." It is intimidating for a newbie like me. I hope the story will continue to engage you Sat. I am also a bit technologically illiterate soooo thankfully PK came to my rescue. PK really is the sole reason I jumped in with both feet!!

  12. Love it!!!!! Hey PK!!!! HOW ARE YOU???? I put my blog back up and am writing spanking fiction again. Not like I was, but apparently, I couldn't stay away from it forever.

    Hugs to you, my dear,

  13. Welcome, Minelle!! Your story reminded me of a time that I stepped in between a few strapping lads and got knocked upside the head. We knew nothing about DD at the time...thank goodness.

  14. Loved it Minelle! Thank you for pointing me here to read a little more about you and get a taste for your writing! :)