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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Friend Cassie, and a favor to ask

New story beginning at Cassie's today.

I head back to work tomorrow. I have enjoyed my break fully. I got to spend time with Nick and Mollie both, as well as having time to myself. As much as I love my family, I enjoy being alone with my thought too (although alone might not be the most accurate word). I often talk about spending a lot of time writing. I wonder sometimes if some of you think, writing what? I mean I only post on my blog a couple of times a week. I haven’t done a Fantasy Friday myself in months – so some might wonder, what I am writing.

Many of my readers and all my close friends out here know that I have another blog – Cassie’s Space. That blog is my true heart and joy. I love Cassie; she is one of my dearest friends. I do want to explain that I am not crazy. I am fully aware that Cassie is a fictional character sprung from my imagination. I have, however, never been able to convince Cassie of this fact. She thinks she’s real, so mostly I just humor her. She wandered into my head on a trip I took with my family, cross country, when I was eleven. Reading made me carsick so I daydreamed for the 6,000 mile round trip.

I had a whole family made up in my daydreams. Cassie was a minor character, grown and married even then. And yes, even then my make believe world contained spanking stories. And as I got older and became sexually aware these stories became fantasies. Cassie would tell me stories about the adventures she and Tom shared. As Cassie and I grew closer in age her stories were the ones I spent most of my time day dreaming about.

I began actually writing the stories I knew in June 2006. That’s nearly six years ago. I don’t post as often now. It seems to average about one story every three weeks there. I would love to write more, but this doesn’t go on my schedule. I can’t just write a Cassie story – I’ve tried, I can’t do it. I have to wait for Cassie to come along and tell me one. Yep, I know that’s back to sounding crazy again. But it’s truly how it works. When I begin writing, I honestly don’t always know what’s going to happen. It’s like the story reveals itself as I write.

So if I can’t write on command, what am I spending my time on? A Cassie book. Again this is something my friends here have been hearing me talk about so long they must think I’m making it all up. But I’m not. It’s taken from the blog, and this book only covers the first few months, but there is so much more added. I have a wonderful editor helping me – besides being fantastic at editing; she is also the busiest woman I know!! To say things are going s… l… o… w… l… y… would be a gross understatement. But she is helping me turn a spanking story into a real book! So when I tell you I’m writing, it’s mostly re-writing as my editor helps me fill in and expand what I’ve done.

Now I want to ask a favor of all my readers and a second one from all my blogging friends. One, if you are not familiar with Cassie’s Space, please go and read this story. It's the story of some of Tom and Cassie's travels. It’s in several parts but there is a link at the bottom of each to take you to the next part if it holds your interest. I think this gives a flavor of who Tom and Cassie are and you'll get to meet some of their friends too.

And now one more favor I’ll ask of my blogging friends. Would you consider linking to Cassie’s Space on your site? I really am proud of this site but it has a very small readership. I’d love to have more exposure. And if you are willing to do that, and if you'll let me know, I'll be happy to return the favor, here and on Cassie's Space. And one other thing (to add fuel for those that think I’m nuts.) I’ll be happy to answer any question about Cassie here, but over there, if you leave a comment (and I hope you will) Cassie will be the one answering. As I’ve said, she thinks she real and I’d hate to step on her toes.


  1. Hi

    Thanks for the tip about Cassie.

  2. You know I love to read Cassie and the links been there since I found her:)

    Look forward to popping over.


  3. Cassie is on my blogroll.


  4. PK, what do you means, she thinks she real!
    Of course she is real, she's my sister and I love her.
    Put me down for a signed Kindle copy, please.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. I love reading Cassie's stories, I have her on my blogroll, when it is working correctly, lol. I'm lokking forward to the book coming out.

  6. Before I had a blogroll of my own, I used to use NB to catch up on Cassie.
    I just love her.

  7. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Looking forward to reading Stories!! I love finding new things to read.

  8. Exciting update and looking forward to reading the story!

  9. Don't have a blog but I've been reading Cassie stories for sometime. I was married to Tom's clone. Cassie makes me remember what a great life I had. Good luck with the book.

  10. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Thanks for sharing, PK! I will add Cassie's blog to my blogroll, too! Love,

  11. I am so glad that you told us about your other blog. I really had no idea. I added her to my blogroll and can't wait to start at the beginning and read all about her.

  12. PK: I have added Cassie to my blogroll. And good luck on the Cassie book. I am sure Cassie is proud of it.


  13. I added your link to my blog roll, not that I get a lot of readers.

    Paul? How do we go about getting a signed kindle copy? Does PK actually have to sign your kindle? LOL


  14. Anonymous5:43 PM

    How can she 'think' shes real if she doesn't exist? Please get some help. Many people with multiple personality disorder know that the other personality is not real, but it doesn't make the sickness any less real.

  15. Michael,
    I appreciate it. I’ve linked you in return and you’ll be linked over at Cassie’s by the end of the day.

    Bless your heart. You have always been a loyal friend.

    I do thank you.

    Of course she’s real (I just said all that so they wouldn’t send the little men in white coats with big nets.) The book, if it ever happens, will be in paperback and kindle. You can get the kindle for easy reading and I’ll send you an autographed copy of the paperback!

    I’m looking forward to it too, LOL! Thanks for reading.

    I’m so glad you read her. I enjoy her stories myself.

    I think you’ll like them if I do say so myself!

    Thanks, I’m so glad she waited to tell me all this when I had a break from work so that I had more time to write.

    You are so loyal over at Cassie’s. You were a lucky woman to have had a man like Tom.

    Thank you so much Kitty. I’ll make sure you are linked over there too.

    Oh Blondie,
    That will be a lot of reading if you did that. And if you really want to do that I’d like to give you a little more information, if you’ll share your email with me.

    Thanks for the link. I’m hoping she’s pleased with the book.

    If anyone buys this book I’m going to feel like traveling to each one and signing it personally. I’d be that grateful. I like her being back on your roll, thanks.

    LOL! I knew someone would be worried. But you’ll notice no one that reads me regularly seems to be worried at all. I had imaginary friends as a kid – the fun was believing that they were really there and playing/talking with me. I just never grew out of it.

  16. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I wondered what happened to Cassie. She closed her FB account and I haven't heard from her in ages. I'm glad I know where I can find her now.


  17. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I know Cassie doesn't have a large readership but I hope you would never think of taking her blog down. ITS MY FAVORITE..(well tied with yours of course :})


  18. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Oh and please implore Cassie to finish the story soon!!!

  19. Kiki,
    She is still around and writing whenever she can.

    I'm really, really glad you like it. Sometimes even I go back and read old stories. Strange huh?

    I would expect a post up at her site about every other day for a while.

  20. Will do as I am redoing my blog anyways. I love reading Cassie's adventures.

  21. I discovered your site and went back and read all of Cassie's stories this weekend from the beginning. Please keep them coming. I never laughed so hard reading before in my life.

  22. Joanne10:32 PM

    I LOVE Cassie! I check my computer almost daily to see if she has posted anything new. I didn't know until now who Cassie's pen was but now I do I can honestly say, Thank you so much for Cassie and Sue and Allie and even Tom though I think he a bit on the overly protective side and a worry wart. He needs to relax a little!
    I also love your own blog with the Fantasy Fridays and look forward to them each week too.
    I have a half written story that came to me in a dream. When I finish it, maybe I will send it for you to look at. It probably isn't good enough for the blog but I will send it to you.
    Keep on writing. It is wonderful!!!

  23. Tiffany,
    Thank you and send me your link when you are up and running.

    I am honored! That’s a lot of post to go through! I’m so glad you liked them.

    Its comments like this that make me want to write more and more! I love all the folks over there and truly I agree with you about Tom. I know I’d strangle him if I were married to him, yet in some ways he’s my dream man. Cassie’s happy with him (most of the time) so that’s good enough for me.

    I really hope you’ll finish your story and share it with us for a FF. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  24. PK, how do i add Cassie to my blog list???

  25. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Yeah I linked to cassie but don't see one linked back.

  26. Kiwi,
    When CeeCi made my template she put me a little button so that I could add to my blog roll so that's what I always use. I'm sure it's on blogger somewhere, look for 'how to link' or maybe ask on your site. I'm sure someone could help you. Sorry I can't.

    Thanks for the link, it all taken care of now.

  27. Hi PK,im trying to link Cassies Spae but not having much luck...ill keep trying ;) what is the URL maybe i can do it by searching...