I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Spanking avoided, almost

Yeah! I got my fingers back! When that mess hits it hits hard and fast, but I thank God that I found the right doctor and the right medicine to relieve the pain pretty quickly.

Last week was a bad one for weight loss! By bad I mean I gained 2 pounds. Not good. But I thought I was going to get away with no spanking. It’s really funny; of course I love being spanked. I’m often disappointed when he doesn’t follow through when I’m expecting a spanking, yet when I knew I could clearly use one Friday, I was looking for ways out. I had it figured perfectly; I was off work so Nick’s usual Friday morning was a little off, I was hoping he would forget to check my book. We were headed out shopping, so we were in a bit of a hurry. When we finished shopping we were headed right up to get Mollie from school. She’ll be here until Tuesday so I figured there would be no privacy for any spanking. My figuring was a little off. Nick looked at the stupid book and just before we left and he walked into the living room with the strap.

“Two pounds? And yesterday when I suggested you Wii you said you weren’t really in the mood.” He reminded me.

“You know what I’m not in the mood for now?” I asked him.

He wasn’t interested. That strap really hurt, but I did get to keep my pants on. Nick also insisted I do better keeping my points this week – I’m afraid I’m getting lax on that. And he fussed about me not getting to bed on time. And I know I have to do better with exercise. But I hate it!!!! They say find some exercise you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. So far, I haven’t. Nick insists typing doesn’t count.

Our shopping trip Friday morning was to order a new sink and faucet for the kitchen renovations. That’s the first money we have actually spent. As Nick said, “I guess we’re committed, or maybe we should be.” Then Saturday we drove an hour away to look through a warehouse for granite counter tops. Too many choices! But we are narrowing it down. Decisions are being made and so far we aren’t fighting about anything. Fingers crossed folks!

I want to thank everyone who came by and left a comment for Fantasy Friday and those who wished me a Happy Easter. I’m still trying to be easy on my fingers so I haven’t answered my comments. But as I said the fingers are much better, I’m just trying to be gentle with them.


  1. PK, I e-mailed you before I read your post, just so you know.
    Good on Nick, following through is very necessary.
    I'm glad that the kitchen re-do isn't causing any domestic violence.LOL!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK: I find it interesting that you are disappointed when he doesn't follow through but yet you are looking for ways out.

    And maybe you should have an exercise schedule with a spanking when you don't do what is required that day. LOL.

    Good to see your fingers are getting better. I need to exercise for the back and neck pain I think is caused by hunching over the computer. Have to stop doing that.


  3. Glad to hear your fingers are better! Also good to hear that Nick is not letting you off the hook...we both know that never works. Have a wonderfully relaxing week off. Oh..and I am with you on the exercise...hate it! abby

  4. Glad the fingers are better. Continued good luck on the kitchen reno. Exercise is something that has completely gone awry on this trip. I see the results everytime I zip up my jeans. Gotta get back to it too.

  5. Nice you found something to help your fingers feel better, what a waste of a week off if you couldn't type, lol.

    Good luck with the kitchen redo, I'm one of those odd ducks that enjoys that kind of stuff.

    Maybe Nick should mount your laptop to a treadmill, then you could exercise and blog at the same time :)

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I think it's cute that you were hoping to avoid a spanking, you who loves them, usually!

    Glad Nick gave you one...it sounds like you deserved it, lol!


  7. So glad you are feeling better.
    That is good news.

    I don't like to excise either. I am not overweight, but harder to maintain weight it seems. I think I told Abby this in a comment recently.
    I talked my husband into getting a gym memebership for the two of us. It is open 24 hrs and we have these secure cards. Well, I went a handfull of times and the last time was Super Bowl Sunday. --I know...that's bad! So far, no spankings for this, but this might be the thing to do it! ha
    You'll have to post pics of your new sink and other choices.

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Just so you know PK sex is excellent excersise. gets the heart pumping. Sex 5 days a week should help in the weight loss. =-)

  9. Paul,
    Yet may be the key word! I’m really glad he followed though too.

    There is something about knowing you’re going to get a spanking that just bring out the ‘trying to get out of it’ mode. It’s all part of the old fantasies. I wish he would spank for not exercising. Sure would keep his arm in shape.

    The week off is truly heaven sent! Glad to see I’m not alone about the exercise.

    The finger thing drives me crazy. It comes on unexpectedly and painfully. I’m grateful for good meds. I think calories shouldn’t count when you’re traveling.

    Don’t give him any ideas! He actually has mentioned that. Come do my kitchen, I do NOT like making the decisions at all!

    Wanting one, trying to get out of one – two sides of the same coin.

    I’ve been a member of my gym for nearly 6 years and I used to go at least 3 or 4 times a week but lately I just can’t seem to make myself. I’m thinking of dropping my membership. I just don’t know.
    If we ever get the kitchen finished I’ll post pictures.

    I’ll be sure to mention that to Nick. I wonder at what age the expense of energy outweigh the benefits of the exercise? LOL!

  10. Hope this week goes better!

    Pants on..how'd you get away with that? LOL.

  11. Good to hear Nick followed through and didn't let you off.

    You've got no excuse for not exercising this week. Love Faerie's idea.

    Glad your fingers are better.


  12. Stormy,
    I think it's because he was in a hurry. What ever the reason, I was all for it!

    But I don't WANT to exercise!!