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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The best little problems you'll ever have

I know many of us out here are blessed with children. We know that they are a joy in this world but why is it that no matter what their age they seem to have an uncanny ability to interfere with our spanking time. Each age presents its own problems.

I think infants are the easiest – true they can wake up at just the wrong time but you still don’t have to worry about them overhearing anything! They do sleep a lot and they don’t ask about the stray paddle left in the middle of the bed.

Now the two to three-year-olds (and sometimes, older) present their own challenge. I mean there is nothing like living with a little voice–activated tape recorder! Imagine having your little one start chatting when you drop them at pre–school, when you have a few friends over or when you're visiting at you mother-in-law's, “Mommie, why did you keep telling Daddy to spank you harder last night and to use the riding crop? Have you been bad?” I mean come on; it’s the stuff of spanko nightmares!

Now those tweens and young teens, what can you say. They are everywhere, they snoop, they listen, they pay attention (to everything they should ignore!) That was what Mollie was like, I wrote about that here. LJ didn’t seem to ever care what we were doing. But if you should ever want to see your children work together in perfect harmony wait until they reach this age. Kids this age seem to know more about tag teaming than professional wrestlers at a WWE smackdown! It seems to be their goal in life to make sure you and the one you love are NEVER home alone for fun and games. You get one of them out of the house and I swear the other one sticks like glue. I know it was a conspiracy, it was the only time Mollie and LJ seemed to work together.

Now after the age of 16 you do occasionally have a chance. They get that driver’s license and they like to be out with their friends and away from home. Now you can see the occasionally window of opportunity. But on the other hand, now that you are no longer picking them up from their activities you never know when they are coming home. Once we had a lovely evening planned. I had dropped Mollie off at a children’s party and LJ was at work. As I pulled out from the party I happened to pull out right behind LJ (slow night at work and they let him come home). I ended up following him home and we came in together – with me talking loudly – I had no idea what Nick may have planned or what might be laying around. LOL! I remember LJ looking at me like I was crazy or something. I have often wondered what he might have walked in on had he been 10 minutes behind me instead of in front of me. Once Mollie began driving I always insisted that she call as she started home. I wanted to know when she was on the road and when she expected to be home. Of course it is also a comfort knowing we would have a bit of warning. She’s very good about making that call thank heavens!

So what do you think – at what age do you think kids present the biggest obstacle to our favorite activity? Next year we be empty nesters. I’m going to miss my baby, but having a house without someone listening, lurking and possibly walking in on us at any time sure has its perks! Then again Mollie may have talked her brother into moving back in just to watch us. I’ll let you know.


  1. They present problems at all ages, you are right! Teenagers are so unpredictable though, and they never go to bed. So that might be the worst. :)

  2. PK, no comment, no kids.
    All I can do is smirk!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. As the mom of 3 wonderfully grown children, I have to add a new category....adult child moves back in. Can't have them call before they head home they are adults...and they are still at the age with keen hearing!

  4. Teenagers I would say. You never knew what time they would be home and who they bring back with them and our son always forgot to call when he was on way home.


  5. Without a doubt, the teenager! But since I'm a mean mom, I informed mine one night that it was very, VERY important he call before he headed home.

    And then I just stood back and looked at him.

    "Oh, my god, mom, you did NOT -- somebody pass the brain bleach -- arrggggh! I may never come home again!"

    To this day, if he doesn't call, he makes a LOT of noise when he comes in. ;)

  6. Stormy,
    I think you’re right. We have a pretty small house. As the kids got older, and as you said, seemed to stay up all night I’ve gotten so I just want to save both spanking and sex until they’re out. I just feel so much freer that way.

    Now Paul, smirking is not nice! However, I feel that I’ll be doing my share when we have all that time alone next year!

    Please say it’s not so!! I hadn’t thought of that. Major problem! Not really worried about LJ returning but you never know about Mollie.

    I think we all agree on the teen years being the worse. And I wasn’t even thinking about kids bring friends home with them. I think Rogue might have the best plan for this!

    I love it! At some time in their lives they are going to have to realize that we are real people. I think you handled it very well.

  7. Be careful. Once you are alone and used to doing what you want with no one to disturb you, then you have company or the kids and grandkids come for the night you might carry on as usual and have your DIL ask, "What was that sound I heard last night? It sounded like..." She claps her hands a couple times...."a slapping sound?" She had a great big smile. I tried to look, I don't know, innocent? and said, "Oh, did you hear that? We were just horsing around." I know I was blushing. Everyone was silent. Then my husband said, "Eat your heart out," and walked out of the room.

    We had three doors between our rooms that were closed. I kept saying that maybe we could be heard so we should stop. Hubby said "Nah, they can't hear anything." He forgot that they have much better hearing at their age than we do! They will be here this weekend. Maybe we'll just behave ourselves this time....
    Rosie Dee