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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Saturday was a great day. The world is beautiful covered in snow – we had plenty of bread and milk so I had nowhere to go! I just snuggled down in my recliner and wrote. When I got tired I napped, when I got hungry I ate, when I got tired of sitting Mollie and I played wii.

Now if Mollie hadn’t been here there might have been a juicier post to write but it was a great day anyway. Church was called off today and I heard just a while ago that school is already called off for Monday – does it get any better?

And although Nick and I haven’t had any alone time this weekend that will not be true for next weekend. Mollie is house and dog sitting for a young couple at church. I’m not completely comfortable with her staying alone but the place is fairly close and one to the dogs is really big!! She is also going to be babysitting overnight – about 24 hours at a time one day a month for the next six months. Nick and I will have to make some plans.

We definitely need to go toy shopping. I have a few things in mind I want to look for but I want to see them in person instead of buying off the internet. Trouble is this is just too small a town for me to go shopping without feeling very nervous. The last time I stopped by the one decent toy store we have one of LJ high school friends was working there! Awkward!! I bought a funny card and left as if I didn’t realize the rest of the store was there. So maybe I’ll get on the internet and find some good stores between one and two hundred miles away then Nick and I plan a road trip! I sure wish some of my blogging buddies were around to go with me. When the 8 of us went toy shopping in LA it was one of the best afternoons I have ever spent! Perhaps we’ll go again someday. I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then I’ll just stay home and fantasies.


  1. PK: Glad to see you enjoyed the snow day and hope you and hubby make some good plans for when Mollie is babysitting. Especially when she's gone overnight. Gives you lots and lots of time for fun. Don't stay up all night. LOL.

    And good luck is finding a toy store where you won't be recognized. Isn't it crazy, though, that we don't want to be recognized buying a completely legal product? That happened to me once buying some BDSM videos.

    How about a Toys R Us for adults?


  2. I saw Greensboro NC covered in snow on the Weather Channel yesterday. I immediately thought of you. I had wondered if you got any. How exciting! Enjoy your long snowy weekend!

    Love and Huggs!

  3. Oh I forgot...that siamese looks just like my beloved Delilah. She actually used to sit in front of the laptop and follow the cursor! Huggs!

  4. Well for once we are not getting the snowstorm. I hope everything is fine and you have power. We may not be getting the storm but we sure have freezing cold temps. One does not want to go outside!

    Stay warm and have fun.


    Debbie :)

  5. We had a little snow here today PK. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing Saturday.

    What toys do you have in mind, care to share with us?


  6. Hey FD,
    We'll make some plans for sure! I guess I would worry no matter what but with my job I would really feel uncomfortable checking out with certain items!!

    We got plenty but G-boro got more. And the weather channel is calling for more Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - of course they will probably change this but still!

    I thought that was such a pretty cat!

    We southerns love snow the way we usually get it. Normally we would get 3 to 4 inches and then the next day it might be 50 degrees and poof it was gone. This time we are having lows in the teens every night so nothing is going away.

    Well this snow has gotten me out of school for one day at least but if we are out for long it's going to cut into our spring vacation.

    Toys - well anything that vibrates and I am also a fan of different types of plugs.

  7. Hope you get to take that road trip. And if ever in the same area I would definitely be up for a visit to a toy store...on my own I would definitely chicken out.

  8. Anonymous12:03 AM

    The road trip sounds fantastic! And the lazy Saturday sounded great - I agree, there's something incredibly special about the world when it's blanketed by snow. Here's to some fun times with Nick while Mollie's out and about :)