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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Experiment Over

I'm happy to see another Friday roll around. Winter came back to the south. I was enjoying those days in the high 50 but today it was back to cold, rainy and windy. I think I'd rather stay in and read or write something. Today we have a brand new story - had to break down and write one myself. If you weren't by yesterday I'll tell you it's the third story about the same couple Cal and Megan. If you haven't read the first two you can find #1 here and #2 here.

I like writing about people I already know a little so I hope you enjoy...

Experiment Over

Megan’s hand shook as she took the phone from the dean. “Cal” she began with a shaky voice. “I’m in trouble. I’ve done something awful. I think I’m going to be expelled.”

Cal’s voice was hard “Tell me Megan, what’s happened?”

“I… I didn’t write that paper I told you about in History. I took it off the internet. The dean says they can expel me. I didn’t know it was that serious Cal. What am I going to do? I can’t get thrown out of school.

“You didn’t know it was serious…? I’ll be there in a minute.”

Cal was furious with Megan. He had asked her about that paper a dozen times. Each time she had assured him it was coming along fine, that she had it all under control. She had looked him in the eye and lied like a rug. He was mad at her and mad at himself. Being in law enforcement made him suspicious by nature and he had had his doubts about Megan’s assurances but he cared for her so much he had disregarded his gut feeling. That would not be a mistake he would make with Meg in the future, that was if they actually had a future.

Cal barely acknowledged Megan when he entered the Dean’s office except to ask her to wait in the outer office. Megan sat tense as a spring until Cal come out twenty minutes later. When he emerged he gave her a terse “Let’s go.” She followed him out of the building and to his car.

“Cal, I’m so sorry…” Meg began but Cal cut her off.

“I don’t want to hear a word” Cal snapped. “I’m gonna talk first.” He pulled up to her dorm and stopped. His face look like it was carved from stone. ““You are not going to be expelled. You will be on probation with the school for two semesters and of course you will have to repeat the course you just cheated on.”

Megan winced at the word ‘cheated’ and couldn’t look at Cal. School was not her biggest concern at the moment. She was sick that she had lied to Cal; she knew he was going to spank her and that was all she could think of. Megan hadn’t been listening as closely as she should have.

But her head snapped up when she heard Cal say “So we’re done. This whole experiment is done. I thought I could help you grow up and learn some control, I thought I could help you take pride in your accomplishments. I should have taken you to jail that first night. Maybe that would have gotten your attention. I thought by putting you on my own probation I could get through to you. But it didn’t work. It’s over. You’re not on probation with me anymore. You’ve paid your debt, you’re free and clear. I don’t want to be your jailer or your warden.”

Megan tried to draw air into her lungs but the pain seemed too great. It was over? Cal had given up on her? He couldn’t, she loved him! He had to give her another chance. “Please Cal…” she tried to speak.

“I’m not through” Cal continued “There’s one more thing you need to know.” If anything he sounded even angrier. “I love you! That’s why I’m so damn mad. I want you to want to be with me, not because I was holding your break- in over your head, but because we mean something to each other. But you better know one thing, if you thought I was tough on you as the sheriff – well Meg that’s nothing compared to the spanking you’re gonna get if you decide to stay with me now. This spanking will be coming from the man who loves you. And I won’t tolerate you being less than honest with yourself or me. Am I making myself clear?”

Had she heard him right? Did he say he loved her? Before Megan could say anything Cal had gotten out of the car and had Megan’s door opened. “Get out.” he ordered. In a daze Meg found herself standing on the sidewalk in front of her dorm. “Its 1 o’clock and you have a lot of thinking to do. I’ll be back at 3. If you decide to stay in your room and I won’t bother you again. But if you want to be with me be out here in front of the dorm. We’ll get this ‘term paper’ thing taken care of and them we can talk about us.”

Cal started around the car but then he stopped and came back. Taking Megan’s face between his large hands he kissed her for the first time. Megan couldn’t think. She felt as if she were melting into that kiss. When he abruptly pulled away, hopped into his car and left Meg was still rooted to the spot.


‘You’re an ass!’ Cal thought to himself. Some men use soft music, candle light and rose pedals. But not you, buddy, you practically bite the girl’s head off telling her you love her and then promise her the worse spanking she’s ever had. Yep, they’re gonna write you up in the romance hall of fame!

Cal had come home to shower and change and to try to calm down. I should have just left things the way they were, he fumed to himself. At least we were together. You didn’t have to sound like such a bully! He knew she wouldn’t be there. He had given the pretty little prom queen, sorority girl the out she had probably been looking for. It wasn’t 2:30 yet but he headed back toward the dorm.

As he pulled in a lot half way down the street he could see the front of the dorm. He checked his watch again and tried to focus on the traffic passing by – he didn’t want to keep staring at the dorm. He’d driving himself crazy. He couldn’t wait, glancing toward the dorm he saw Megan, in tears, coming down the sidewalk toward him.

Cal stepped out of the car and Megan flew into his arms. “I love you” she sobbed. “Please don’t give up on me.”

Cal took a deep breath; he didn’t want his voice breaking. “It’s alright Meg. I won’t ever give up on you. Let’s go home.”

They rode in silence as Megan dried her tear. Knowing she was going to get spanked was secondary to the realization that Cal loved her. Cal took her hand as they got out of the car. “Were going to get this over with first.” Cal told her as soon as they got inside. Megan was grateful to hear that the anger had gone out of his voice. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad and she had thought.

“The corner?” Megan asked with a touch of resignation and a small sigh.

“No.” He told her, popping her on the bottom. “Don’t try to anticipate. Right now I’m in charge. I’m upset about you lying to me and I plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So for starters you are going to be writing lines.”

“Lines? You mean I can write something instead of a spanking?” Megan asked with hope in her voice.

Cal just shook his head. “Just do what I tell you to Megan. I want your pants and panties off now. I need to get you prepared for writing those lines.” Meg had know it sounded too good to be true. Turning away from Cal she slid off her jeans and hesitated. “Panties too Megan.” Cal said firmly. That part was always hard. It was so embarrassing to have on a shirt but having your bottom totally exposed.

Even with his profession of love it seemed to Megan that Cal took little notice of her nearly nude state. Walking her to the couch he quickly pulled her over his lap and began spanking hard with his hand. She fought to just accept it but she was soon squirming and saying ‘stop, stop!’ Cal paused “Megan this is only a warm up, you’ll know when I start the spanking.”

Megan groaned and tried to keep her mouth shut. He continued spanking – concentrating on her sit spot for a good while longer. He finally stopped and stood Meg on her feet. She reached to try to rub away some of the sting but Cal stopped her with, “No rubbing Megan. You leave it alone and come with me.”

It was so hard not to rub her stinging bottom but she followed Cal to the kitchen. On the bar he laid a pad of paper and a pen. Across the top in his bold handwriting was the sentence

“I will never lie to Cal again.”

“I want you to copy this right now – 200 times. Make it neat and for your own sake you better believe that it’s the truth.” Megan hid a small smile. Maybe Cal was going soft on her just a little. Writing lines was really better than being in the corner in her opinion. She picked up the pad and turned to the table.

“No Meg, you can sit right here at the bar on the stool.”

The stool!

He had to be kidding. The stool had been almost like a joke between them. The first time Meg had sat on the bar stool she had been wearing thin sweats. Leaping off the stool she had ask Cal in mock seriousness “Where on earth did you get these ‘Cactus R Us’? These are awful!”

“What’s wrong with them” Cal had asked.

“Feel them!” Meg had insisted “What’s it made of? Sand paper and spikes?”

“I don’t know.” Cal had laughed “Some kind of recycled material. Maybe plastic bottles or something. They’re not that bad.”

“Well maybe not for your thick hide and jeans but I’m delicate” she had tease him.

But he was looking at her with complete seriousness as if she could possible sit on that horrible thing with a naked, freshly spanked bottom.

“Sit.” Cal said firmly “I don’t want your behind off that stool until you’ve finished those lines. Maybe that stool will help you concentrate and realize how seriously I take lying.”

Megan didn’t see any way out. She tried to sit gingerly on the stool but there was no way that was going to happen. OWWW! It was so much worse that the spanking she was breathless for a moment. She squirmed to try to find a tolerable position but that only made it worse. Gritting her teeth the picked up the pen and began writing fast.

Twenty minutes later Megan was barely half way through. She found that by putting her feet on the runs of the stool she could take a little pressure off her bottom but it didn’t make for neat handwriting. Finally 50 agonizing minutes after she began Megan called our “Cal, I’m finished, please may I get up?”

Cal took the pad from her hand “Go stand in the corner Megan while I look this over.” Megan didn’t have to be told twice. The corner sounded like heaven after that horrible session on the stool.

Cal watched as she scurried to the corner eagerly rubbing to ease the sting of the spanking as well as the roughness of the stool. He opened his mouth to tell her not to rub when he stopped himself. The sight of her caressing and rubbing her beautiful little red behind was a wondrous sight to behold. Watching her as long as she rubbed Cal decided right then that rubbing was definitely allowed!

Glancing over her lines Cal saw she had done a fair job of keeping them neat. He gave her 10 minutes in the corner before calling her over “You got yourself in a mess didn’t you?”

Megan was crying – “I’m so sorry! Everything just got away from me. I should have told you. I knew you would have helped me get caught up. Cal, I promise I’ll never let anything like this happen again!”

Cal hugged her and did a little rubbing of his own. “I know Meg, I know you won’t. But being sorry doesn’t change the consequences. Go get the brush.”

Meg groaned to herself. The damn brush! She hated it!! And she had to get it? He’d had nearly an hour while she sat on that stupid stool – he could have gotten it. But Meg knew he didn’t work that way. She’d messed up - she would have to get the hated implement herself. She started to take a peek at her sore bottom but decided she didn’t want to know how red it was with more coming.

She came into the living room quietly and handed Cal the brush. He pulled her over his knee and rubbed the brush across her bottom gently as he spoke, “I’ve been checking the calendar. You have known about that paper for 6 weeks – 6 weeks Meg! You could have been working on it just a little every day. Forty-two days Megan, let me show you how many days you could have been working.”

With that the smooth coolness of the circling brush became a fire brand! She hated the way Cal always seemed to find a high member to go with the spanking he was giving. The first 20 were hard and very fast. The brush was mean and horrible and it hurt like hell. After 20 Cal paused. “You could have gotten a lot done in those first 20 days couldn’t you?”

“Cal please stop! It hurts!”

Cal ignored her and asked “you gonna get your papers done on time next semesters Megan?”

“I will, I will! I promise, please stop!”

Again Cal ignored her pleas, “Now let me show you how much longer you had to work on it.” With that he began again each stroke was harder and he allowed time between each one. To Meg it seemed the extra slow pace just gave her time to absorb more of the pain. Seems like a lot of days you had to work on that doesn’t it?” Cal asked quietly and Meg just nodded in agreement.

As Cal helped her to her feet he again felt the tightening in his groin as he watched her reach around and rub her flaming cheeks. “We’re almost done here” he told her.


“No Cal! That ‘s enough, please!!”

“Megan maybe you actually thought you were going to get this paper done at the last minute – I don’t know. But I do know that you stole it from the internet 2 weeks before it was due – during that time you were actively lying to me, your teacher and yourself. Stealing, lying – that’s not going to happen again Megan.”

Leading her to the other side of the sofa Cal undid his belt as Megan stared in dread. Bending Megan over the sofa Cal doubled his belt. “Fourteen day you lied to me” he said and began. The first 10 were hard and caused Megan to cry out with each one but even at that she could tell that they were not full force. But the last 4 – all at the same place on her thighs – caused Megan to nearly leap over the sofa and kept her from sitting comfortably for several days.

Finished, Meg clung to Cal and cried it all out. He led her to the bedroom and helped her off with her shirt. Meg crawled onto the bed and lay on her stomach. Cal took the lotion from the drawer and began gently rubbing Meg’s punished cheeks. “It burns, it burns!” she whimpered.

“I know honey, but this will help. You sleep now.” He whispered in her ear “And when you wake up I’ll make you burn in other places.” Megan’s eyes flew opened at these words and Cal gently kissed the back of her neck “You rest now” he repeated “I promise you you’re going to need all your energy for the rest of our afternoon…”


I hope you enjoy Cal and Megan. Eventually there will be more and they learn more about each other, meet the families and who knows what. So I hope you'll be back to read more when I get around to getting more stories written. But what I hope even more is that you are writing one of your own that you are willing to share with us here. If you are willing please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Oh I'm so glad you wrote another chapter for these two! They're my favorites! How intense was that! Thanks so much PK and have a great weekend. I hope Nick is feeling better and it warms up down there! (Well geographically speaking I mean!) Hugs, KayLynn

  2. Wonderful! I love this story so much. Wish my husband could read it. Maybe I'll translate it and email him. Thank you for the story and hope you'll write more soon

  3. PK, what a great story, loving it.
    Have a great week-end.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Well that was certainly a GREAT story! Written by a wonderful author. I had to go back and read the other two first so that I would fully enjoy it, the 1st I remembered but somehow I had missed the 2nd. Both were just fabulous. Thank you for them and all the terrific material you share here!

    Hugs and Friendship, Sally

  5. KayLynn,
    I really like these two too. I just enjoy seeing what might happen next.

    Nick is doing okay but not completely back to normal yet.

    Hey Na!
    I'm really glad you like the story. I hope you can get it where your husband can read it. If he does let me know what he thinks of it.

    Thanks! You make me happy everytime you come by here.

    So nice to hear from you. And thank you for your nice comment. You flatter me. Drop me an email if you get the chance.

  6. PK,

    That was great, I do enjoy reading about this couple, I like them a lot. Were ready for more please.

    Have a great weekend, look after Nick.


  7. PK, Great story! I lookforward to more.

  8. The second chapter was fantastic! I hope there will be more.