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Monday, November 23, 2009

The weekend and a word to my readers

I had a great weekend. I shopped with my sister, found a lot of nice things and still don’t feel like I broke the bank. I got to see LJ for about an hour and a half. He is a busy man these days but I love getting to see him for any amount of time.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening cooking. It helped me remember something – I HATE COOKING! Those of you who love it have got to tell me why again because I’m not feeling it! I’m not good at it, my kitchen is so tiny I have no place to work, I’m alone, I can’t hear the TV, can’t play on the computer and when I’m done the kitchen’s a mess and I have to clean it. I think I’ll give up cooking for lent and I think I’ll do it now!

All this forced domesticity is because my grade level is responsible for bringing food for the whole staff for the Thanksgiving season. My contributions include pastries from Sam’s club, a death by chocolate cake, and bacon-cream cheese pinwheels. Now I’m just hoping I can get through the day without completely wrecking the diet! There’s going to be great stuff there! Thank goodness I’m not in the main building. It’s much easier to avoid this way.

I had a startling experience yesterday. After shopping all day with my sister I came back to her house checked my email. I talked to a few friends here then went to check my stats. Now I know some people never check stats but I have to be honest, whether I show it or not, I am often insecure. I used to judge whether or not people liked me by how many comments I got. Then this year as comments dropped off in general I had to make myself realize that often folks just don’t have the time or inclination to comment and it has nothing to do with liking anyone or not. Okay, I’m a slow learner but I’m getting there. Now I do look at my stats to at least know whether people are reading or not. My stats stay pretty consistent and go up a bit for Fantasy Friday.

But yesterday when I went to look I had more than 4 times the number of readers I usually have. I panicked! I was sure I had been found out and everyone in my town ‘knew’ and was reading my blog. Then I realized, there are not that many people in my town and certainly not that many people would care! I emailed a few people including my geeky goddess CeeCi to see if they could give me any explanation.

It seems that it was mostly the stat counters mistake. Someone was just reading many of my back posts and blogger was counting it as a new person each time they read a post. Now if by chance that person is reading today – please don’t worry. I have no idea who you are and all I have to say is that you have paid me a great compliment by taking the time to read my posts. I hope this means that you found something in then that you could relate to. If you should ever want to talk email me sometime – elisspeaks@yahoo.com

I know we had Love our Lurkers day some time back but I still want everyone who reads here to know I would love to hear from you – in comment or email. Maybe some of you were intimidated with all the invitation on LOL Day so I’ll say it again, you are very welcomed here. When you hit the anonymous button on the comments it is anonymous.

When I first found blogs and wanted to talk to people out here I just went to yahoo and created me a whole new account. New name, new address – I was scared to death to really ‘talk’ with the people who wrote out here. I didn’t want them to know who I was. I remember my heart pounding when I received the first email back from someone. But I soon realized how normal everyone was – well I guess normal is relative – but they were as normal as I was, LOL! So I am very happy with my connections here. So I hope you will take the plunge and leave a comment or email. But if you are still not ready to do that, just keep on reading and know you are always welcomed here.


  1. I hear you on cooking! I really don't understand the appeal. It might have something to do with the fact that everything I make doesn't turn out quite right. I'm glad others enjoy it though because I am a fan of eating :)

    It is definitely a challenging time to diet. I've been off the wagon for a while now and just started to feel motivated again, of course right before thanksgiving. I figure if I step up gym time it will even out. ::crosses fingers::

    Glad you were able to figure out the stats issue!


  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I back read some posts yesterday, I often come and read stories especially when I have had a trying day so if it was me... my apologies for scaring you. I just really like reading your blog. I will now return to my regular position as a long time lurker!

  3. I had twice the usual number of hits on Saturday, and when that happens, some popular blog has mentioned mine and diverted traffic my way. This time, I don't think that happened. It was possibly because of the Blogger feature "next blog" that sends the reader to another blog, similar to the one she is reading. It's just a guess, though.


  4. PK, you have great blog, so obviously you get lots of hits.
    You just need to get Nick to turn them into another sort of hit, then your life would be perfect LOL.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. PK: well, it's nice to know that some readers are going back to reading your back posts and stories even if they don't want to comment themselves.

    And, yeah, cooking will never be as much fun as blogging. LOL. And there's no cleanup after blogging. LOL again.


  6. The high stat could also be because at the end of your FF post you had links to more stories by the same author. I bet all the people that went back to read the old stories by the same author got counted three or four times.

    I can relate to your post today because I hate cooking as well, and try to avoid it when I can.


  7. Lizzy,
    Like you I am a fan of eating but the cooking is for the birds! I am working hard at the gym, now if I could just quit eating so much.

    I am glad your reading added to the count. I wasn't scared long, I always love it when folks read. You feel free to go right back to your lurking any time. But if you would ever like to leave a comment I promise not to be scared!!

    I thought that maybe I had gotten a mention somewhere too - but it was just too much. I figured it was just a blogger glitch.

    You're sweet! Now how do I go about getting Nick to make the connection??

    I am always surprised and honored when someone goes back and read older posts. And I am also dying to know what they think!! But I'll have to just be satisfied with knowing that they are reading they must like it or they wouldn't go back.

    I hadn't thought of that but I bet many people did go back and read them over the weekend. Glad you stopped by.