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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Fate, chapter 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I got to spend mine with family - once again his mom fed the entire family and nearly every one was there. It feels great to know that I still have 3 more days off work.

As promised we have Chapter 2 of Fate this morning. If you didn't get the chance to read the first story last week click here and get caught up. I hope you still have some holiday time left and I know this story will get you in the right mood to celebrate.

Please enjoy...


Chapter 2

Josie buried her head under the covers, hiding from the persistent ringing. It was Sunday, her day off, and she was not ready to get up, much less talk to anyone.

The machine finally picked up, followed by the deep sexy drawl of Mr. Warner. Lunging for the phone, Josie groaned at the unfamiliar soreness in her backside, and paused. Confused by her response to his assault last night she decided to see what he had to say for himself. His voice brought back the sensation of fire and the bewildering sense of safety when he held her afterwards. As he talked Josie lost herself in a fantasy of what should have happened last night, lightly rubbing her bottom, thinking of his big hands sliding over her.

Cal hung up the phone, annoyed with her and thoroughly pissed at himself. She was home, he could see her car from his front window, she just didn't want to talk to him. Damn, the most interesting woman he had met in a year, and he had to scare her off on the first date. Not to mention losing out on some home cooking at her aunt's. All he could do was give her a few days to cool off and try again.

Josie called Bella, just to check in, see what was planned for dinner. She had decided to let Cal hang for a few days, just so he didn't think he could treat her that way again. She was not ready to admit to anyone, not even herself, that she was thoroughly infatuated with him.

"I'm so glad you called, sweetie. I just talked to your friend, Cal, and invited him for dinner. Do you think you could pick him up? It is so hard to give directions to someone new to town."

"What? Why did he call you? He doesn't even know you."

"But I called him, to ask him for dinner. Don't you remember? Last night I invited him for today, I wanted him to know it wasn't just a polite thing to do. Now I have to run, please try to be on time for once, and do bring a bottle of wine. A nice red for the main course. Ciao."

Josie was furious with her aunt for interfering, and excited that she would get to see him after all. She replayed his message for the number, called but got his machine, and left a short, impersonal message letting him know she would pick him up, at Bella's request, and to be ready at 3:30 sharp.


Bella hummed happily while she rolled out fresh pasta. What a treat to have someone new to cook for, and a handsome someone at that. She knew her niece was flighty, and probably didn't realize what a catch he was. It was the same with her and Anthony, in the beginning. Her Aunt Tessa helped her see what a good man Anthony was, and now she could do the same for her Josie.

Homemade lasagna, fresh bread, salad from her garden, and zabaglione for dessert. He looked like a man who knew how to enjoy a good meal. Maybe the prospect of Sunday dinners would out weigh the fact that Josie could barely boil water.


Cal decided not to return Josie's call, no sense giving her a chance to beg off. He would wait until she came to get him and put on his best behavior. At least Bella seemed to like him. Grabbing the phone book and a map he set out to get ready for his first skirmish in what promised to be a very interesting war.


Josie threw the dress across the room in frustration. There were clothes tossed everywhere as she tried to find something that gave just the right impression. So far everything was too dressy, too casual, or too frumpy. She usually wore jeans to Bella's but that seemed too casual. She finally settled on a coral silk dress, sleeveless and clingy, but casual enough with bare legs and sandals, and just short enough to make him look twice. Satisfied with the results at last she headed for his door.

Cal greeted her at his doorstep with a single red rose, a kiss on the cheek and a suitably admiring look.

"Are you always late?" he asked.

"I'm not late, I said 3:30, and it isn't even 4 yet."

He decided to let it slide this time, she seemed prepared to pretend last night had never happened, maybe they could start over, get to know each other. Gathering the flowers for his hostess and several bottles of wine he followed her out to the car, mesmerized by the way her full bottom swayed under the short skirt. Her tiny sports car was not made for comfort, especially for a man his size, but the deep bucket seat caused her skirt to ride high on her tanned thighs and offered plenty of distraction.

"Fasten your seatbelt, Josie."

"Oh, I never use one, it just wrinkles my clothes." Josie put the car in gear and started to back out of the parking space, only to find his hand clamped over hers like a band of steel.

"Put your seatbelt on now."

Something in his tone sent a shiver right through her and her bottom started tingling. Mumbling under her breath about wrinkling her good dress she fastened the seat belt. There was a good ten miles of curvy country road between town and Bella's house, she would make sure he felt every dip and turn.


Bella heard the car coming up the long drive and went to the porch to greet them.
The look on his face was enough to know things were not going smoothly, and Josie was dressed to kill. Ignoring the tension that simmered between them, Bella took genuine pleasure in the lovely bouquet of flowers and noted the wine was several notches above what Josie normally picked.

"Take Cal out to the patio, Josie. It is so pretty today, I thought we would eat out there. I want to get these in water. You can show him the gardens."

Not even Josie could ignore a direct order from Bella. Strolling along the flagstone paths was relaxing, Josie had no idea how spectacular the gardens were but Cal kept up a running commentary on the types of plants, what they were good for, and whether they had raised them on his family farm. After a loose stone caused her to lurch into him, it seemed natural for him to take her hand. Bella watched from the kitchen, noting his interest in the plants and the way he watched Josie when she ran ahead to the old swing. There was potential here that her niece couldn't see. She needed a steady, smart man who wouldn't put up with her nonsense, and Mr. Cal Warner was looking like a real contender.


"I never thought I would see the day, but Miss Bella, you are as fine a cook as my dear old granny. A toast to beautiful women who can cook."

Cal raised his glass and touched the rim to hers, when he turned to Josie she was leaving the table with a mumbled excuse. He started to go after her but Bella stopped him.

"Cal, I have enjoyed this evening, no matter what happens between you and my niece, I hope you will come again. I would like for us to become friends. Having said that, I hope you will forgive me for being blunt. Josie is like a daughter to me, I love her dearly, but I am not blind to her faults. She can be petty and irritating and rude, she is also sweet and kind and honest. My sister let her run wild after her father died, she needs a man who is willing to set some limits and capable of enforcing them."

Bella glanced at Cal to see how he was reacting.

"Josie reminds me of myself in my younger years. I was so full of myself. My Anthony looked past my faults, he showed me how to grow up. We worked together for 20 years. We loved, fought, got through our disappointments and built a good life together. I miss him everyday. I want the same kind of man for Josie. If you aren't serious, don't start reforming her. The first man that makes her behave is going to own her heart."

Cal drained his glass and took a minute to respond. These two women were the nicest thing to happen to him in quite a while, he didn't want to spoil this.

"Bella, I appreciate your candor. I believe you want only good things for Josie. I have no idea where we will end up. Hell, I don't even know what I said that made her mad enough to leave the table. All I can do is be myself and wait to see how it all turns out."

"Oh sweetie, I can tell you what made her mad. You made a point of appreciating something she can't do. Josie may be cute as they come, but the girl can not cook."

"What ever happened to make a beautiful woman so insecure?"

"Ah, that, my friend, you will have to figure out for yourself. Now it is getting late. I hope you will come again, I cook every Sunday, now that you know the way you are welcome any time."

Before Cal could respond Josie's voice cut in from the doorway.

"I hate to tear you away from such a good time, Cal, but I need to get back to town. Thanks for dinner Bella." With that, she stomped off to the car.

The ride home was silent, she pointedly ignored any attempt at conversation, making it clear she was furious with him but not revealing why. Cal gave up and let her pout until she pulled up to his door.

"I would like to ask you in, but you are upset about something and I think we better get it cleared up now."

Josie got out of the car, stalked to his side, opened the door and motioned for him to get out. Thinking she meant to go into the apartment with him. He was startled when she slammed the door, went around the car, got in and drove off. Exasperated, he went inside.


Tired of pacing, Cal went to her doorstep and sat in the dark for over an hour until she drove up. Relieved she was okay, and ready for a fight he waited until she walked up to him without speaking.

"If you think you can use me to get to Bella and then expect to treat me the way you did last night you are mistaken." Josie burst into tears and rushed past him, fumbling with the key.

Cal took the key, opened the door and followed her inside, his head spinning.

"You are mad because you think I am interested in your aunt?"

"I certainly don't care who you go out with, but I want to be clear that if you assault me again I will go to the police. Now please leave."

Cal burst out laughing, even though he knew it would only make things worse, he couldn't contain it. The thought that he was interested in Bella was absurd and he wasn't leaving until she understood that.

"Come here." He sat on the couch, pulling her down next to him.

Before she could protest, he dried her tears with his handkerchief, pulled her onto his lap and kissed her thoroughly. Josie was swept away with the sensation of his tongue teasing her mouth, she had been thinking about his kisses all evening. Just as he relaxed and began to hope she was over her jealousy she stiffened in his arms, drew back and slapped him hard enough to draw blood at the corner of his mouth.

"You two-timing prick!" The rest of her tirade was interrupted by being tossed over his lap. "You bastard, don't you dare hit me. I'll scream until the police come."

Any further threats were cut off by the sharp crack of his palm against her pantied bottom. He peppered her with hard smacks until the skin around her panties showed dusky pink. Pausing long enough to slip them to her knees Cal pulled her close and started over. Threats to call the police turned into promises to be good. By the time he had covered her entire bottom and started working his way down the backs of her thighs the promises had turned to sobbing.

"I will discuss anything you want. I will tell you the truth about anything you ask me. I will not put up with your rudeness. I certainly will not put up with being slapped in the face for something I did not do. Are you ready to apologize, or should I continue?"

"I hate you, you're a bully and a sneak, ow, no, no more, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Cal started again, landing several spanks to each spot before moving on, slow and methodical and hard. He finished with the tender crease at the top of her thighs leaving her howling, but limp across his lap.

"Are you ready to apologize now?"

Josie sobbed pitifully for a moment, trying to get the words out, anything to make him stop. Satisfied that she meant it he pulled her up into his arms and held her until she could catch her breath. He was beginning to see what Bella had tried to tell him, but he was too far in to stop now. Carrying her to the bedroom he stopped to survey the piles of clothes heaped on the bed, the floor, jumbled together on the chair. Snorting at the sheer predictability he grabbed her purse, locked the door and carried her down the street to his apartment. It was the fastest way to get her settled and the closest clean horizontal surface he could think of.

Josie felt like a little girl being put to bed, but it was nice to be looked after. Since he had spanked twice it didn't seem odd when he undressed her and helped her into an old t-shirt before placing her gently on her tummy in the middle of his bed. The lotion he poured over her burning skin felt heavenly as he massaged the heat away. Tucking the sheet around her, he whispered for her to rest until he came back, and she floated off thinking about how his hands felt sliding over her skin.


I can help but feel this story is going to go on whether we get to read about it or not. My anonymous friend is very, very busy these days and sadly doesn't have as much time to write as I would wish for her to have. She is not at all shy - so don't worry about that. She was very active on the internet in the past and just got a little burnt out on the whole thing and now just dabbles for her own pleasure. My hope is that she will continue to share her dabbling with us! Thanks for all the stories you have shared with us so far!

Should anyone else be in the mood to dabble with their own story and willing to share please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK, please thank your anonymous friend for a wonderful story; also inform her that it would be a mortal sin for her to stop there.
    I hasten to point out, not mortal for her, but for me.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. yes..we need a part 3!!

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Hi PK,

    Your friend's writing is like eating homemade vanilla (nothing other than the flavor inferred!)pudding - it's smooth, tastes wonderful and you just hate when it's over! Tell her thank you from me! KayLynn

  4. Excellent PK, please thank your friend Anon for me and yes please tell her we need more.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


  5. Thanks for commenting folks - I will be sure to pass along your sentiments!

  6. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Just found you, and yes, I wish to do the same and ask you to thank your friend anon for sharing her lovely story!

    Hope you are still enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays.

  7. Angel,
    Thanks for stopping by and reading. We have a story each Friday - I hope you'll come back.