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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fantasy Friday - In the Hot Seat

Friday rolls around again. I do appreciate everyone that comes by for Fantasy Friday. I just like starting my weekend with a good story. We have a brand new story this week and it's a great one! When I first got to read it I was shocked that no one had ever thought to put this in a story before - this is spanko perfect! Sit back, get ready for the weekend and enjoy...

In the Hot Seat

With Jay so angry by my side, I start to realize that maybe I had been ruder than I realized. I had only sent the text because I wanted to make sure Maddie got it before it was too late.

With Jay gripping my arm tightly he marches me down the stairs of his parent’s old farm house. The house has been in his family since before his mother was born. It is one of those houses with the wrap around porches that you only see in pictures.

As we approach the car, the light from the porch only barely reaches us. Two weeks ago it would have still been light at this time, but thanks to the time change its getting dark much earlier and we are plunged into darkness as we walk.

With his hand still on my arm, Jay leads me to the passenger side. He leans close. From where his parents are watching I am sure it looks like a warm embrace.

“Drop your pants before you sit down.” He whispers into my ear. We are far enough away that there is no need to whisper but his whispering makes my stomach flutter. I know he’s mad.
As he lets me go I wonder how I am supposed to drop my pants without his parents noticing. I know even without looking that they are standing at the door waiting for us to pull away.
Jay walks around the rear of the car as I open my door. I sit down, quickly shutting the door behind me. Luckily, the car’s interior lights are turned off and I use the darkness to my advantage.

Before Jay can climb in I unbutton my jeans and quickly wiggle them down so that my butt touches the leather seat. It’s cold against my skin and I can only hope his parents did not see what I just did.

Jay opens his door and slides in. Even with my upper thighs just barely exposed, the night air feels cool.

Jay starts the car, plays with the heat, turns off the radio and pulls out of the long driveway with a honk to his parents. We settle in for the hour long drive home.

“Those jeans aren’t low enough, pull them down to your knees” He doesn’t even glance over as he says it. I can tell I am really in for it.

“Jay, I'm sorry…” I start, pushing my jeans further toward my knees.

“I don’t want to hear it! I can’t believe how rude you were to my mother! She was sharing with you how hard it is to work at the hospital some days and you just start texting in the middle of it. Do you know how hurt she looked when she realized what you were doing under the table? Do you realize that as you were texting she had told you she had lost one of her pediatric patients this week and you said ‘oh that’s nice’, I can’t believe you! She looked like she was ready to cry!”
This shuts me up. I didn’t realize that’s what she had been saying. All I had been thinking about was sending that stupid text before Maddie left the party!

I stay quiet as we start down the country lanes Jay loves to drive. I know I will have to make it up to his mother somehow but first I am more concerned about the immediate future of my bottom.
About 10 minutes into the drive I realize my butt is getting hot. I look at the dash and sure enough my seat warmer is on. I go to turn it off but Jay’s hand stops me.

“Don’t even think about,” he warns.

“But my butt is hot and starting to burn!” I whine, even if I'm not in the position to whine.

“It’s not nearly as hot as its going to be by the time we get home,” he growls.

His words shut me up. Through my jeans I can only take the seat warmer for about 20 minutes before it becomes too hot. I was scared to think how hard it was going to be to take it on my bare bottom for the next hour.

After another 10 minutes or so of driving Jay pulls off into the driveway of an abandoned house.

“What are you doing?” I panic.

“Get out,” are his only words as he climbs out of the car himself.

Before I can get the courage to climb out, Jay is at my door with it wide open, the cool night air pouring in.

“Out, and you might as well leave you pants down.”

Jay helps me out of the car, slams my door and leans me over the hood. Immediately, he lays into my already warm ass with his hand. (How is it when he spanks his hand turns to wood?)
We have traveled this road many times and I know there is not much traffic to worry about. But I also know we aren’t very far off the road and if a car was to drive by they would be sure to see everything that was happening.

I try to hold still but Jay is spanking so hard it isn’t long before I am squirming and trying to get away. It hurts! Somehow the seat warmer seems to have left my butt in the same condition as a warm shower… tender!

Jay only spanks for two or three minutes but every swat is geared toward my sit spot and delivered hard. I feel like I'm on fire.

As quickly as it begins, the spanking is over. He helps me stand up, opens the door and assists me in sitting back down on a hot seat! He had left the car on with the seat warmer going while he was spanking and now it feels like I’m sitting on a warm stove.

When he gets in the car I begin to plead, “Jay, please. It’s too hot. I’m sorry. I promise to apologize. I will take another spanking when I get home. Just please can I turn off the warmer?”

His voice is softer now when he replies. It’s as though the spanking has relieved some of his anger but not his hurt. “No you cannot turn off the warmer, yes there will be more spanking, and yes you will apologize. We are far from home and I am just getting started with you darlin’” His words once again cause my stomach to flutter and I squirm to find a comfortable position in the hot seat.

We continue on our journey home but I am unable to find a comfortable position to sit in. Every time I move, my sore bottom rubs on the heated seat and when I don’t move, I feel like I am being roasted.

Jay had defiantly placed those swats so that I would feel them while sitting. He also knew exactly what he was doing by making ride with the seat warmer on.

“You need to stop squirming,” Jay said, cutting the silence.

“I'm sorry, it hurts. This is not fun you know!” There was a bit too much tartness to my voice that I immediately regretted.

“And you think it was fun watching you disrespect my mom and not being able to do anything about? I had half a mind to turn you over that table and beat your bottom there! You were rude and disrespectful there, now you’re continuing to be rude and disrespectful to me.” There was finality to his tone that told me it was time to be quiet again.

I watched out the window as cornfield after cornfield passed by. The only light for miles was that of the moon and the car’s headlights. Since our last stop we had only seen one other vehicle and it had been going the opposite direction.

Normally I loved the hour long ride between our house and Jay’s parents. Tonight it didn’t seem to go quick enough. We were only a little over half way home. We still had at least another 20 minutes to go. Was Jay really going to make me sit on a hot seat the whole way home?

“Take off your sandal” Jays voice cut into my thoughts making me jump.

“What? Why do you need my sandal?!?” I still couldn’t seem to remove the tartness from my tone. I was sorry for what I did, but my seat was HOT and I wanted to be home already!

“It doesn’t matter why, what matters is I asked you for something I think it’s time you start listening! Now, hand it over.”

All I wanted at this point was to be home and for this to be over. I was sorry and if giving Jay my stupid sandal was going to make him happy then fine!

I bend down to take off my leather strappy sandal. It’s completely inappropriate for the weather but too cute to put away before the first snowfall.

As I sit back up, handing Jay the shoe, I realize he has brought the car to a crawl. Before I can say anything he stops the car completely, right in the middle of the country lane.

“Out. And do it quickly this time.”

Jay gets out taking the sandal with him. It finally dawns on me what is about to happen but we are parked in the middle of the road… anyone could drive by!

I quickly hop out of the car, (as quickly as you can with jeans around your knees) and without a word Jay has me bent over the hood once more.

“I really am sorry you know…” I say hoping for some leniency.

“Sorry or not, I’m not finished with you,” and with that Jay lands the first hard swat on my right cheek. I jump but try to stay in position. Deep down I know I deserve everything I am getting.
Swat after swat with leather sandal lands, deepening the burn of my sit spot but also igniting my upper thighs. I am wiggling and kicking but I can’t find any relief.

For such a cute sandal it sure is doing some damage to my bottom.

“Four more and then it’s over.” Jay promises after a minute or two of nonstop spanking. “And you need to count them.” He adds.

With the verdict made, he pulls back and delivers the first blow to my left sit spot. “Owww, one sir!” I let out.

I thought Jay was spanking hard before but these smacks were being applied with full force. As soon as the word sir is out he hits my right spank spot with the same intensity, “Two sir, ohhhhh.”

He immediately lands another, this time on my right upper thigh, “oh my gosh, owwie…. three, three sir!” I manage to squeak out.

“Stay still, last one.” Jay says. I hold as still as possible with my butt on fire and it feels like an eternity. After what is really five or so seconds he delivers the last blow to my left upper thigh. I instantly stand up grabbing my butt, “OWWW I’m sorry, I’m soooo sorry…. Four sir!”

Jay grabs me in a hug and kisses my forehead, “I know you are but we need to go before someone comes.” He helps me into the car and once again onto the burning seat. He slips the sandal, which had just brutalized my ass, back on my foot and jogs around to his side. He slides in and we start back down the road as though nothing has just happened. The entire stop had taken less than three minutes but my bottom feels like it has just taken an hour long beating.

“Since my punishment is over, can I turn off the heater?” I ask at no more than a whisper. I am feeling thoroughly punished.

“Who said your punishment is over?” Jay asks glancing at me, this time with more love than anger or hurt.

“Back there, you did!”

“Oh, honey, I meant that spanking would be over. I’m still not through with that lovely bottom of yours!” His words make me want to cry more than the pain I am in. He still isn’t finished with me, even if it seems he is no longer upset.

We drive in silence for the next 15 minutes or so. We are finally almost home and I can’t stop moving in my seat. The heater is really burning my sore butt. It’s making the spankings ten times worst, which has to be Jay’s intent.

I pick up my purse and start riffling through for my cell phone.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing? HAND IT OVER!” Jay’s anger is back in an instant.

“Jay wait, I need to make one call then you can have it, please just trust me.” Hearing the sincerity in my voice he allows me to continue but gives me a warning look.

Quickly I dial his parent’s house and ask to speak to his mom. I give her my deepest apology for being so rude and ask her out for Sunday brunch. She accepts and I promise her some good old girl time. With the time and place set, I hang up and give Jay my phone.

“That was very nice of you, sweetie. I’m sure she appreciates that more than you know.” Jay smiles. He places my phone in his pocket and takes my hand for the rest of the ride home.
When we pull into the garage Jay cuts the engine and shuts the door.

“Lets’ go.” Jay prompts and I open my door. Once again having my jeans around my knees slows me down and Jay is by my side before I can climb out.

“I want to finish this before we go in, I want to leave it all out here.” He says solemnly. With that, he genteelly pushes me over the hood one last time. In the light of the garage he can see what his punishment has done to my bottom, for the first time.

“Darlin’ you are red! And I’m sure you’re sore, but there won’t be any permanent damage I am happy to report.” Jay had never spanked me in the dark before and I’m sure he was worried about the intensity as he usually uses color to judge his spankings.

“Six more and your spanking is over. I will be keeping your phone until further notice but all will be forgiven after these six.”

“Yes, sir” is all I can manage as I hear the jingle of his belt buckle followed by wooshing sound of his belt coming through the loops.

I feel him place the leather belt against my punished bottom then pull back. The first line is made across my bottom and I scream out. Before I can catch my breath all six lashes have fallen on my sit spot and I am being lifted up into Jay’s warm embrace. He stops my screaming with his lips as he pulls me into a deep kiss.

“I love you. Please don’t make me punish you like this again…” Before I can reply he kisses me again, helps me pull up my jeans over my roasted bottom and leads me into the house.
As we close the door to the garage I wonder what will happen if Jay reads the text I had been so adamant to send.

"I wish I could be there but since I’m still stuck at dinner, be sure to order me one of the school paddles with the holes drilled in it."


I just loved that. A heated seat, what more could a spanko ask for? After burn is my favorite part - now this I don't know but it sure is exciting to think about. The author this week is Lillian. She wrote one other Fantasy Friday for us that you can find here. I have enjoyed emailing with her as she get to know her way around out here.

If anyone else would like to write for us we would all love it. You can send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Awesome story! I don't know if I'd like to sit on a hot seat like that,maybe I prefer the heat from my bottom itself. But I like the firmness of the husband and the punishment. Really like the last detail about the message. Hope we will have more new FF.

  2. Wow! That was hot, no pun intended. Great story and actually I've fantasized a time or two about these kinds of things.


    Debbie :)

  3. PK, great story, now Jay is a husband after my own heart.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Great story, enjoyed it, thanks Lillian.

    I hope P doesn't read this, we have heated car seats :)

    Thanks PK.

    Hope you both have a good weekend.


  5. Sorry PK, forget to say deleted comment was mine.


  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I really liked this story. But since we have heated seats too i don't want my boyfriend to read it either.

    I hope you write more.


  7. Great story, thanks for sharing it.

  8. Very good story. Hope you write more. You have a good touch for for writing them. And the hot seat was a great idea. Keep up the good work.


  9. Na,
    I agree Lillian did a great job. I loved the story.

    Ahhhhhh... we spankos and our fantasies!

    I think he handled it very well.

    Yep you might want to keep him away from this one - LOL!

    Now you'll have to be really careful.

    I know it was great.

    I hope she does more writing for us too.