I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special to me

Today is very special for me. Three years ago today I did my first post on New Beginnings. My world has changed since I began this blog. I think the numbers involved in blogging has amazed me the most. Between the three blogs I post on – New Beginnings, Cassie’s Space and LA Kink this is my 1,050 post. This is only 45 posts shy of posting every single day for three years. I don’t know if that number shocks you or not but it does me. Probably doesn’t shock Nick and Mollie though, they see me on the computer enough to fully believe it. In those three years I have had 381,362 hits. That is inconceivable to me. And all I can think of to say is thank-you!!

In these three years I have met the best friends I have ever had or ever expect to have. I am blessed with those who read silently and those of you who do are important to me. I am blessed with friends that comment to me, I love my commenters and I always try to answer every one – even if you comment on a post that is years old I go right back to that post and answer your comment. When I began blogging I really didn’t think about making friends out here but if I had this would have been the extent of interaction I would ever have expected.

But it got better. I have an email relationship with many people here now. I love hearing about their jobs and their families. We visit like I do with my friends who live in my town. And over the year I have even gotten to speak to several of my friends by text or phone calls. I love being able to put a voice with a name.

But I am especially grateful for the wonderful friends I have been able to meet in person through my blog. When Eva and I first began emailing, more that 3 years ago we were soooooo cautious. It was a while before we shared our real first names then little by little we shared more, a phone call, a card to our real addresses until finally we met just under a year from the first time I commented on her site. Besides Eva and Adam, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Grace and CeeCi and their wonderful men as well as Mthc and David and most recently Kaylynn who has written so many great Fantasy Friday stories. And for a special piece of news I am going to get to see Eva for the 11th time next month when she and Adam come for another visit - and if that wasn't good enough CeeCi and her Mr. Smith are flying in from the other side of the country to visit at the same time. Nearly the same gang who got together in LA last summer - if only Grace and Bossman weren't in the middle of buying that house! But if someone had told me a gathering like this was possible when I began blogging 3 years ago I would have told them they were nuts!

But lastly, and most importantly, this blog has led me to meeting two other people that I never knew existed – and I certainly never thought I’d meet them. I couldn’t have met them before because they didn’t exist before the blog. I met PK and Nick, a couple growing closer every day.

I know some people believe blogging it silly or a waste of time and energy. Well sometimes they may be, but for me and Nick it was the catalyst that turned a tired, routine marriage into a love affair. There are not many things that can do that! I appreciate the blogs I first started reading – My Bottom Smarts, Nothing Random, A Day in the life, Giardino del Piacere, these and many other wonderful blogs got me started and I will always be grateful for what they brought to my life.


  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Dear Elis/PK,

    I so feel privileged to be the first to response to this monumental post. I have ridden your coat skirts to confidence. Coincidentally sending off my writings to potential publishers. Somehow I was drawn to the stained glass. Eventually I was meant to read the encouraging comments from your generous readers. I faced vulnerability thanks to you, and finally the realization that I'm a normal and loving wife with a new found respect for my unexpected role in my husband's life. Thanks you PK from the very depths of my finger pads as I learn from you and Nick. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and helping many of us grow. Love you PK with great respect and appreciation to Mollies' patience, KayLynn

  2. Congratulations PK. You've put so much into your blogging and you've reaped such wonderful rewards, including a much improved marriage and meeting many wonderful friends. And you deserve the credit for going out and changing your life instead just sitting on the sidelines. I'm reminded of the Teddy Roosevelt quote about the credit going to the man in the arena. You've been that woman.
    And I have to thank you for your encouragement. Without you, I wouldn't have started writing stories, much less started a blog. And as you look to the future, I still think the best is yet to come. I think you and Nick are just starting your love affair that is destined to become HOTTER and HOTTER as you enter the empty nester stage of your life. And your many readers will be looking forward to years of good posts in the future. And you deserve so much credit for your impact on the blogworld and the way you've helped many women in your shoes who realized they were part of this lifestyle later in life and got guidancce from you on how to make it happen. Again, many congrats.

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I've only been blogging for about 7 months now myself, but I have found myself thinking about how I look forward to communicating with the friends that I've met online via blogging. Congratulations by the way PK! And thank you so much for sharing your stories, life, and adventures with us!!


  4. Has it really been 3 years? My goodness! It has really been terrific. Way back when I was captivated by you, Eva and CeeCi. I always commented about the intelligent women writing their thoughts in blog world. We have gained some along the way and lost some as well. (I often wonder where those other intelligent women went).

    Congratulations for being able to take what has been in your mind and put it into 3 blogs over the span of 3 years. I will continue to enjoy all of your posts. You are awesome, sister! That Nick isn't too shabby, either!

    Enjoy your special day.

    Warm hugs,
    Debbie :)

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  6. Oops, I neglected to mention Ms. Grace and our pink friend. They are very special women as well.

  7. PK, so true, we've come a long way in three years.
    We have learnt so much and made many friends.
    Congratulations and may your blogging career happily continue.
    Love and warm hugs,

  8. A lovely post PK.

    3 years, I've a long way to go. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your life with us and for giving us Cassie and Tom.

    Thank you for being a friend, your a special lady PK.

    Give a big hug to Nick, Mollie and not forgetting LJ.

    Love and hugs.

  9. PK, congrats on the anniversary and, most especially, the love affair with your husband. It's really amazing what can happen when we open up to our partners. :)


  10. PK,
    Congratulations on three years. I am very thankful we met, because you have taught me many things to make blogging easier...I really appreciate that. Again, thanks for all your hard work to get my story seen.


  11. I feel privileged to be your friend!!! I love talking, emailng, and reading your blog. I found we had a lot in common, and I started reading about the time you started blogging. I have loved seeing the friendship between you and Eva develop! It is certainly fun for us readers out here to read about! I love you were willing to take on FF. That means a lot to me! Though I'm not here with the regularity I'd love to have, you are and always will be in my thoughts, prayers, and heart!

    Love & Hugs,


  12. PK:

    It has been a real surprise to see how much things have changed for us in the past three years. I have really enjoyed the benefits I have gained from our heightened relationship. Thanks to your special blogging friends who were there encouraging you at the "new beginning" and helping you take those first steps.

    But if you know what's good for you, you will put down your computer for a moment and finish that basket of laundry at your feet!

    And I think anniversaries are kind of like birthdays, and as such I owe you three killer swats!


  13. PK

    Happy 3rd Anniversary !!!!! Thanks for everything you have helped me with along the way. Hugs

  14. KayLynn,
    That's so nice! I'm glad I have been able to help you feel comfortable with yourself just like other folks helped me.

    Florida Dom,
    Thank you for your kind words. I have gotten so much out of blogging that I really hope that I have been able to give something back.

    And I hope you are right, that things will only get better as the nest empties.

    Blogging brings so many like minded people together. It's a close community and I hope you get to meet your friends soon.

    If only I were as intelligent as you though I was back then! I am so happy about the bloggers that are still around but I miss some of the folks that were here when I started. Does anyone remember Mistress Sky?

    It has been an amazing adventure for both of us hasn't it. Maybe not a perfect adventure but I still wouldn't have missed it for anything.

    Thank-you for your friendship! And I am glad you have enjoyed getting to know Cassie and Tom. I look forward to commenting on your third anniversary.

    Thanks, the love affair in my favorite part too.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you. I am happy to help and I know CeeCi and Eva are laughing their heads off at me actually being able to help anyone - they are still working with me to teach me a little of what they know. I am looking forward to more of your stories.

    You and I have had a lot in common, as we have talked about often. Our husbands are very similar. I hope you have some free time soon - I sure would love another one of your stories.

    Ah, my sweet Nick!
    Laundry, what laundry? I can think of several things I might do to help you forget all about laundry too!

    You are a good friend. I'm glad to know I have helped you in some way.

  15. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Sweet post.

  16. WOW! Seems like yesterday when all this started. We sure did have fun. I hope after I move I will be able to get back into the groove of blogging and start having fun with it again.

    I am honored that we got to meet and become friends. It's nice to know that I can call you anytime and get a sympathtic ear! You sure know how to talk...but you are even a better listener.

    Good thing I lived in the south as a child. I am still able to understand the accent!

    Now...I want to know about these 3 SWATS that Nick is talking about.


  17. Thanks, Maryann.

    Once you go through this move you will have ton's to blog about. You know it was the most fun when we were talking to each other (many of us) in our posts and in our commets. Remember the parties, they were fun!!

    Glad you understand southern when we talk, I have to write everything down for Eva - and you know my spelling.

    Now for those 3 swats, hummm...

  18. congratulations...I so do appreciate your blog and others like yours which have helped me on my journey of TTWD...and appreciate your friendship :-)