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Saturday, July 25, 2009

this and that

Mollie is on the road to recovery. Still chubby cheeked and not real talkative but I think she has come through the wisdom teeth removal pretty well.

LJ came in the day before Mollies surgery and a small thing happened that showed me once and for all that my baby boy does not live here any more. He came in and hugged me and then he went to his sister and hugged her. No brother who lives at home with his sister would have done that – only a brother that was visiting. Sigh… I already knew it but still…

Anyway LJ helped me clean around the house for the family reunion next weekend. And he helped me get Mollie home from the oral surgeon. And I needed the help! Nick and LJ were fully awake when they came home from getting their teeth removed. Talking to me in the car and holding and eating their milkshakes with their spoons. Not Mollie! She could barely walk to the car. I drove for a while using one hand to hold her head up because it was flopping around so much and finally I got LJ to hold it for her. I filmed her (at her command, she had insisted) and through tears and grimaces she indicated she felt okay, she was just crying. I wish I could show them to you – she was pretty funny. But kept giving me a weak thumbs up to say she was okay.

She slept well that first night and Friday morning when Nick woke up he asked me if she had slept through the night. I told him yes and that I had gone in to check on her a couple of times. We talked on quietly for a while before Nick got up to go to work. When we suddenly herd from the next room – “I can hear you you know!” Well so much for privacy!! That’s exactly why I didn’t really want her to change bedrooms in the first place!! Nick leaned close and whispered “Good thing I didn't give you those three anniversary swats this morning!” Now it will be better. Mollie like to sleep with her door closed and we can too – I only had them both opened because I wanted to hear her if she needed me. But we’re going to have to be careful. We don't want her face looking like this as she tries to deny her ears!!

Now we won’t have much alone time for the next two weeks. Of course when our blogging friends are here maybe the sounds of their swats with drowned out our noise!! I’ll be sure to let you know about that.

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  1. PK, good news, poor Mollie, I feel for her.
    I had big trouble with my teeth in my mid teens, fortunately it was so long ago it's left only echoes.
    Little pitchers have big ears, you will need to be even more careful.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. It sounds like Mollie is feeling better. At least now you know what she can hear! You should try shutting both doors and making spanking noises in your room while one of you listens in hers! When she's out of the house, of course! (grin) Meow

  3. Maybe you need thicker doors or soundproofing. LOL.

    I know you'll miss her when she goes off to college, but there will be obvious rewards, too.

  4. Glad to hear Mollies on the mend. Think you need a few toys that don't make too much noise. How about a nice thin cane, quite cheap from the garden centre :)

    Enjoy your Sunday.


  5. Paul,
    She does have wonderful hearing! And I think she is coming along fine on the teeth.

    I have thought of that but both Nick and I honestly have hearing problems and that kid could hear a flea jumping on a dog! We confine most of our noise to when she is out of the house.

    YOu are right on both counts, we are going to miss her and we'll find a few rewards too.

    A good idea but I have found that those quiet or silent implements are extremely painful. Not sure how quiet I woudl be!!

  6. So glad Mollie is on the mend. I understand the hearing through walls.

  7. Jean,
    Do you think I can get her to sleep with cotton in her ears?

  8. lol, pk, just saw this. How about an ipod or mp 3 player with earphones?