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Thursday, July 30, 2009

So you want readers?

There have been several posts lately, most recently at MBS, suggesting ways to bring readers to your blog. I do think that has to be problem for new blogs. I wanted to add a couple more suggestions. Certainly the best way is to be listed on Bonnie’s site as a new blog. With Bonnie’s traffic people will find out about you and drop by.

But there are a couple more things that could help. When you read other blogs be sure to leave a comment. Whenever anyone new leaves me a comment I always follow the link back to their place to check out their site. I have found many friends this way and found some great blogs.

But the most important piece of advice would have to be when someone leaves you a comment – answer it! I got this advice directly from Bonnie nearly 3 years ago and I have to say it works.

I see it this way. If you move into a new neighborhood and spend a great deal of time working on your yard, nice landscaping, beautiful flowers – it’s obviously time consuming, but it’s something you care about. Now suppose I walk by and in an effort to get acquainted I stop to compliment your lovely yard and your hard work. I’m complimenting your yard but mostly I want to begin a neighborly conversation. If you never even turn around and wave, then after a couple of tries I will assume you don’t want to talk and I’ll stop trying. I might still come by and enjoy the beauty of your yard but I probably won’t be speaking.

This is the way I feel about answering comments. If someone takes the time to read what I’ve written and takes the time to comment then I think it’s only polite to answer that comment. If I read a blog and leave a few comments and never get a response I may go back and read but I usually stop commenting.

Now I know no one is going to have the time to answer every comment! We have lives, children, careers, we want to have time to write posts and this is not supposed to be a job but an enjoyment. I don’t mean to knock people who just don’t have the time. But this is to be advice on how to get people coming back to your site and I think starting a back and forth conversation is always going to be your best bet!


  1. I keep my blog more for myself then to get readers...but I must admit it is nice see that there are actual people out there reading my blog...Seeing the hit count go up...& the map counter is quite interesting...seeing that people all over the world are reading my blog...

    If someone comments I usually try & visit their blog...If they have got a blog...but as you say it is time consuming...

    Karen x

  2. PK, I think this is good advice, one thing I'd add, if you don't have time to answer each comment than do a general answer.
    This at least makes the commenter think that you have read the comments.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Good post, PK, and good advice.

    I'm back in business, but at a new blog, in case you haven't heard yet. Hope you can stop by sometime.

  4. Very good advice Bonnie gave you PK and I totally agree with you. I always make sure I read and reply to comments and if I haven't time, I do as Paul suggests and do a general comment.


  5. PK: Great primer for us new bloggers. I usually notice that if I click on the comments section on a blog, you've usually already made a comment.

  6. I don't have a blog YET as you say they take time and even though I have not been successful in finding another job yet I still don't have the time I would need for starting and maintaining a blog or even two. Because I would probably need a vanilla one as well! Someday but not now.

  7. This is all very great advice. I know this maybe a stupid question but I am not seeing where Bonnie's website is to add your blog to? Thanks

    Cum Slut

  8. Karen,
    Every writer wants to know that they are being read, even when we are really writing for our own pleasure. So I guess we can't help but peek at the stat counter.

    You are right here. I guess I just want to know that my comment was received.

    Nice to see you back! I'll be over for a visit once I'm ready for my company.

    The comments and my friends on email are what keeps me coming back.

    Florida Dom,
    I try but I have been falling behind lately. Real life is cutting into blog time!

    It's time consuming but it is fun. I hope you give it a try sometime. Just let me know and I'll be by.

    Thanks for stopping by. I teach so I don't think any question is stupid but I'm not really sure I understand what you were asking. Ask again please or email me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com

  9. Anonymous3:44 AM

    First Dante, then Bonnie and now PK giving advice about how to get lots of readers to a blog. I don't have a blog but I do have a commercial website and I already learned a lot of great stuff I've already started to use throughout my site. My site doesn't have a comments section but I do get emails from customers and potential customers and the reason I have been succesful for many years is that I always try to give a lot in my responses and try to be more of a neighbor than a business owner. These blog comments are the same thing. It's your customer service department and you ignore it at your own peril.


  10. Very good advice, PK. Bloggers love comments! And commenters love bloggers who acknowledge those comments. It's a cycle that benefits everyone.


  11. I agree with Hermione...its possible to create a beneficial cycle...and with you, that even when we write for ourselves its nice to know others read and might be prepared to comment.

    After many years of 'ebb and flow' within the blogging community, I find I tend to stop commenting on sites when things become too one sided.

    As for answering comments.....I am more inclined to comment on sites where my comments are answered than on those where they're not.

    love and hugs xxx

  12. Patrick,
    I know your customers appreciate your responses. No one likes to be ignored or feel like they are talking to themselves. I bet you are a great business man!

    I have loved being in this cycle. I know it has benefited me!

    I think we are very much alike. In fact sometimes when I am looking at a new blog I will go back and look at the comments on previous posts. If the author has never responded to any I usually just read and go away. I want to talk to and comment to so many I have to limit myself or I would be on here 24/7. So I use this as one way to decide where to spend my time.

  13. PK, I agree and took that same advice from Bonnie regarding replying to comments. I always reply to any comments made, though sometimes I do wait a day or so in case of stragglers. :-)

    Thanks for the welcome back, by the way.