I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's Tuesday again and I have many things I am grateful for. I am determined this time around not to look in the dictionary. So I am just pulling from my head. I'm bound to miss some good ones this way. But here goes.

Mom – I had the best in the world! I enjoyed spending time with her when I was little and when I was grown. I also really, really enjoy being a mom.

Men – now they are the strangest things. Extremely hard to understand. Terrible difficult to train. But darn they sure do make life interesting and exciting. I wouldn’t want to do without mine.

Mthc – my friend, one of my triplets. I am so grateful that I met both her and David. They are very special!

Memories – I have contact with many older people. Many can’t tell you what they had for breakfast or whether or not they saw you yesterday. But many do hold on to their oldest memories. I have wonderful memories in my life already. Sometimes I love to just sit and sift through them.

Mind – mine may go off in strange directions occasionally but I am glad I have what’s left of it.

Money – I have never been money hungry. If money had been my greatest desire I wouldn’t have gone into education. But in light of today’s economy I am grateful for what we have.

Mail – E or snail, I do love my mail.

Marriage – I am a fan of marriage. I know it’s not for everyone but I am so happy in my marriage. We have some high expectations to live up to. Mom and Dad were married for 55 years and Nick’s folks working on 62 years. I hope we can beat them.

Diet update

On the diet front I did pretty well this week. I was down .8 pounds and it was a new low. Cross your fingers that I can maintain that for a week. Anytime I see a new low I don’t really believe it for a week or so.

I went out clothes shopping this weekend. The largest size pants I bought before I started the diet were 24’s. Now I am wearing mostly 16 and since women’s sizes are so very screwed up I can sometimes find a 14 that fits nicely. Saturday while I was shopping I tried on a 14 that was too big. Just for the fun of it I tried on a 12. I could get them buttoned and zipped (I looked like a stuffed sausage, but still)!!! Okay this goes to point out the stupidity of how women’s pants are sized rather that my superb dieting skills but I still nearly bought them just to be able to leave the tag on and show it off!


  1. I vote for buying them and leaving the tag on just to show off. You have come a long way with your weight loss PK. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs

  2. Hey PK, loved the list.

    Congratulations, pass on your tips please, need to loose some myself but just can't find the motivation. Maybe when the warmer weather comes but then I will be kicking myself when I can't get into my shorts.

    Keep it up, were all with you.


  3. PK, love the list and the weight lose.
    I'll bet that you are garnering sidelong glances and wolf whistles. :)
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Your list is wonderful and the weightloss is even better!


  5. Dear Pk!

    your list is always amazing!! i do now understand what i was thinking while i made mine today lol!! i forgot so many M things... like Marriage, Men and Money.. ;)

    huge hugs!! :)


  6. Greatful for you too triplet. You're doing great in the dirt dept.!!

  7. Congrats on your size 14's!!!

    When I was losing weight, I was in a 14 and I misread a label on a dress, thinking it was a 12. I thought I'd give it a try. I got it on and I almost couldn't get it off! I was shopping alone and stuck in the dressing room with a dress wedged on my hips with my ass sticking out and since it was a full length dress, it was also covering my head. OMG!

    It took me 20 minutes of struggle to finally get it off. I was just abou to call my girlfriend to come rescue me and the damn thing let me go!

    It turned out the dres was a size 8. Jeez!

  8. Yaya,
    I'm real glad it's still going down. Wish it moved faster - I guess it will when I do.

    I might give some of the things that work for me on the next diet update. I pretty much know what works but I still can't always make myself do it.

    I get the occassional whistle - only from Nick, but that's all that matters anyway.

    Slow and steady - but that can get annoying at times.

    I always laugh when I read everyone elses list. There are always so many good ones that I miss.

    Love you sister and I'll get this weight off someday even if I have to use a carving knife.

    How funny I can just picture your struggles (cause I've been there) you feel like the dress is really attacking. Size 8 huh? Yep that one would attack me too!

  9. Being a mom is the most challenging and wonderful job I have ever and will ever have and I love my mom very much too. :-) Wonderful about the weight loss! I hear you about women's sizes. I love how my husband can go to a store and knowing his basic waist and inseam measurements can buy a pair of pants and without trying them on can take them home and they fit perfectly. One of the reasons I don't like shopping for myself. :-) Hugs,Terps