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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gratitude Tuesday

I wanted to join in in gratitude Tuesday but I am not going to try to hit A and B today. Today there is only one thing on my mind when I think of gratitude. I am grateful for Mollie – that she is here to talk to and hug and comfort and sit quietly with. Two girls she knows, although not close friends, were killed in a car accident. They were 15 and 16, a momentary lack of attention with deadly result. This has been very sobering for me as the mother of a 16 year old driver.

I hate to see Mollie quiet. LJ would have been more likely to talk to me about the events but Mollie is just quiet. All she really said is that it had been a bad day. But she came up to me in the kitchen and gave me a hug and told me she loved me. I just plan on being here when she needs me. So I am grateful I have her and that she has me. And I pray for the families who lost the girls.

On to try to think of something else. I didn' t lose any weight this week but Nick and I are working on a new way to keeping me on track. With the scales being somewhat inaccurate we and going to have a new upper limit. We are taking my lowest weight - which may have been inaccurate and putting an upper limit on my weight to 2 pounds above that. This way it takes into account a little fluctuation in my actual weight as well as the weirdness of the scales. Nick has always been hesitant to spank if the gain was just .2 - .4 pounds, but I want consistancy. So I think he will feel more comfortable with this and it will keep me from breaking bad and going way over. It's hairbrush time if I don't keep things pretty much under control. As my weight goes down and I have the same low reading a couple of weeks in a row, and we feel that reading is accurate, then the upper level will go down. I think this is going to work for us.


  1. Anonymous1:12 AM


    I'm so sorry. Our teens have just gone thru that loss and it's so hard for them at their age to even comprehend. I'm glad she's got you for a mom. She'll drive more careful assuredly. And she'll be very appreciated because she's alive. Take your times driftly back into normalcy, although it's comforting too.
    ((Hug)) KayLynn

  2. ohhhhhhhh PK... I lost my boyfriend at that age.. he was killed by a drunk driver... and I know she will need support and comfort to get back on track... when you are that age you don't even think about death...

    I can imagine you are ever so gratefull she's there with you...

    love, lessa

  3. Anonymous6:36 AM

    What an awful thing to happen....and for her to have to deal with. Hold her close when she'll let you and, when you do, the thoughts and love of all of us here will find their way through your arms too.

    love and hugs xxx

  4. This is incredibly sad. My daughter went through something similar last year and it still haunts her. She and her friends still visit the boys grave.

    It is so unnecessary, these kids dying. I think they learn to drive WAY too young. And now, with so many distractions, like cell phones and ipods and radios and cds...well, it's enough to make us parents crazy with worry.

    I'm grateful that Mollie has a mother like you! She is a very lucky girl indeed!


  5. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Hi PK:
    Everytime I read what you write about your children, I get teary eyed. The love that pours out when you blog or write about them is just tremendous. You are such a great Mom.
    Your weight/diet suggestion sounds interesting...but I am terrible at math so I will have my husband read it and see what he thinks :)
    Take care

  6. i think we've all known people who lost children in accidents. I'm all for raising the driving age which my state is in the process of doing. Like Grace i think the ipod's..cell phones and really loud music are to much distraction. We've had two neighbors that lost kids..one hit by a drunk driver and the other on a motorcycle driving entirely too fast and went underneath a tractor and trailer.

  7. Hi PK, hope Mollie is feeling a little better today, so tragic for the girls parents.

    Hugs to you both PK.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about the sad news. Hugs to all of you. I am sure Molly is as grateful for you as you are for her.

  9. Thanks everyone. Mollie is doing okay. She was torn about going to the funerals. She didn't know them really well. I didn't want to go but I wasn't about to let her go without me. I wouldn't have let her drive home alone. After much thought she decided not to go. She said she would send a card to the families later.


  10. Oh, How sad for Mollie. Give her a hug for us! I hope she talks. I know you'll alwyas be there and so does she. I like your diet idea! I sure miss you in the diet updates though.. not as fun to read anymore!


  11. Anonymous11:33 PM

    PK, such a heartbreaking thing to go through and I feel for the family and friends of the girls. So young.

    People are resilient and Mollie will be fine, eventually, but she will always carry them with her.

    I am sure you are the best Mum and that Mollie know you are just a hug away.

    Best of luck with the weight loss, you have done so well already.