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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

D-Day ands diet update

It's gratitude Tuesday. Here are a few of my D's in no particular order.

Doctors – I may not be thrilled when I have to go to one but I sure am glad they found the medicine to help my hands. Doctors have been there to help many of my friends over the past few weeks and I hope they continue to help them.

Dogs – I do love dogs. I have a Golden Retriever. He is very old now. Looking at his face he looks more like a Gray Retriever but he is a sweet, when he isn’t a thief. At night he tends to carry things out the dog door and sleep with them outside. Some of he booty has included shoes, sweaters, books, a DVD case, a box of Kleenex, a bag of hamburger buns (he did eat those), Mollies pocket book or book bag and once, my bra.

Daughters – It doesn’t get any better than daughters. Mollie is beautiful, funny, and smart. My adorable baby girl has grown up to be my friend.

Discipline – Such a tricky thing. I love it when Nick uses discipline in our marriage. But mostly I love the fact that I possess self discipline. I am proud of the way I handle myself.

Dad – Nick is a wonderful dad to our two kids but the best dad in the world was my dad! He loved my mother; he loved my sister and me. He loved to tease, he loved to travel, he loved to teach the teen Sunday school class when I was growing up. I remember him cussing twice, both times someone had done something to hurt my mom and Dad got mad enough to say ‘damn’! That was a rough as his language ever got. Dad was as good as it gets!

David – I love my friend David – and Mthc doesn’t seem to mind. He has been a supportive, wonderful brother to me and I want him well and home and healthy and happy!

Diet update:

You will notice that I didn’t include ‘diet’ on my gratitude list. It’s not that I am not happy that I’ve lost some weight but I still don’t like to diet. This was a strange week. I was up a little last week and got my butt spanked with the darn brush. So I tried this week – I really did. I went to the gym five times this week and did not over eat! But Friday morning those screwy scales had it in for me! It showed me up 1.2 pounds from the week before! I was pissed. In the kitchen Nick asked me what the scales had said. My response was ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. He knew I had worked hard so he said “I guess I can give you until tomorrow morning. You can re-weigh then.”

I gave it my best effort that day but over a pound – come on! I went to the gym that afternoon and had a small sandwich for supper. Up the next morning – took a deep breathe (let it out) and stepped on the scales. Down 1.8 from the day before and down .6 from the week before. I am telling you the scales are screwy but I’ll take them when they are in my favor.


  1. Thanks triplet..I'm sure David will appreciate it....i love dogs too. Our choc.lab is 15 and has a "gray" mouth.

  2. love your Gratitude answers, thanks. Dads sure are wonderful.
    You went to the gym 5 times, I'm impressed, good for you.

    PK, please send David and mthc my love and let them know I'm thinking about them.

  3. wonderful "D"s to be grateful for. As for diet you are doing all the right things. And David and Mthc, sending hugs your way.

  4. Sorry about the scale, but sounds like it worked out at the end. LOL

    Loved your list. I totally forgot daughter so I updated my list...I also found out some alarming news!

    Go check out my site!


  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Hi PK
    I LOVED your Gratitude list, and please send my regards to David...and mthc. I think about them everyday and keep them in my prayers. As for the Diets...well I think you need a new scale, there has got to something wrong with the one you have, maybe I could send you one :)
    I am glad to see that you are posting, and I hope your joints continue to heal as well.
    Take care

  6. Mthc,
    I do love you and David! Our dog is beginning to look more and more like Nick! LOL!

    I go to the gym enough to be losing!! Don't know why I'm not. I know Mthc and David appreciate your thoughts.

    I am not giving up - that's for sure! And please contiue to think of Mthc and David.

    I guess daughters are pretty good things to have!

    Hey AG,
    I would just say the scales were shot but Nick and Mollie don't have the vast weigh swings on them that I do. I don't know what's going on.

    Keep those prayers coming.