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Friday, February 06, 2009

Fantasy Friday - What have I done?

Finally, finally, finally it's Friday! I love the weekend and I always like a good Fantasy Friday to start the weekend off just right!! I hope you got to read the 'how we met' story of this couple. Click here if you haven't had the chance. I always want to know what happens after the story ends so I loved continued stories hopefully there will be even more after this!

So for this weekend, kick back, relax and enjoy...

What have I done?

Megan’s mind was in a panic as she paced the small office! How, how could she have been so stupid! She was in trouble up to her neck and she had to keep Cal from finding out. If he knew what she has done she wouldn’t be able to sit for a month.

Megan couldn’t believe how much her life had changes since her unexpected meeting with Sheriff Cal Bennett. He could have sent her to jail for breaking into his house but instead he had taken her under his wing and had helped her in countless ways. He had his own unique way of encouraging and guiding Megan as a first year college student.

Cal had made it clear that first night when he decided against taking her to jail that she would be in ‘his custody’, a type of probation for the next 6 months. He had also made it very clear that if she did not follow his rules during that time he would turn her over his knee and spank the fire out of her! And Cal was definitely a man of his word.

After a rocky start Megan had to admit Cal had really helped her. She attended all her classes now and had only been late once in the last 2 months, a mistake she wasn’t about to repeat! Her grades had improved more than she could imagine.

But the change that had shocked Megan the most was how she felt about Cal. She knew she was falling in love with him but she was so torn by that fact. In the past the boy/men she had dated had catered to her every whim. They would beg for her favor and ply her with expensive gifts. Cal had her cleaning his bathroom and doing his laundry! This was crazy. She also had no idea how Cal felt about her. When she had made a slight pass at him he had sternly rebuffed her. “You are working off a sentence the same as if I had taken you to court. Trying to come on to me during this time is inappropriate and you are going to stop.” Did that mean he didn’t care for her or that there relationship couldn’t move to that stage now or ever? They spent nearly all there free time together and she knew he was happy. This was driving her nuts!

Pacing in the small office Megan thought back to the time Cal had had to go out of town unexpectedly. She had really been looking forward to her evening studying with him. Yes, she knew studying would be all that would go on she still loved spending time with him. But then he called. “Megan I just got word I have to go to the capital this afternoon. I’ll have to stay over night. Sorry to have to cancel on you. Can I count on you to stay in and study tonight? I want you to make me proud on that exam tomorrow.”

“I’ll study Cal” Megan had assured him trying not to let her disappointment show “There are 3 other girl on the hall in the class. We’ll study together.”

“Promise me now” Cal repeated. Megan assured him all would be well.

And it had been for a while. But after studying and quizzing each other until nearly 9:30 Ashley suggested that they needed a break. “I need ice cream!” she declared. “Walk with me to the Dairy Bar.” Now Cal couldn’t object to that. It was close by and all the kids walked there even at night.

If only! If only they hadn’t had to walk past the fraternity house, if only Ashley hadn’t know one of the guys on the porch, if only she hadn’t accepted the first beer, or the second. By the time the jello shooters came out she was past caring.

The next morning Megan had woken slowly. Her mouth felt like she had used it to clean out the inside of several old tennis shoes. She struggled to open her eyes and felt a wave of panic as she realized she wasn’t in her room. Sitting up it all came back to her – the fraternity house – crap! What time was it? Her eyes fell on the clock – 11:00 AM. The exam had been at 9:00. Not waiting to see if the other girls were still around Megan bolted for the dorm.


Late that afternoon Cal tossed his overnight bag on his bed. He wanted a shower and he needed to make several calls but all he could think about was Megan. He knew he loved her and the thought tore at his gut. She was a rich, preppy college girl. A small town sheriff was not in her future. She had tried to come on to him but that was obviously the way she normally got her way with men. But she was changing and he was enjoying the woman she was becoming. Who knew, maybe she did care. But nothing could happen for another four months. ‘Why did I give her six months probation?’ he chided himself, ‘why not 6 days?’

Laughing at himself Cal called Megan’s cell. He voice sounded so strange when she finally answered “Megan? What’s wrong?”

Megan tried to speak but all that came out was a sob. “I’ll be right there” Cal told her as he hurried back to the car.

Megan looked as though she was trying to become invisible as she sat hunched it Cal’s car. She told him everything. She hated seeing his face change from concern to disbelief to anger. She tried not to think of the spanking she had gotten for being 10 minutes late for class. She didn’t want to think any further. The silence grew as Cal started the car. He drove directly to Professor Wright’s office. Meg followed Cal in but wasn’t even registering what they were saying until Professor Wright addressed her directly.

“Miss Anderson do you have a good reason for missing my exam this morning?” She looked at Cal for a clue as to how she should answer, but no clue was forthcoming.

“No sir” she said quietly, “I don’t have a good reason.”

“Hmmm… , well Miss Anderson I guess this is your lucky day. I wouldn’t normally allow for this. But as a favor to Sheriff Bennett and because of the significant improvement you have shown since the beginning of the semester, I will allow the Sheriff to administer the test and return it to me.”

“Miss Anderson” he continued, “I hope you realize how serious the consequences of missing the exam could have been.”

“Don’t worry Professor” Cal stated flatly “I can assure her you she will fell the full consequences of her actions.”

Megan reddened and looked down missing the sly smile that played on the Professors lips. “Hmmm…” he mused quietly and they prepared to leave. “I just bet you’re right.”


Cal remained silent until they entered his house then he said, “You can the exam in the dinning room. He said you have 90 minutes.”

“Cal, wait!” Megan began “Are you … I mean… Are you going to spank me?”

“Yes ma’am” he answered firmly “You better believe I am. But we are going to get the exam out of the way first.”

“Cal please… I can’t think, I can’t concentrate on the exam knowing you are so mad at me and knowing you’re going to … you know. Please can’t we do that first?

“You won’t be able to sit to take the exam when I’m done with your and that a promise.” He stated flatly.

“Please Cal. And Cal, I wish you knew how sorry I really am.”

She looked so pitiful that all Cal wanted to do was to hold her and comfort her. But breaking her word to him, passing out drunk in a frat house – all the things that could have happened raced through his mind and he knew it was not time for comfort yet.

“Alright” he said crisply “We’ll take care of this first. I want you in the corner. I’m going to take a shower while you think about the decisions you’ve made in the last 24 hours.”

Megan hated the corner and whined “But Cal, that’s all I have been thinking about.” In that instant Megan thought lightening had struck as Cal landed a hard swat to her right cheek. “I don’t need another word from you unless I ask you a question.”

Rubbing her seat vigorously Megan hurried to the corner.

“Jeans down to your knees, Meg, panties too.” Cal noticed the sharp intake of breath and the briefest hesitation before Megan did as he directed. He watched as she slide her jeans over her slim hips. A tiny sigh from her and the panties followed. Cal stared for a moment, transfixed at this beautiful sight. Then he turned silently had headed to his bedroom. “Let’s make that a cold shower.” he muttered to himself.

Megan sniffed in the corner and rubbed her seat again. That one swat sill stung – she didn’t want to think about what was coming. She could just leave. She knew Cal wouldn’t, probably couldn’t have her arrested for the original crime. But she knew she wasn’t going anywhere. She had really let Cal down and she knew it. She heard the shower stop and instinctively rubbed her cheek one more time.

A few minutes later Cal spoke behind her, “Over here Megan”. She shuffled across the room, her pants at her ankles only added to Megan’s embarrassment as she joined Cal at the couch. He sat and guided her over his knee. “You promised me you would stay in last night and you didn’t. I’m going to spank you for it. Do you understand? Do you have anything to say?

“Only that I am sorry.”

“I know you are Megan, but you need to see that poor decisions have consequences.” With that Cal began. Megan’s head shot up in disbelief at the first swat and gave a lusty “Owwwww…!” Was that was just his hand?! The sting was amazing and Megan couldn’t stop from kicking. Cal paused long enough to put his leg over hers as her jeans slipped off.

The next 20 seemed harder still. When Cal paused once again he asked “When the other’s decided to go for ice cream what should you have said?”

How are you supposed to talk in this position Megan wondered but she managed to gasp out, “I should have said no! That I had promised you to stay in – I should have stayed in the dorm!”

“That’s right” Cal said calmly as he stopped spanking and began to rubbing. Megan relaxed over his lap still knowing he wasn’t finished. He rubbed a moment longer as he allowed her to catch her breath. Then he stood her up and said “Go get the hair brush.”

No, no, no! Megan’s mind repeated. She remembered it as much worse than his hand but she now couldn’t remember how. And she had to go get it – damn! Wincing a little as she walked she was still glad for the brief reprieve. She glared at the brush – so innocent looking she thought. Would she ever be able to look at a hairbrush the same again? She brought it back to Cal and he guided her back over his knee again.

“I am not even going to ask you how much you drank. You aren’t supposed to drink at all. How old are you? He asked as if he didn’t already know perfectly well. Megan realized what was coming and stilled herself.

“Nineteen” she told him.

“Alright, let’s see how many that is.” And he took off with the brush. Megan was already burning from the first round and by five she couldn’t help throwing her hand back to protect her bottom.

“Megan you know that’s dangerous” Cal said as he trapped her hand to the small of her back. “Now let’s start over.”

Meg groaned as Cal peppered her with nineteen more short sharp spanks although not quite as hard as before.

Now he asked as he stopped and rubbed, “How old do you have to be to drink legally?

“Two years older” Megan gasped and Cal had to grin at her quick thinking under stress.

“Nice try” he chuckled “But the correct answer is twenty-one.” And with that he was off again with the hateful brush ignoring her yelps of pain and pleas until he finished. Now what was the difference between those two numbers again?”

Gritting her teeth Megan again said “Two years.”

“That’s right and you better remember that!” Cal said emphatically as a burning pop seared each cheek.

With that he tossed the brush onto the couch and again helped Megan to her feet. She danced and rubbed until Cal said “We’re not quite done yet Meg.”

“But, but… that’s enough! I promise I will never break my word again and I won’t drink a drop until I’m 21.”

He stopped her, “I know and I appreciate that. But you put yourself in serious danger.” He led Megan to the arm of the couch. He stopped there and unbuckled his belt. She watched as the belt snaked through the loops. Cal bent her over the arm of the sofa and doubled the belt.

“Drinking enough to pass out in that Frat house was as dangerous as it get”. Megan heard the first whistling of the belt just before it landed on her upper thigh.

“Please Cal” she begged “not my thighs!”

“Be quiet” he commanded. With the next lick she was far from quiet but she said no more. Each lick from the belt landed on her upper thighs as Cal enumerated the dangers. “You could have been drugged… fondled… molested… raped.” Barely registering his words the last lick landed its biting sting directly on her sit spot she did hear Cal final fear “I could have lost you.”

Cal stood her up and held her to him as she cried. “Shhhhh….it’s alright honey. You’re going to be alright. Cry it out.”

Megan felt her body was a study in contrast. She hurt so bad and felt so good in his arms. She cried softly into his chest and enjoyed the feeling of his arms around her. After a minute Cal stepped into the bedroom and brought her some soft sweat pants she kept at his place. Cal could tell she was exhausted and tucked a soft quilt around her as she prepared to doze on the couch.

The nap had brought a softness and clarity to that day. After the exam and a quiet talk with Cal, Megan had promised not only Cal but herself that she would never be in that much trouble with Cal again!

Megan’s mind snapped back to the present as she continued to pace in the small office. If only she had kept that promise to herself. She whirled around as the door opened and the Dean of Women entered. Seating herself behind the desk she indicated a chair for Megan.

“Miss Anderson” she began “your serious violation of our school rules allows me to expel you with on further consideration. But I would like to know just what you were thinking. Years ago I would have invited your parents to this meeting but HEPPA rules prevent me from discussing this with them.”

“However,” she continued “I see a note in your file that Sheriff Bennett is to be contacted in case of academic or discipline issues. I have here” she said holding up a paper “the waver you signed allowing us to discuss any problems with him.”

“No – wait!” Megan begged, “Please don’t! I don’t want Sheriff Bennett to know!” The phone rang on the dean’s desk as Megan pleaded “You can’t tell him, please!”

Dean Abbot answered her phone. “Please put him through,” she said. “Don’t worry Miss. Anderson – I don’t plan on telling him. That will be your job.” She said firmly as she passed the phone to Megan.

Megan took the phone with a trembling hand and slowly put it to her ear.



Oh dear! I feel that there is more to come with Cal and Megan. And I guess I should know better than anyone since I wrote this Fantasy Friday. You can thank a vanilla friend of mine for this second story. When I told her about my 'kink' this summer I gave her several stories to read. 'The Break In' was one of them. She was really intrigued with everything I told her but for some reason 'The Break In' really caught her interest. She wanted to know what happened next. So I had to write it to find out myself. LOL! She never touches her computer so I had to print it off for her - can you imagine, me with a friend who doesn't use a computer!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as she did. And I hope some of you enjoy Fantasy Friday enough to help out by trying you hand a story and sharing it with the rest of us. I really do need stories folks. I am always excited to open an email and see that it is a story but it is especially exciting when it is a new writer who has finally taken the plunge! I hope you are out there writing and I hope you are willing to share. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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