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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Luckless and Irish

Take a deep breath! Relax - it's Friday and we have survived the week. A lot of this week has been pretty nice weather in some places that needed a bit of warmth. Now this story can continue that trend, and moves right on into hot!! This is another continued story. We first met Julie and Dave in Kaylyn wonderful story "On Julie's Beach with a Paddle" If you haven't had a chance to read that go back and catch it now. But Julie hasn't quite become the perfect girl yet. Dave still has a bit of work to!

Please enjoy ....

Luckless and Irish

It was Saturday, August 30, 2008 Julie noted that on that day, lots of things should come with disclaimers. For instance, she thought she should’ve come with one. It would’ve made things so much simpler when David asked her to explain her behavior. He really didn’t need an answer. He just found it amusing for her to have to come up with something that sounded remotely intelligent. And she was always animated when he demanded she respond.

Somewhere in the back of her Irish whiskey soaked head full of thick auburn hair, she must have remembered that this particular occasion warranted her first ever requested discipline spanking. She had bought herself a decorative plaque that said “Lead me not into temptation, I can find it all by myself”. So what the fuck had she been thinking asking for it? So she thought long and hard before responding to his question which was “Would you like to tell me what Jeff meant by that?” The fact that Julie was mentally emerging from her tipsy thoughts and not paying attention to the conversation with his brother Jeff, made the moment almost entertaining for David.

Per usual Julie had walked right into her own trap. She had definitely overindulged. Seeing her now, he realized he should’ve gone with her to the ‘Almost Half way to St. Patrick’s Day’. But damn it all, he had had work to do from the office. Julie was supposedly safely tucked away for the day with Jeff and the rest of the motley crew. He could get work done without her constant distractions and antics. He had just finished with work and was into the Mets and Marlin’s game when Frick and Frack showed up upsetting his chance to relax and catch some baseball.

He knew this was her last hurrah (typical Julie excuse) before: 1) her new job started, 2) the bachelorette party and 3) their wedding (what was he getting himself (back) into). While he would have paced himself this weekend and taken it easy, it was obvious that she felt she owed herself the chance to kill all her brain cells before her teaching job began. She started on Tuesday after Labor Day at the huge Catholic High School for boys, St Josephs. She was hired at the last minute when someone went on maternity leave. And she thought all teachers’ kids were born in June!

She was thrilled, wanting in the door so badly. For some reason, she loved school. David understood her not wanting to return to the landscaping job in the winter. But she also insisted on a break from college, although she needed her masters. She had threatened David that she’d volunteer this school year as an assistant if nothing came up. David had given her his infamous raised eyebrow and verbally chastised her for the very thought.

“Damn it Julie, your time’s worthy money! What do you mean volunteer? Do you want to have people taking advantage of your hard earned education?”

He saw her determination to get that job which would offer her esteem, social support, and a decent enough paycheck. She’d have to stop swearing like a sailor he’d reminded her at least five times a day!

Chaos ensued after her parent’s death when she was twelve. Her three older sophomoric brothers went ballistic with freedom while her oldest sister Alex took to caring for her family. Carrie the middle daughter went off the deep end, leaving school and the family to find herself in California. So it came with practice, that Julie coveted the order that the school environment provided. That first day of school delivered without fail the clean desks, the long chalk pieces, the freshly waxed floors, and hope. Lot’s of hope was what she needed right now drifting back to David’s question. It sounded just like school “Would you like to tell me what Jeff meant by that?” was heard in memory. For some strange reason it was that PeeWee Herman voice pretending to be a child imitating an adult, that delivered David’s words.

She’d been asked that type of question too many times when she was a student. She was always being a smart ass. Her wit would just come so fast that she couldn’t stop it. The reward was that the class and teachers would laugh. Therefore her behavior was never extinguished. One time she actually planned the delivery of a great line. She was a perfect fit for the debate club, she volunteered for the argument advocating the legalization of prostitution. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. She’d thought long and hard during the week for the perfect phrase. She knew she shouldn’t say it. But was asked to explain it. She felt the same today. Land-mine walking was just as precarious the day she said, “You know… they could even advertise ‘Our girls are DFD!’ “. “Would you like to explain that Julie?” Mr. Huffman seemed impatient to the max that day. He was generally tolerant of her, this being a liberal college town public high school. It was the very reason she had previously attended the Catholic schools before her parent’s death.

“Well Mr. Huffman,” she was in full fledged coy mode, “DFD would stand for Disease Free and Delicious,” Julie’s tone was intended to sound so matter of fact that the debate team and some extra kids watching the racy debate, began to laugh so loudly the janitor popped his head in to check it out. He rolled his eyes when he saw Julie’s serious expression of feigned honesty and everyone else’s hilarity. Her eyes glittered at Mr. Huffman who was pissed. Maybe because he wasn’t supposed to laugh. And too soon Julie, a teacher herself in three short days would have to feign maturity.

But in her ‘land of excuses’ she would’ve been fine if she had eaten that day. Things just went down hill too fast. Just a minute ago she was just jamming to the Drop Kick Murphys in the car with Jeff. Now she was staring at David’s buzz harshing expression. But she had to admit that he was a lot less intimidating than the sheriff who was in her face and yelling at her that she was drunk and had no place being there. Was he fucking kidding her? She was at an Irish event for Christ’s sake. All she did was wander down to the grass and sit down. OK she’d been leaning on the fence in the front row watching the band when standing was just too much effort. So she thought she should sit down. It was grass, not a glass table top with dignitaries underneath! And then as if the night was too boring for the Sheriffs at Nottingham, four of them descended on her and were furious all because she had sat down in a small crowd.

It was small compared to Mardi Gras – that was her standard for not sitting when drunk in a crowd. So Jeff who had been talking to some friends had to rescue her and escort her off the grounds. “What did you do to get them riled up Julie? You are lucky young lady that we would only had to leave a half hour early, or I’d kick your ass! Damn it Julie you shouldda eatin’ somethin’!! I was doing you a favor today driving your sorry ass and this is how you pay me back!” Jeez, the McConnell men could be a bunch of grumpy assholes sometimes, she thought as Jeff had her by the upper arm and was snaking her through the crowd like some misbehaved child at church.

Jeff enjoyed watching his brother have to handle an unplanned circumstance. He knew his sister in law was good for that sort of thing, but he was rarely privileged to the front row seats. Jeff held her elbow a little too firmly now as the three of them stood in the kitchen. He must have thought she would fall over, which Julie thought was ridiculous. Jeff hesitated a few seconds longer than necessary to explain her situation. Julie figured he was creating dramatic effect and soaking up the moment so he could later tell his other brothers. ‘The bastard’ she said to herself. They’d all be laughing about this next weekend.

She anxiously noted that David wasn’t even close to laughing now. She got anxious for a nano second and then slipped into wanting to wrench her arm from Jeff. Standing there like a cooperative little prisoner at attention, Julie began to feel tending to her needs. She just wanted food and bed. She actually wanted food in bed, yeah that would be great. Maybe some chips…. Some dip… She could be pretty simple in her needs, just like David’s brothers. They had all been pretty caveman like today swarming around the park listening to all the bands. And those Irish wolfhound puppies were too cute!

Julie had been like one of the guys, before she met David she had worked with three of his five brothers and two of her own. She loved being outdoors doing landscaping. It was hard working with them. At first they judged her by her size. But quickly they came to admire her for her speed and artistic sense when it came to design. She had got them started on waterfalls and ponds back when no one was adventurous enough to rip out rich folks matured backyards. That was over ten years ago and the business was stable even during the crappy financial years. They’d miss her terribly this spring.

Now Jeff, David’s younger brother just shook his head at David saying, “I brought her back from the concert safe and sound and we avoided central lock up.” ‘Thanks for the ubertruth asshole’ she mumbled under her breath. This despite the fact the David was staring directly at her while Jeff was talking to him! Julie was getting pissed and was definitely impatient with both of them. Noting Julie’s lack of humility, David’s eyes shifted from his prey to his brother. David’s jaw twitched ever so slightly. He reached for the remote as if he were reaching for a glass of beer, and then turned off the baseball game. His eyes calmly shifted back over to Julie, but she wasn’t fooled by his slow movements. She was beginning, regretfully, to measure his silence in terms of how it might affect her.

Oh Shit, she completely began to sweat big time because she was going to get it, she knew that. Fuckin’ A! She honestly hadn’t seen that coming. She certainly hadn’t planned for it when she got that temporary tattoo on her lower back that said “**CK ME I’M IRISH”. It seemed so funny at the time. -especially showing it to her older sister Alex, who was almost crazier than she was. Alex was taking a sip of her drink and almost spit it out, she got a stupid look on her face, held up her ‘wait a minute finger’ turned around and produced the same damn one! It was below her neck and under their matching red curly hair. Julie now wished she could hide her tattoo. David hated them and it wouldn’t sit well with him. Or her ‘it wouldn’t sit well with her’. Now that was funny. Except he was no longer staring at her he was talking. I am fucked and I am Irish…. Funny again. Her stomach got quickly tight when she finally stopped herself trying desperately to listen and respond this time. She smoothed her tank top down on her hips drying her hands best she could.

So when David asked Julie again, “Would you like to tell me what Jeff meant by that?” She wandered back to disclaimers. She could’ve used one on the bottle of Irish whiskey she bought earlier that morning. It was the brand Feckin’. She didn’t understand at the time that the name was the disclaimer. She understood it all too late. The transitory clarity was currently warming to her heart. Her brain was a bit less fuzzy now. She felt David’s stares and wanted some of those mirrored sunglasses she had seen up close and personal earlier tonight while being too close to the Sheriff’s face. She already felt like he had them on because his gaze revealed nothing per usual. She wanted him not to see past her eyes. Now that there was no background TV noise Jeff felt the moment was right to physically guide her over to his brother, which really pissed her off. She tried to stop him with her dirty look; but he didn’t change the direction she was headed in. She could barely respond while Jeff kept trying to move her sideways toward David. Watching the two of them was ridiculous. Jeff was trying to physically hand Julie to him. But he refused to cooperate by moving closer for either of their sakes. David made her physically startled with a sharp “JULIE”. He smiled knowing he’d made Jeff flinch too. Her mouth turned into a downward pouting position. He could tell she was really trying to grasp the moment. Instead he turned to Jeff and said somewhat half heartedly, “So what did you do to her?”

“I’ve been guilty of not force feeding her when she said that food would just ‘kill the buzz’. Sorry to bust you honey, but I did try to get you to eat before you started drinking. I even reminded you again during your drinking if you’ll recall”. Jeff’s traitorous voice sounded quite gentle so Julie tried to understand her culpability. She couldn’t understand his brutal honesty though. The rest was a little hazy as she thought backwards to nasty tones of voice. Next she knew she was in the car and Jeff was trying to give her advice before she got in her house. “Straighten up Jul’s! …..blah blah….. Sorry… blah.... wipe… grin off your… blah”.

She was mentally trying to recount his advice to her, when she heard “something… something… something… go easy on her bro” and with a low chuckle and way too quick departure, Jeff was gone. “Bye Judas”. Her voice wavered. She’d been betrayed – fuck Jeff. She only wished she could remember what advice it was; because Jeff was gone and David had her upper arm rather tightly in his grip. She was about to wrench her arm free and tell him as much. She wasn’t on a cliff for cryin’ out loud! She thought better of it when she saw his expression. Somehow Dave knew she’d provide him the motivation to spank her as she asked him to only a week ago. He happily remembered that Julie had been totally behaved for two whole days after her first punishment spanking. It had given new meaning and motivation to spanking her erotically. But that was sex, this was now.

While guided over to the kitchen island, she focused totally on her footing so he would think she was sober. But while she was doing completely coordinated side steps the next thing she knew he had picked her up and popped her butt down hard on the marble counter top. It stung a bit in her tight jeans and made her a little afraid and a little excited. She watched David pull over a kitchen chair. He stood facing her. She had to bend her neck up to look at him. She didn’t like this “tower of you” thing. She tipped her head watching his wry smile. He placed his hands on the buckle of his belt. He undid the buckle very slowly for dramatic effect. Then to frighten her a bit, he slid it threw the loops with fervent speed doubled it up, and popped it. Julie jumped and her eyes widened. The green was intense he noted. Staring her down he placed the thick leather belt beside her on the island. The less she could predict of him the better. He gripped tightly above her knees then spread her knees far. He sat down calmly in the chair then propped up his legs in between hers. Crossing his legs and his arms, he looked like he had all night long to deal with her. She hadn’t yet registered the vulnerable part of having her knees spread so wide. Mostly she noticed her buzz was totally gone.

With sheer panic she again recalled asking Dave about using discipline spankings, just reminding her that he could…. She didn’t think it was going to be necessary to actually do it. She was always too crazy and scattered. David was always too together. She knew that having David guide their marriage on a deeper level would benefit them both greatly. “Be careful what you wish for,” David had warned that night. Now she starred at the belt touching her left thigh and a forceful wave of nausea hit her gut. When she had talked to David about the dd thing, she obviously hadn’t thought it through; because here she was looking around for an escape route. David was always way too quiet and now it really sucked. There was no getting out of this and she wanted to hear all his thoughts because the silence was ringing painfully in her ears.

Then she heard him speak but he only said “You never answered my first question. Here’s another, if you were in my place what would you do?” This really pissed her off because years ago she had told him that that was a question her parents would ask her when she was about to be spanked. She hated him right now for using her history against her. She decided she was done with this game. End of story. In her arrogant state she put her hands beside her spread knees and was going to attempt to jump down on top of his legs. She’d use them like a slide and then sit in his lap and distract him with a kiss. She’d have to brace her self for such manipulation because right now she was mad. She guessed this because he was so fucking stoic. He didn’t look so kissable she noted. Additionally she realized she being as short as she was, this was tantamount to falling on her brother’s bike bar when she was little. But she was going for it anyway. It appeared to be the only way out of this. This was going to get more gymnastic and dramatic then she had ever envisioned her night becoming.

He watched her body preparing for flight and decided to spin it differently for her sake. It was his essence. “If you’re ready then so am I. We’ll need this first, I insist.” He reached for the belt and she panicked scrambling back into the stove burners trying to do a backward crab walk and noisily knocking the thankfully empty teapot onto the floor. “JULIE settle down and hold out our wrists.” His voice was heavy and required obedience. She disappointed herself by surrendering so quickly. She didn’t even look at him but just did what he said. She had to wait with her arms outstretched while he picked up the teapot, replacing it with a firm slam. She starred at the belt as he put it around her wrists and felt terrified. David stood up not phased at her expression. Wrapping his large hands around her waist, he helped her down from the island. Then he sat back down on the chair. She stood at his right side for a moment. Taking a few moments before he began her first deserved spanking, he brushed her long brown hair from the left side of her face all the way over onto her right shoulder. She finally looked into his eyes hoping for massive sympathy. It was the saddest most pathetic puppy like look he’d ever seen in his life. He never wanted to change her. But she was sorely in need of his guiding hand.

He swallowed hard with resolve. The next sentences had her freaking out as he calmly informed her, “In case you won’t remember some of this tonight, we’ll do it all again tomorrow. Now…. bend over my knee.” His voice was like a steel beam and his lap felt the same. She had been guided to his lap by him holding the belt like a choked up leash. It felt tight around her wrists but she was happy for its current purpose hoping there would be no other purpose for it tonight. He was an obvious mind reader and he barked at her, “Taking your punishment responsibly and I will keep the belt on your wrists. Understand?” She could only nod but he demanded more.

“UNDERSTAND?” What was he waiting for written confirmation? She was a little tied up right now… He could barely contain his fury when he saw the tacky tattoo on her lower back. If it had been positioned any lower, he would have spanked it off her completely! And therefore the first slap to her jean covered bottom was easy to administer while staring at the tacky tattoo. He could barely contain his anger for that idiotic, adolescent trailer trash action. The second smack came quick and much harder. It caught her breath in her throat. Shit! It all came back to her now. This was entirely different from the erotic spankings and she was done, again. She got the visuals of meat slapped on a grill with the loud sizzling and sputtering it made. And then came her third very, very hard smack. She wasn’t going to make it through this. Change of plans, changed my mind, I’m not playin’ anymore. Where’s my ball, I’m going home. This wasn’t sexy, this wasn’t building her character, and this felt too real.

“‘Yes Sir’ is the proper response to my telling you to stay on my lap and still during your spanking. So I expect that right now you will clearly speak those words.” In her defense she only hesitated because she wanted her voice to come out without wavering or cracking. But the truth was evident. She had no clue what discipline spanking was about. Sure there was the first one at the beach. But she’d truly forgotten the pain of sitting on the way home. Stupidly she had asked for this. She wanted to take it all back. And it was way too late. After one and half seconds David threw down another super hard smack. She spurted it out of her mouth as if to defend her butt, “Yyyesssirrr” it sounded like a pathetic kitten mew. His heart was in his throat, but his sense of being obeyed came first. Her delay in responding the proper “yes sir” quickly drove him to lift her from his lap with his left hand and put her between his legs where he began taking off her jeans. She looked over to the side of the kitchen where the refrigerator almost reminded of her the food she so desperately need. But now she could only think about how cool it was inside. Slowly unzipping her jeans, he slipped his thumbs way down into her underwear covering her hips. He lowered them passed her knees, down her gorgeous calves. He and spun her around a quarter turn and bent her back over his left knee. This time her hands were bracing her on the floor. Good, he thought; she’ll need it. She was protesting in slow motion with lots of growling vowel sounds. Thankfully she knew better than to argue or swear right now. He was satisfied with only that for the moment.

“How are you supposed to drink Julie?” David looked at her gorgeous ass. How could this woman make him feel two opposite things simultaneously? She was fucking maddening, that was all he knew right now. And before this wedding, especially before her bachelorette party, he’d make sure she knew she had choices. She could chose to have him spank her ass into better behavior.

“I don’t know what you mean” She got that out really quickly this time. WTF David thought. Only she could be so poised for punishment and be willing to invite more.

“Responsibly Julie, that is what you’re supposed to say” SMACK! SMACK! Her bare skin couldn’t contain the pain and she sucked in air furiously trying desperately not to have him see her panic.

“Yes Sir” She squeaked out trying desperately not to cry. David noted she was just beginning to redden up a bit. He was spanking her much harder than he had ever done before. Whatever sympathy he had left flew from his mind as he watched her cooperating. She knew she deserved every bit of what she’d receive and more.

“Why didn’t you eat when Jeff offered you food?” It felt a bit odd to be starring at her beautiful ass and saying his brother’s name simultaneously. CRACK! Finally she let out a well deserved and furious OOWWW!!!!

“Because I wanted to feel the buzz” She was seething mad and spoke too fast and too honestly. I’m only going to piss him off more and she looked at his belt pressing into her hands while her brown hair spilled on top of her hands. The belt she had starred at so many times while he wore it, needed to stay here on her wrists. She had totally underestimated his enthusiastic undertaking of a discipline spanking.

“What are you feeling now Julie?” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her skin was started to get redder and start to rise up a bit.

“AWWOWWWW, p p painn…… SSSSSir” Her voice was totally cracking now and she fought back tears like she never had before. He was happy to hear the “Sir” at the end of her sentence. Perhaps somewhere in that abyss that represented her mind sometimes, she was getting it.

“And there will be a lot more of that young lady!” SMACK, CRACK, SLAP His hand was slicing through the air and an incredible rate of speed and each time she felt like her ass was well done. She snapped. The pain was too much, her inability to be so submissive was overbearing and she felt her anger emerge like thick spaghetti sauce bowling over onto a slick white stove top.

“DAVID! You bastard! Stop it NOW. You’re killing me!” She used all her strength to try to roll off his leg, which was substantial as this woman slung 30 pound bags over her shoulders daily. Fortunately David could handle anything she thought she could dish out and she remained in position. It was like giving a cat a bath and he needed to make his impact quickly. He just couldn’t believe he had thought she was cooperating.

Then she heard the words that made her feel like she should disappear into a dark well. She froze half turned over on his lap and had to into submission reposition herself. She felt like she was immersed in molasses as she tried to breathe and get back on his very large lap. It wasn’t easy with her hands tied together, but in seconds she’d trade free wrists for another issue.

“Undo that belt from your wrists!” Those directions were delivered with drill sergeant precision and even though she was committing an act that would be to her obvious detriment she wiggled the belt from her wrists within seconds. Balancing with her right hand, she closed her eyes that were spilling tears passed her red cheeks and gently handed it up to him.

“I’m sorry” and she started to cry from the bottom of her painted toes. He had begun to be proud that she was dealing so well and only planned. Originally he was only going to smack her twice with the belt. But that was before she had called him a bastard. He was really doing it because he had watched her as he took it off the thin belts each night after work when he changed out of his suit and into his jeans. But she really seemed to give envious attention to the thick black one he wore with his jeans. That was one she was handing him right now. Her eyes were quite dilated as she tried not to look at him. She had obviously given some thought to how this would feel on her skin. She must have not remembered starring at his belt when she asked him to give her discipline spankings He hadn’t used it during their erotic spanking, at least not yet. He knew it would sound deserving on her skin and she would shudder the next time she watched him remove it from the loops of his jeans. It would really mean something to her now. He doubled it up and pressed his left hand on the small of her back. He recovered his right leg over hers preparing for what they both knew would be yet another level of pain. She was outwardly crying now in fear of what was to come. She even started to pant a little. Afraid she’d hyperventilate he got her to talk.

“Tell me why you’re sorry Julie” as he rested the cool black belt up against her red and rough looking skin. He moved it around a little waiting for her panting to subside.

“Because I should’ve eaten.”



“No Julie!” he sounded exasperated with her. “You’re supposed to say, ‘Because I should’ve eaten Sir’!’ But that’s not the reason you should be giving. Now I’m going to give your bottom a few swats with this belt and I suggest that in between the pain, you come up with an excellent answer to why you are sorry. Trust me there’s plenty more reasons than that unless your mind’s a complete sieve!” He raised the belt up to a little higher than his shoulder level and she came screaming out with,

“I know, I know…. Wait…. Wait don’t hit me with the belt, please, please. I should’ve never asked you to spank me really. I mean spank me seriously. I’ll be good I promise! Oh God, please don’t hit me” And then she waited with her head tucked close to her arms as if fending off the noise from her ears would help alleviate the stinging pain. She knew she’d feel, even though she had just begged him not to continue her spanking.

"Please don’t hit me SIR!’ was what you should’ve said young lady!” and he lowered the belt which sung out its own tune against her virgin backside. The tune Julie sang out was just as emphatic. The duet went on for half a dozen strokes of the belt. CRACK!! Then WHOOSH as he swung it back into her pre wifely position. The stinging felt unbearable. CRACK WHOOSH!!! She began to choke and cry. CRACK WHOOSH!!!!!!!!!! Her hands flew back to protect her seared skin. He gripped her wrists and folded her arms into her back pushing her down at the same time. She felt like she couldn’t breathe and she had to leave but wasn’t going anywhere. CRACK WHOOSH !!!!!!!!! She screamed as if she had energy to spare. CRACK WHOOSH !!!!!!!!!!!! He lifted the belt into the air even higher for the last musical note that would fall upon her skin. With a final CRRAACCKK. David draped the belt over her hips and held it there with his right forearm. His right hand wrapped around the side of her waist. With his left hand he guided her to a standing position using the belt he pulled her into his chest holding her in position while she cried as hard as he could ever remember. He let the belt drop then lifted her into the island sitting her onto the cool marble. It was the closest to heaven as she’d been lately. He lifted her chin and looked into those gorgeous green watery eyes. She was mumbling something with her full lips that he couldn’t quite make out. She pulled her chin away from his hands slowly, buried her face in his shoulder and spoke louder but inaudibly.

“Honey, Julie, I can’t understand a word you’re saying” he sounded so sweet, almost as if he weren’t responsible for making her cry she thought. Then she got mad because she had to repeat herself a third time and didn’t know if she could find her words again. She pulled her face back. Rolling her eyes in an unexpected act of frustration and a little anger, she took a deep sigh that faltered because of all her crying.

He gripped her chin in a semi gentle manner and said, “You are obviously a stubborn learner aren’t you. Tell me you didn’t just roll your eyes! Because you would hate to have to repeat this again tomorrow and Monday. I am right.” Not ‘am I right?’ With him it was always ‘I am right’. And in a strange way it’s what she loved about him. Most all of the times he was right. And it was attractive and annoying. But probably not as annoying as being engaged to her. She would only admit that to herself and her one sister. She wanted some of what he had. Even though her butt hurt like the devil. She began to find her heart in her words when she spoke to him this time.

“David, I’m sorry. I know I should’ve never drunk without eating first. And I know I should never drink so much even, ever.” David wasn’t exactly sure what that meant even though he could make it out. “Even though I feel like I hate you right now I still love you.” Good he thought at least he wasn’t the only one feeling constant emotional diversity. She thought he was thinking he’d like to throw her right back over his knee so she sincerely added, “Next time I won’t be so stupid and I’ll remember right now. Please not tomorrow too. This was enough for forever; trust me I learned so much. I want to be done with discipline spanking. You can just remind me of right now and I’ll never screw up again.” She finally had to reach back and rub her bottom. Pride and determination could only last so long.

“Julie I’ve learned that you were wise to ask for discipline spankings. Because if anybody needs them, it’s you! Now it’s vitamins, food, water and bedtime for you. And I suggest you don’t sleep in’ cause if I catch you sleeping in and on your stomach, which you undoubtedly will, it could go bad for your sore bottom!” He helped her down off the island and kissed her forehead. He brought her a glass of water. “You’re going to wake up early and write an apology for drunkenness, name calling, tattooing. And let’s not forget you’re now an employee of a parochial school – a theoretical example of Godliness and self discipline. He laughed at the absurdity of that, clicked his tongue and pushing her hair off her shoulders he rested his forearms gently on her shoulders. Locking his finger behind her neck he lowered his face to hers waiting for her to say something profound given all that that had just transpired.

“Thank you, but can you bring me my pillow? I think my butt wants to sleep on the island.” She smiled a weary smile hoping she could write something worthy. But mostly she hoped she could keep from calling something worse during tomorrow’s spanking, especially when he demanded to know where she had hid his belt….


Kaylyn thank you so much for writing us another story! I look forward to hearing more from this couple. I can see that David has his his hands full! I can't wait until the wedding.

I want to thank everyone who has ever written a story for us. I think everyone enjoys the Fantasy Friday stories. There are so many wonderful writers out here. Some with blogs and other without. I love getting stories from anyone. I get excited by single story I have ever received but I always hope for one from a first time writer. From that writer that wants to write but lacks confidence. If you fall into that group please give it a try. Writing is so much fun and hearing from people who have read your work - well that is so great it is hard to describe. If you are willing to summit a story I will only tell about you the things you ask me to share, from completely anonymous to telling all about you. That is up to you. Think about it. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

And speaking of feed back be sure to let Kaylyn know how much you liked Luckless and Irish !


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Hi PK;
    You know I just love Fantasy Fridays! And what could be better for me than a story with a Belt Spanking...those are my favorites, and a spanking in the kitchen :)
    Thanks Kaylyn!
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  2. PK, thanks for the reminder, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.
    Kaylyn, an excellent story, I can tell that those two will live happily ever after, even if Julie gets a little sore at times.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Yippee, another Julie and David story! Great job Kaylynn, these two are just getting better and better. I hope that by the time they get to the altar David hasn't disciplined all the spunk out of his feisty lass.

    When it comes to the luck of the Irish, I think David's the one who found it.

    PK:: Thanks for posting this wonderful story. Does Kaylynn have a blog?


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    Great story! Great Fantasy Friday!! Hope you both have a fantastic Valentine's Day!!!


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