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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Harry Potter Fan Fiction - part two

I hope you got to read the first part of Jflame’s story yesterday. If not go back here and catch up. Today’s part two is excellent. Harry Potter fan or not this is one excellent spanking story. Enjoy and be sure to drop by Jay’s new blog Jflame’s Journey to read more of her work.

And don’t forget to come by tomorrow for Fantasy Friday!

Sev's old flame, re-kindled.

Part two

Minerva Dumbledore was highly amused to see Tabitha standing in the corner with a slightly pink bottom peeking out from under the obscenely short skirt. Albus had warned her not to come down yet but she couldn't resist. "Oh dear me Tabitha. You seem to be in a spot of bother!" Eyes widened on shock Tabi turned away from the wall and blushed bright red.

Professor McGonagall!" Minerva very nearly laughed at her poor Charm's professor. "Dumbledore actually, and seeing as you are no longer a student you can call me Minerva." Her innocent delivery was marred somewhat when she was treated to the same view of Tabi's skimpy clothing as Albus earlier. Any reply that Tabi was going to attempt was left hanging when Sev's rich baritone voice cut through the room causing her to jump and Minerva to grin.

"And just what do you think you are doing young lady?" Striding across the room Sev bent Tabi under his arm, flipped up the skirt and much to Minerva's delight gave each pert cheek a stinging swat. "Did I give you permission to move?" He barked sternly. "No Sev." Came the quiet reply. "That's what I thought. Don't move Tabitha Marie." Turning back to Minerva he placed a finger on his lips and beckoned her over to the far side of the room. Following her son with a proud smile and a quite chuckle Minerva cast her mind back a mere one hundred and two years to a time when she had been in a similar position with Albus. "I'm proud of you darling." She whispered as she planted a kiss on his cheek and pressed something into his hand. Placing the something on a shelf beside him Sev returned the kiss and grinned widely as he watched her disappear back into the flames of the Floo.

Putting his game face back on Sev walked into his private study and transfigured a pencil into a school cane. Swishing it through the air as he walked back into the sitting room he saw a pair of excited silver eyes steal a glance before snapping back into position. "Come here Tabitha." Tabi hid a smile at his tone before turning around and walking over to him looking for all the world like a naughty school girl. Brushing the tip of his cane across the erect tips of her breasts she all but purred with contentment. "Now now, none of that you naughty girl. As that blouse and bra are not part of the school uniform you can take them off and place them neatly on your shoes." Ever the stern Potions master, Sev watched with a frown as Tabi's blouse and bra were removed and placed on top of her shoes. With one last show of rebellion Tabi gave her hips a long wiggle as she bent at the waist and Sev found that he couldn't resist such a lovely target.

The cane came down with a loud crack against both cheeks and Sev paled as Tabi's hands flew back to protect her vulnerable posterior, the cane was already on its way down for strike two. Quickly dropping it in shock Sev grabbed Tabi and bodily carried her to the sofa where he sat down and plonked her butt up over his knees. Flipping her skirt he dealt out a flurry of hard spanks and yelled at her more in fear than anger. "You stupid, silly girl. Don't ever put your hands back. I could have broken your fingers! Don't you ever do that again, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" Kicking her legs Tabi yelped out a 'yes sir' and was relieved when Sev slowed to a stop. That was not her idea of fun. "Sorry sir." She muttered. Nodding grimly Sev eased her up off of his lap and looked deep into her eyes. "You will be! That silly move has cost you extra. Now you pick up that cane, get your fanny into the bedroom and into your corner."

That had been too close for comfort. Yes he could have waved his wand over her fingers and had them fixed in seconds but that wasn't the point. What he needed to do was calm down before he dealt with this matter. A glass of Ogden's Fire Whisky later found him walking into the bedroom to see a sight he wasn't expecting at all. Tabi was in the corner with her skirt held high so that her pink bottom was the first thing that he saw. The cane, instead of being on the bed like he had thought, was resting across both cheeks. Harmless now but soon it would be biting her bare flesh evilly.

Walking over to the bed he sat down and watched his pretty young lady as she stood obediently waiting for him to show her just how much he loved her. "Tabi come here please." Shuffling towards him she held out the cane and hung her head as he took it from her and laid it on the bed next to him. What had started out as fun had turned into something serious and Tabi knew that whatever happened next was really going to hurt. "Bring me your hairbrush please. "Tabi paled. 'Merlin's Beard!' The cane she could handle but that brush was evil. She swore it was embedded with the Cruciatus Curse.

Miserably she dragged her feet over to the dresser and picked up the Ebony backed brush. Turning back she inched towards Sev and handed the offending object to him wordlessly. Taking it from her shaking hand he steered her to his side and reached out to lower her skirt. Instinctively she batted his hands away and received a cold glare. Sev moved very fast and quick as a Phoenix Flash her skirt was around her ankles, she was up-ended over his lap, a Sticking Charm was applied and the first of many smacks of that wicked brush landed on her bottom. Again and again it crashed down despite her squeals, pleas and tears only ceasing when her cheeks were the colour of a Quaffle and she lay limply with tears cascading down her face.

Whilst she cried over his knees he rubbed small circles on her back easing her to a quiet sniffle and released the Sticking Charm. "It's almost over darling, up you get now." After a few more moments she pushed herself up and stood beside him once more. Her face was red from crying and she was shaking slightly but she knew what to do next and before Sev could say or do anything she reached over, grabbed three pillows and placed them in a pile at the edge of the bed. Sev beamed with pride as she laid herself over them with her bottom high and waited. "By Merlin, you're beautiful." He whispered lovingly as he planted a kiss to the back of her neck. "I love you Severus." Came the reply as she stretched her arms out to grab handfuls of the eiderdown. Picking up the cane Sev tapped it against her flaming cheeks. "Only six sweetheart, because you are being so brave."

Raising the cane to his shoulder he brought it down hard and fast across the crown of her bottom. Seconds later an angry red welt rose and Sev had to steel himself to continue. The next three came down evenly spaced and just as hard causing Tabi to squeal and drum her feet on the floor. "Last two on the sit-spot my love." Sev choked out. Tabi screamed as they bit into her flesh like a thousand Stinging Hexes. Throwing the cane across the room, Sev strode out to the shelving. When he returned Tabi was putting the pillows back and although she was crying softly she wore a smile that lit up her eyes so that they resembled a new moon. Sev knelt down and offered up an open ring box and smiled as Tabi gasped and covered her mouth with both hands. "Tabitha Marie Uwannawich. Can I keep you forever?"

Throwing her arms around him she yelled in his ear. "YES! YES! YES!" Laughing he placed the ring on her finger and kissed her long and hard, their bodies entwined together Sev felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. Breaking away from her he gave her a stern glare. "You've soaked my trousers, dirty girl!"

© Jflame 2008


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Great story/ Thanks for sharing it.
    Keep them coming.

  2. This was great Now where could my Mthc be?

    Big hugs,

  3. Jean, great to see you again. I'm glad you liked it.
    I was a little unsure, I thought I had moved the story along too fast.

    David, thanks for reading. Erm I don't know where Mthc is, sorry?

    Now I need your help guys. Tabi needs a familier (thats a pet to all you muggles), any ideas guys?

  4. Romantic ending. *smiles* I liked it!

  5. This was just awesome,,,,thank you so much for sharing.

    :) Pretty

  6. PK, thanks.
    JFlame, has Pauli goT a sister.
    Could Tabi use a house elf.
    I always think six or a multiple of six is a useful number.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Greenwoman - Thanks. I just had to get Sev married off. But oh my what will the children say?

    PrettyGirl - You are more than welcome. Do you have any idea how destructive Plot Bunnies can be when you don't put their ideas on paper? My robes are ruined and my wand has teeth marks. Aarrrggh!

    Paul - I said a familier (a pet)! House elves are not pets! They are beings with extordinary power, even more powerful than wizards if they so choose.
    Anywho Hogwarts has around 600 house elves, the professors rarely bring their personal elves to school rather they prefer that their elves remain at their private homes.