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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

I didn’t get to write yesterday as I usually try to do. It’s been busy but we did have a fantastic Christmas. The whole family got together. After Christmas morning here we headed to my sisters and we really had a great time.

Mollie went to the movies with her cousin yesterday afternoon giving Nick and me about 4 hours all alone and with nothing to do. Hmmm… what to do, what to do? Well thanks to CeeCi’s suggestion we did happen to have a couple of videos from Shadow Lane we hadn’t seen yet. You can’t imagine the wonderful things that that lead to! Very, very nice afternoon, I believe I can safely say ‘a good time was had by all!’

But I am going to be very busy today. We’re headed to Eva’s tomorrow!! Can’t wait! I can’t imagine a better place to spend New Year’s Eve than with my twin and Adam!! Daughters 2 and 3 will be there too. So if I am not around much you will still know that I am having a great time. I need to finish packing, take the dog to the kennel, take down the rest of the Christmas decoration, and clean out the car. And since Eva is cooking all week I need to lose another 5 or 6 pounds before we head up that way.

But on to why you really came by today. You want to know who wrote “The Helpful Husband”. I loved the story and I really think the thought that went into it could have been expressed by very many of us out here. This week Carye and K each got 21% of the votes. Tracy got 14% but 43% of you thought I wrote it. Who me?? I don’t want cleaning instructions! Nope it wasn’t me; it was K from The Naughty Side of K! She did a great job with this story and she also does a super job on her site. If you haven’t had the chance to check it our please go there and encourage her to write more and more! K thanks for participating in Fantasy Friday!! You did a great job!!


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    PK, Nice time spent alone!!!! Thta's good. Have a great time with Eva and family. Happy New Year

    K, I really liked the story/ looking forward to more of them


  2. Great story K - and have a GREAT New Year, PK :-D

  3. A nice story K thank you for writing it. Pk have a great trip and give Eva a hug for me.

    Big hugs,

  4. PK, your afternoon sounds like fun.
    Have a great trip and a wonderful new year.
    K, an excellent story, thank you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Thanks for all the compliments on my first story and to PK for including it in Fantasy Friday. Hubby makes a wonderful muse. ;)

  6. Ahhhh PK, I thought you were having a creative flashback and wrote this story, :) Oh well, that is two strikes, I hope I get the next one right.

    K, that was a great story! If anyone every puts up a spanking for beginners site it can be added as an idea under 'Getting Started' :)

    Really sweet, thanks for sharing,,,

    :) Pretty

  7. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Hi PK:
    I thought it was K, but you were my second guess. I am glad that you had some time to view your new movies with some privacy. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time with Eva. Can't wait to hear all the wonderful details of your trip
    Take Care,
    Andrades Girl

  8. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Are you here yet???

  9. PK, I guessed wrong, thought it may have been you. Have a lovely time with Eva and a great new year.

    I enjoyed the story thanks K.


  10. Jean,
    I think K is a great writer, hope she keeps doing fiction. And yep, we had a great time.

    Happy new year to you to!

    I will be sure to give her your hug, After a hundred or two of my own!

    I hope your New Year is your best in quite a while!

    You did a super job!! Please write more!

    You're right. This would be a great starter story.

    LJ would not be impressed with the acting but it was still fun to watch.

    I don't know - quick look on the poarch and check!

    I know we will have a ball! I'll tell about it when we get back.

  11. Have a wonderful trip!!! :-)