I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Reveal

I got an interesting piece of information from a friend last night so I wanted to pass it on. Shadow Lane is having a two for one sale going on until Christmas! I don’t have any spanking DVD’s and while I would like to see one. But I can just picture watching it with Nick, getting involved in, umm… other activities. Forgetting it’s in the machine and the next thing you know Mollie is turning it on! I’ll have to think about this. If anyone have a really good one to suggest though let me know. I hate to miss a good two-fer sale.

But I know you really came by to see who wrote Fantasy Friday this week. I got 13% of the votes, Andrades got 25% and Todd and Carly each got 31% of the vote. Well I have to make a confession about this Fantasy Friday – it’s a rerun! It was first posted in September 2006. As a matter of fact it was the 4th FF every posted, back when Tiggr originated the series. So I was hoping it was new to most of you. So who wrote it? It was me!! This was the first piece of fiction of this kind I ever wrote. The characters weren’t very developed because I didn’t have any idea how. Littestangle said in comment that I must write the stories because I kept saying no one would send any in! LOL! That was close to the truth. But I am happy to report that this week I have received two wonderful stories!! That doesn’t mean the rest of you are off the hook, please keep writing!! Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Today is my birthday! I don’t mind turning another year older but this week will be a tough one for my weight loss program! We are eating out 5 of the next 8 days, plus two parties at work! So not only am I going to have to be really careful of what I eat but I doubt I will be able to get to the gym as much. Cross your fingers for me I do not want to gain back anything!!! So if I am not around as much you know I’ll be out eating and partying!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! Hoping you have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy! And of course, a birthday spanking :)

    I just caught up on this week's Fantasy Friday. Wow! Very hot and I would love to read what happens next!

    Ooh, Shadow Lane makes the best videos! I had the same apprehension about buying DVDs and couldn't help but imagine the embarrassment I would feel if someone accidently found them, but I came upon a pay-per-minute website which to my surprise offered some of Shadow Lane's most popular titles online! It has been great! My all-time favorites are At Your Service and Sting Operation 2, which are filled with lots of fun brattiness, but I honestly haven't been disappointed yet.

    I can definitely relate to the difficulty of sticking to a diet plan during busy times! Sending good luck wishes your way :)


  2. Good story..now we really do need part 2. In all your "eating out" this week...just don't over do it .you'll be fine. Happy birthday to one of the most special people i know...Hugs..

  3. Special is not the right word. Happy Birthday dear sis. Today is your day so enjoy it. Love you!

    Big hugs,

  4. Happy Birthday.

    Big Hugs

  5. Happy Birthday dear PK.
    May your day be filled with love, joy, peace and SPANKINGS!
    I wish you a fantastic year with lots of new experiences and wonderful memories.
    Love and hugs, Jay

  6. Happy Birthday, PK and many more.
    I hope its a wonderful day for you.


    Debbie :)

  7. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi PK:
    I read Eva's Blog first and then scooted right over here to wish a day filled with all that pleases you and brings you joy. In the short time that I have been blogging you have been such an inspiration and support to me. On the moments when I feel down, it is uplifting to me to know that there are people like you roaming our planet. Thank you for including me in your Fantasy Friday! I was so honored. I am still working on the next installment of my story, but it's slow goings.(part of the problem is that as I get to the "juicier parts" I am not sure about how to word certain parts.) I hope to have a story for you one day for FF. Anyway have a lovely lovely day.
    A big birthday hug for you
    Andrades Girl

  8. Happy Birthday, PK! Hope it's as good as your story. :)

    Good luck with all the party food. If anyone tries to stuff you with more cake than you want, just tell them you are allergic. When you eat it you break out in bulges. It'll at least get a good laugh if not get them to leave you alone. I actually use that excuse, the baby I'm nursing is allergic to wheat. I never noticed just how pressured we are to eat treats socially until I started saying, "no, thanks."

  9. Happpy Birthday PK!!! Hope all your birthday wishes come true :)

  10. Oh, PK I truly hope you have a spanking good time on your birthday and the rest of the week! Hopefully all the spanking fun will offset the added calories, but if not, I couldn't think of a better reason to be eating with delight. Just remember moderation is key to the eating, but not to the spanking!

    As far as the story goes, I do think I actually loved it even more the second time around!!!! If that's possible, LOL.

    Love, hugs and happy birthday wishes!

  11. PK, happy birthday dear girl, I hope that you received my card, it should have been waiting in your in box.
    Have a wonderful week and try not to overdo the eating.
    You are still a babe, have fun.
    Love and warm hugs,

  12. Happy Birthday, dearest friend! I hope your day is filled with many delightful celebrations.

    Thanks for the bottoms up about Shadow Lane's sale. I think I'll scoot on over there and see what they have to offer.

    Great FF post... I didn't remember it at all. So, will there be a part two? I sure hope so.

    (#|#) Happy Birthday!!!


  13. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Hi PK
    It's me again, just an idea for viewing your dvds...there are some very reasonably priced portable dvd players out there, and you can keep it stored with all your other toys. I hope this helps
    Happy Birthday

  14. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Happy Birthday! And don't forget, you can watch DVDs on a laptop with the bedroom door closed and locked.

  15. PK~

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was thrilled to find that you included me in Fantasy Friday--thank you. I hope you get a real good birthday spanking.


  16. Happy Birthday PK, I hope you have a wonderful, spank-filled day!

  17. Happy Birthday Silly one!

    Loved your story, but love you more!

    Hope you have a great day! Lots of spankings!

    As for the dvd, can't you play them on your computer? You can watch them IN bed! As long as Molly doesn't use your computer, you have nothing to fear!

    So, buy yourself something spanky for your birthday! Get some DVDs!


  18. Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday...would have visited but alas did not have any access to the internet....hope your birthday wishes came true!!! Hugs, Terps

  19. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day, and that you have an even more wonderful evening.

    Happy Spankings!


  20. Lizzybee, Thanks for stopping by! Shoot I wrote the story and I want to know what happened too! LOL! What is the pay-per view website you found? I have to give this DVD business some more thought.

    I am trying not to over do - but it would help if I could get to the gym.

    David you are a good brother! Thanks for being there for me.

    Spanky, Starting over,
    Thanks for coming by!

    If this year is as good as the past few I will be thrilled.

    Thanks Debbie,
    It's been a really nice day.

    What a nice comment. You really make me feel good. I am glad you are enjoying writing but I have to tell you I still have a very hard time writing the "juicier parts". I never have a problem reading anything anyone else writes but can still be uncomfortable for me to write it. Don't know why.

    I will try your idea - 'break out in bulges'! LOL! I love it!

    Thanks, I think they have.

    Although it’s as fun as can be but I wish spanking burned even more calorie!

    Thank you for always being there for me. You are a very special man. I got the card - I couldn't open it until I got home. It was so sweet. We are each unique! Love you!

    It has been a very nice day. And I think I might just have to do a little DVD shopping myself.

    That is an idea worth looking into.

    That would work IF I remember to take the DVD out!

    Thanks! Someday I hope I will get a FF from you.

    Birthdays are always fun - even after 50!

    I will, I will. I can always count on you for kinky advice.

    I just read about your ice storm. What a horror - no internet! I can't imagine. Maybe you should think of moving south!

    The day was great the evening may be postponed a while. A slight cold, Mollie home and a work night but I no longer worry about Nick forgetting. His memory is improving greatly.

  21. Happy Happy Birthday!
    I love Fridays...


    Ps: I like "The BodyGuard" [naughty spanking video~Shadowlane.]

  22. Andrsdes girl is a gem, she said to come over and with you well.

    Many happy returns PK, hope you had a wonderful day.

    If you have a laptop you can view DVDs on that in the bedroom and who knows what that can lead to.

    Also, If you do gain a little, they say bedroom activities are good for loosing weight and spanking especially (well spanking probably not but fun anyway.


  23. Sinfullyanon,
    Thank for coming by and for the suggestion. I am going to order something!

    Nice to see you here, I agree about Andrsdes girl!

    I think spanking is a wonderful aerobic activity. I don't know if it really burns calories but I know it burns something!

  24. Anonymous6:55 AM


    Many happy returns dear PK, I hope you had a wonderful day and got spoiled rotten.


  25. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Happy Birthday! Hope everyone is treating you as special as you deserve.

  26. Happy birthday, PK. I hope you had your fill of cake and spanking.

    The DVDs sound wonderful, but I'll bet they wouldn't make it across the border into Canada.


  27. Here is the link to the site: http://www.spankingvod.com/studio/2184/Shadow-Lane/?CLICK=88595&ct=2

    They also have hundreds of other spanking videos, but I have definitely found Shadow Lane to be my favorite!


  28. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Happy Birthday, PK, Sorry this is late.