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Monday, October 15, 2007

Super Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend!! Eva, Adam and Pup were here! We had a wonderful time!! Couldn’t have been better unless they had stayed longer. More about the visit soon but 2 more important things to cover today.

First Happy Birthday to the finest senior statesman out here! Paul you are the dom of our dreams! All knowing, all wise, hot to look at and the most experienced spanker out here! I expect all the men out here tip their hats to you while the women simply do a backwards bow and present their bottoms!

You are so faithful about commenting and so kind and supporting when you do. Your combination of father figure, dom and friend make you the most wonderful man out here. Happy, happy birthday!

And now for the Fantasy Friday reveal!! Look like David walked away with the most votes getting nearly half. Nick was next and I was one vote behind him with C.C bringing up the rear with one lone vote.

So who was the author of “Lies Won’t Change Things”? The magnificent, beautiful and multi-talented


is the one! She did it! She fooled almost everybody. All but one, and who was that one? My twin of course! And NO! I did not give here a hint and wouldn’t even tell her she was right until she got here. She cheats of course, she started out as an English major and she is good at spotting different styles of writing.

So thanks again C.C for a wonderful story and for helping me get Fantasy Friday off an running. Please everyone, more stories!! This is opened to everyone - bloggers, commenters, lurkers, everyone has a story in their heads! Come on share it with us. Send them in to elisspeaks@yahoo.com .


  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Very nice. We missed with our vote, but enjoyed the story.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. PK, sounds like an awesome weekend with your Eva, Adam and Pup, how wonderful for you all. CC Oh my, not having read any of her work before I had no idea and got it wrong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul, hugs.


  3. PK, well who would have thunk it, I have read everything she's written and I didn't get it, shame, but C C a great story.
    Glad that you had such a good week end, when good friends come to visit they always have to leave far too soon.
    Thank you for the good wishes, am I all that, who knew.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Wow CC!! Hand no idea! But LOVED the story! Happy Birthday Paul!!! Can't wait to hear about the weekend!!!


  5. Guess I should have voted... I'd have gotten this one. I remembered that I didn't vote as I lay in bed last night. It was an awesome story and hardly a surprise as it COULD have just as easily been written by any of the four.

    Your doing incredible things around here, PK... and I, for one, am enjoying watching you shine!

    Speaking of shining... can't wait to hear details of the weekend!

    As for Paul, well, happy birthday sweetest Uncle! You know how much I am thinking of you today, and always...

    Love you lots,

  6. Looking forward to reading more of these great stories.

  7. Todd and Suzy,
    I loved it to and I love when folks guess wrong.

    I hope to write more about the weekend soon! C.C is one of our very best writers!

    I was impressed that C.C even fooled you! And yes my friend you are all that and so much more!! I have another little gift for you, watch your email.

    Can that girl write or what??

    I am glad you like the Fantasy Friday revisited. I was your idea originally and it was a great one.

    I am very glad you are reading Fantasy Friday, now how about thinking of writing one...

  8. Wow, you sure did keep it a mystery. Glad you had a great weekend.

    I understand your comments about hot flashes and ahem warm stories, sometimes I get very red faced writing them. One suggestion is an ice pack on your neck while you read. Thanks for your comments.

    Great story CC, thanks for making Friday a fantasy.
    Purple Angel

  9. Wow,CC you fooled me too..even though i knew David Didn't write it! Paul.hope you had a great birthday.