I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How I lose weight

I had a super weekend. I love my husband!! This good weekend didn’t start of the way. Friday is my weigh in day and I have been the same for about 3 weeks now. But this week I was up .2 of a pound. Not much, granted, but annoying just the same. When I told Nick he said “Well I guess you can blame that on Mollie’s birthday.” The statement depressed me I was pretty sure that once again he was quick to make excuses for me when that is not what I needed.

As I handed out candy to my students in each of my three periods I just ate some myself. I was discouraged and I started thinking about how I lose weight. I have needed to lose for nearly 20 years. I wasn’t big back then but I kept putting it on steadily a little more each year. Nick never pushed, he never mentioned my weight but he worried a little about my health. When I went through spells of trying to lose he was always supportive and encouraging. It never worked.

Then finally I opened up to Nick about my desire for spanking and some aspect of discipline. He really came through for me. But I realize now there was more to my ability to lose weight that the threat of spanking. I would say 95% of the time when I over eat it is because of boredom. But once Nick and I introduced spanking into the mix I always had something to think about! Had I gained? What would he do? What would happen if I ate that big old candy bar? It really takes very little to keep my mind whirling for days. In other words I was able to keep from over feeding my face by feeding my imagination.

An Ah-ha moment! To keep me from over eating I need to feed my imagination. Or rather Nick does! And this weekend he did! Once Mollie left he explained that her birthday was the reason, not an excuse! He headed me to the bedroom and told me to lose the clothes. We then discussed how he diet was going. I fessed up to eating candy several times during the day and he decided to lay down some new rules. First off I have to write down everything I eat – everything! The next thing is that I have to lose at least one full pound this week if I don’t -- no eating in front of the TV at all! (Thanks Todd and Suzy!!)

I am sure to a vanilla person this would sound outrageous, who does he thing he is?? But for me as a spanko! I loved it!! It feeds my imagination!!! And it has helped me keep focused this week. Went I start to put something in my mouth I think I am going to have to write this down. It slows me down. It makes me think.

I wish Nick really knew how much power I am giving him. If he says you shouldn’t be eating so much candy my thoughts are ‘whatever’. If he were to say “No candy this week – none!” I wouldn’t eat any. Of course Nick is such a nice guy this goes completely against his nature. But we are working on things. And it’s fun and that’s what I need to focus on the diet! I hope he checks the food log sometimes; if he sees something that shouldn’t be there I wish he would give a quick spanking. He is wonderful on making good use of Mollie’s absences and being sure we have time to make love after he spanks – no complaints about that, but I would love some quickie spankings sometimes for focus.

Anyway finally back to us in the bedroom! The warm up was excellent but for the life of me I cannot remember what he used! I was feeling happy and comfy on the bed, mind racing and my bottom stinging! But then he made me stand for the spanking for gaining this week! I hate standing with my hands on the bed!! I guess that is part of the experiences! Anyway he used the big, mean wooded paddle he made when we first started spanking. WOW!! That thing stings like hell! And he wasn’t shy about swinging it either, many times!!

But soon he switched to rubbing and it was back to the bed! The rest of our evening got ever better! It was fantastic! One of the best evenings in a long time! I sure hope making loves helps you lose weight!


  1. PK, good for you and even better for Nick, hope it works this time.
    Over here you wouldn't be allowed to give candy to you pupils, which I think is sad.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I have an idea your evil twin will help you. Think positive thoughts and we will see the shrinking woman within.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. You'll lose it.Sitting in front of the tv and boredom equal eating a great deal of the time. I think the guys don't really realize the power or trust we're giving them.
    The position makes a great differce on how a paddle feels. Leaning over or being on your knees i think exposes certain muscles more and is more painful.
    Personal experience talking!

  4. I am sure to a vanilla person this would sound outrageous... No, not at all! (Not that I'm saying I'm vanilla, VBG) This is a very common technique for weight loss. When you write it all down, it first makes you realize just how much you are eating when you see it in black and white. And then you do begin to stop and think before you eat. That's the Weight Watchers technique; you record what you eat, and how many points it has cost you.

  5. I think Nick's got a great idea there! I hope it works for you and him.

    I'd like to try the same thing, but it's MrC's fault for every pound I've gained since we met. Gggrrrr!

    Good luck to ya!


  6. Making love definitely makes you lose weight. Now do it twice a day for a month, then you'll see I am right!


  7. Paul,
    Nick's willingness to help me continues to amaze me! I wish I had been open with him 25 years ago.

    I am glad we can still give some candy. I realize education is it's own reward but I would not want to wait 18 to 22 years for my pay check. Little treats are good for kids.

    Eva is always a help. I like the idea that we are shrinking together.

    You are right they have no idea how much we are offering. And I do like to try different postions! They each have their own feel.

    It's not so much having to write things down as him telling me I can't eat in front of the TV if I don't lose a certain amount that some would find strange. But I love it!

    Nick is the greatest except he didn't do his part in gaining weight after we got married! I had to do it for both of us!

    Not a bad idea but have I told you how old we are???

  8. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Very much enjoyed this post. lol... sorry about the no eating in front of the TV possibility. Worse than any spanking!

    Todd & Suzy

  9. Loved it! Going to have PS read it if he will :-)

    You're the best!