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Monday, October 08, 2007


I know you are here to find our brilliant author of “The Business Women”. Give me just a second and I will tell. I just need to tell you that I am going through a horrible right of passage this week and I need all the support from out here that I can get.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon Mollie begins her road work portion of the drivers training. Some fool is going to take my little baby, put her behind the wheel of a real life car and let her drive on the road. She turns 15 on the 17 and will be able to get her permit at that time.

Actually I think Mollie has the makings of a good driver. She has been driving the neighbor’s four wheelers and has driven golf carts with her dad since about the age of five. It is not the driving I mind its realizing she will soon be able to get in my car and drive away and I am back to the stomach churning, tense, can’t breath feeling until I hear her drive into the driveway that I went through with LJ. Sigh… parents deal with this all the time I know I can too but how did this time get here so quickly.

Now the fun stuff, thank you all for coming by and making the first Fantasy Friday Revisited a great success! For a while there Carye was in front but little by little Purple Angel pulled ahead with 57% of the votes. But this time the majority was wrong! Our wonderful Fantasy Friday author was

Caryagal !

A few of us lucky enough to correspond with Carye often know how well she can write. She doesn’t have her own blog and I have no idea why?? She gives some excuse about having 4 kids under 9 years old, working, taking care of her beloved Papa Shrek who has to working out of town occasionally (although sometimes he marches her to the garage, ‘the mistake’ strap in hand and takes pretty good care of her too). But gee she could blog in her spare time! What else is she going to do with those 5 minutes every 6 months or so?

So let Carye know that we want her to keep on writing when ever she can – I will be glad to post them for her. Congratulation little sister! You did great!


  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Very cool that it was Carye... even though we didn't guess correctly. Excellent story Carye!

    ~Todd & Suzy

    good luck this week, PK!

  2. It was a great story Carye your a wonderful writer.

    Pk, She is growing up way to fast.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. Well done Carye a great read. I picked you right!


  4. Anonymous5:45 AM

    **happy dancin' in blogland**

    I got it right!!!! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. That will teach all of you to try and turn the tables on me. Soooo...did you put her up to that little innocent "do you know who wrote it?" email????

    You can't beat me at a game I created!!!

    Love you anyhow, twin...

    you, too, Carye!!!!

  5. Anonymous5:50 AM

    PS ~ Just a quick word about Mollie driving. We had a bit of trouble with one of our girls... offspring #2 thought for sure she needed a lot MORE gas to go around bends and corners. It made no sense to her that she needed to SLOW down, not speed up for those things. Make sure Mollie knows this before she gets behind the wheel. It's kind of important.


  6. PK, 15,no wonder you are nervous, in the UK you have to be 18 to get a driving licence, you are in my prayers.
    Carye, what a great story, I didn't guess right, hope that you will continue to write when you can.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I didn't know who wrote it, but it was a terrific story! Keep writing Carye! Sara

  8. Great story Carye! Keep writing..
    Pk...we're are talking Learner's permit..right..I've got one that's going to be driving too but you have 15 and 8 months here and with an adult..

  9. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Please let Carye know that was one fabulously hot story!

    As for your youngest starting to dirve, how hard it is for us to let them grow up when we don't seem to be any older, how can they be? I'm sure she'll do just fine look at what great parents she has!

    Hugs, Sally

  10. Wonderful story Carye! I am so glad I guessed you. You know even without a blog you could certainly post stories you write as a guest writer on another blog. Its a shame to miss out on such wonderful work. If you are interested let me know.

    And PK I never thought I would live through my son's initial driving stages, I did (surprisingly). All will be well with your fledgling.
    Purple Angel

  11. Good luck with the little one driving. What a scary transition ...

    I loved Carye's story. I hope she starts a blog someday, too. :-)

  12. Wow Carye...great story! I loved all three parts! You got talent girl!

    Elis it isn't Mollie you need to worry about, but the other fools out there! I am on your side. I am not at all happy about how fast kids grow up. Not at all happy!


  13. Thank you all so much for all your great comments! I'll keep writing! :-) Sometimes I hope to do guest stuff here and there as true stories! :-) Gotta get permission though! Even got PS to write one time! that was fun too! Another reason I don't have a blog is that I enjoy my time being able to relax a few minutes at night and read all of yours and comment! I think I'll stick to that and some occasional stories and lots of emails (I love when people email).... At least for a little while :-)


  14. Carye you are the best!! I will be looking forward to more storys!

    I will survive Mollie driving just like I did LJ. Just one day at the time.

  15. Carey's story was terrific! I'm writing this in 2017. Does she have a blog or write books now? She should.