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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What do you think?

Folks I need your opinion on something. I think many of us have become good friends out here. Many of us leave each other comments. Some of us email each other and have gotten closer that way. Maybe we have shared our real names, maybe the state where we live. You know my twin and I have gotten close. We email, okay we email a lot. After awhile as we got to know each other better I needed to send her something in the mail so now I can threaten, “Hey, I know where you live!” And I included my return address so we stayed even.

But of course it was just us, no husbands were involved. Until one day I slipped up and forward something that Nick had sent me. Of course I immediately got an email back taunting me with “I’ve got Nick’s email address! I can tell him anything I want”. In a panic (this was a bit early on) I told her to delete it! She wrote back a very soothing “Oh keep your pants on, here’s Adam’s”. So we were even again.

We finally exchanged phone numbers; I can’t blame her, who wouldn’t want to hear a soothing Southern voice every now and then! But I do have to say that every time I hear that Yankee accent I do get a big grin on my! Mollie will look over and ask “Eva?”

But now last week there was a little change. Eva and Nick began emailing each other. Hmmmmm… okay I could make this sound bad but in all honesty I gave him her work address and told him to give her updates on how the trip was going so that was about it. Then when I got back she was saying how now she could email him any time with anything she wanted to say. I reminded her that I had Adam’s email address too. WRONG! Turns out she had sent almost a dummy address – one she checks for him!! Not exactly like I have Adam’s ear! I whined and pouted enough to get the real one with each of us promising not to use them unless there was an emergency!

But today, today… (and this is what I need your opinion on) today was different. This morning Eva called and Nick and talk to him after I left for work. YES! I am serious! Now I have yet to here a detailed version of this conversation from either of them. I am sure that Eva will comment or post something with her version of this event but in any true version she can’t deny that she called and talked to Nick at my houses after she was reasonably certain that I had left for work. Now for my question – should I call and have a long talk with Adam? I have lots to say and yes, Eva, I do have him number!! Let me know folks!

I let Eva preview this last night. She said I was mean and threatened to get even with me. She indicated that I had left out some important facts and while she might be right I told her it made a much more interesting post the way I tell it!!

Hack ... hack... hack... if you wanna know what REALLY happened, go here. It's the only way you can learn the WHOLE truth.


  1. Be careful PK. Remember who you are dealing with. The queen of revenge....she slits people's tires and puts sugar in their gas tanks...and she knows where you live!

    But since she likes you, hopefully you will be safe....for now!


  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    You girls! Someone (or both) is going to get spanked over this...

    Debbie :)

  3. Someone needs to be spanked over this! Curiosity is way up ...


  4. I'm all for both of you getting spanked over this... but I'm on your side. No fair, Eva...

    Hugs and love (to both of you)

  5. PK, I think Adam should spank you and Nick should spank Eva, that would even things up a bit.
    But seriously, you two are such good friends, maybe Eva is arranging a nice surprise!!!
    Warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous6:44 PM

    No fair EVA?
    No FAIR Eva?

    Are you KIDDING ME?? PK?? Tell them the WHOLE truth will ya? No wait.. better yet, I think I've got that covered over on my own blog.

    Hugs to those who aren't out to get me~


  7. My goodness you girls need to play nice! PK are you sure you want to start picking on Eva?? She seems pretty good at taking care of herself.

    Love you both!


  8. You two are too funny! I'd be careful! Before you know it it won't be Eva and Nick but Nick and Adam! Then you're both in trouble!


  9. I would tell you to play nice but i'm enjoying it way too much

  10. Thereas,
    I am brave! She doesn't scare me! As long as we are both at home she can't reach me.

    I agree with you completely. Eva really does need a spanking!!

    Just stay over here and read my version, it is much more interesting than her picky detailed one!

    Well I am all for anyone getting spanked!!

    Interesting! But I think Eva and I are going to stick to the way things are.

    Eva, Eva, Eva,
    I told them the just of it! We don't want to bog things down with too many details!!

    You make a good point. I may need to lay low for a while!

    Thank goodness the boys usually ignore us and what we talk about out here!

  11. mthc,
    It is fun to have someone to pick on out here, it's even more fun to have them pick back!!


  12. big grins ... I second Debbie ... someone's going to get a spanking over this!!! Maybe two someones!

  13. Naughty, naughty PK!

    You KNOW better than trying to tell half stories. DW's such as yourself should know better than that.

    Now, I think you both need a spanking. Nobody here is wrong, it's just I love ya both and I don't want to leave anyone out.

    NOW behave while I'm gone!


  14. Sorry PK, couldn't help but read the whole version. You both need to be spanked so you both will have spanko tales to blog about! Really, it will do everyone some good! *g*

    ~Hugs and Happy Weekend to ya!

  15. Cindy,
    With any luck both of us will!

    It was just too hard and took too long to type out allllllll the details!

    And while you are gone I plan to stay home and knit.

    Now why did you feel the need to read farther - I gave you everything you needed to know. Don't you trust me??

  16. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Ok, confused.. Is Eva not your real twin? Why would she not all ready know all this info.
    long time lurker....