I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh what a night!

Folks, I have to tell you that I have had one fine weekend! My weigh in was good Friday morning. Later in the day I received an email from Nick telling me he was proud and that I had definitely earned a reward!

As it happened Mollie was going to be out for the evening. So we went out to a new restaurant in town and then came home for a private, relaxing evening. Nick brought out the toy box and told me to pick anything I wanted to play with and to pick the order. Then he would us each one until I told him to switch to the next one! Wooooo Hooooooo!!

Do you remember when your mother told you at a big meal “Now make sure your eyes are not bigger than your stomach!”? Well after he had gotten started I began to worry that my eyes had been bigger than my butt, and that’s saying something!! If I remember correctly the order of the items was, small light wooded paddle, the plug, a spatula with wholes, the leather paddle (with one soft side and one real side), the tawse and finally the crop!

With a scarf covering my eyes we started off very light. Still dressed and with the light paddle, just enough to really get me wanting more! But soon the jeans and panties came off the plug came into play. Next the spatula, I really don’t remember using it before but it has a very nice sting. Nick was checking all along to see if I was really getting into the evening and let me tell you I was. I am often amazed just how incredibly quickly just a little spanking can really get the juices flowing!

I finally asked him to switch to the leather paddle. He was right on target all night, lower bottom, upper thighs – the real sit spot. Now it was getting a bit harder and I was starting to squirm! So Nick gave me a break in the spanking and rolled me over to give a different kind of reward. Now Tiggr was saying Dante has expertise in some fields, and there will be NO contest! But if there were I would say Nick would be a front runner! After he drove me nearly crazy in this way I found myself back on my stomach and the tawse was up next. Nick had me get up on my hands and knees to us the tawse. Now really the give a whole different feel than lying on the bed. I think it is more intense! I finally tried lying back down but Nick wasn’t having it and ordered me back up on my knees. OWWW!

I knew that only the crop was left so I asked him to switch to it. That was when he made a laughing threat. He said sometime he was going to grab me and spank me until I cried or begged him to stop just to see what I could take!” Actually we were getting close at that moment and there were other things I wanted at that time even more than spanking! Oh my, what an evening!!

After, as we just lay there not wanting to move, I realized that my butt was sore (that was unusual). Sitting was indeed sensitive! The next morning after more loving, Nick checked my bottom and said that he thought there were going to be some marks – now you all know that for a spanko that nothing but a badge of honor!

As it happened later in the day we were over at my mom’s house where my sister and I are still working to clean it out. This meant a lot of sitting on the floor going through bag of stuff to see what to keep. I complained to Nick, “What a day to be sitting on the floor, it’s hard!” He gave me a strange look as if to say ‘The floor is harder today than usual?’ But then he realized what I meant and he really laughed at me! Now that was nice, several months ago he might have looked slightly concerned or embarrassed. But these days he seems to be becoming such a natural it’s hard to realize he was born vanilla. I hope this was enough to satisfy my DW friends, I believe this weekend produced enough satisfied for me to share!


  1. now to me it sounds like Nick had just as much FUN as you did...and I know from our toy box where MTHC gets all her toy ideas from.... *big grins* and (you had your) great spanking

  2. Yeah,i have a paddle that you can use! It's big and yellow.....

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  4. See? We all told you that Nick would come along in time...

    Sounds like the purrfect start to a splendid weekend!

    Love you lots,

  5. Elis,

    That's pure fun! I love those kind of evenings, and mornings, and whatever comes after that.

    I'd wish you two a happy weekend, but you're obviously way ahead of me.


  6. I don't think Nick is vanilla, just a late bloomer!

    Congrats on the weigh in. What a perfect world. You don't lose you get spanked, you do lose you get spanked! Ahhhh.


  7. PK, that was great, Nick is really blooming.
    Now I'm certainly not a DW, but please some photo's of your marked butt. *G*
    Warm hugs lovely lady,

  8. What a wonderful prize for doing so good on your diet. Your vanilla's doing just great.


  9. David,
    He didn't seem to be suffering any!And remember MTHC has access to the content of bigger toy boxes than mine!

    You hang on to that one - I'm good!

    The boy is doing real good!!!

    Thanks Bonnie,
    I still give you credit for getting all of this started in my life with your wonderful blog! We will be forever grateful!

    You may be right. But whatever he is I am loving it!

    I can honestly say you are the only person to make that requset of me and while I am not going to do it you have made made my day by asking!

    Thanks! I could not ask for more!

  10. Wow PK! What a great story and weekend!!! That is just awesome! I'm so glad you had the next day to enjoy the hard floors!!!! Great toy idea there! hmmm.....


  11. SHOOT, I want hiney pics! LOL

    Sounds like this was quite the night. I am JEALOUS!

    (who seriously needs to have a talk with Bossman!)

  12. I'm really happy you two had this time together! It sounds like you both needed this and now Nick should be considered Nick fka Vanilla. *g*

    ~Hugs :)

  13. I'm so happy for you, PK!


  14. Carye!
    Sitting on a chair was bad enough! That floor was awful! LOL

    I started to reconsider the hiney picture but I was afraid people would get me mixed up with Katie Spade or someone so I just opted out.

    I really am having to reconsider Nick's status!

    Thanks girl. I would be even happier if you would finish your story!!!