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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's my boy!

I had a post I was going to write up tonight but there were several emails I wanted to write first and I had lots blog reading I wanted to do, so it was after 10 when I got ready to write. Then the phone rang and it ways my LJ! I love that boy! He was calling just to tell me how things were going and visit for a bit.

We talked about lots of things as we always do and somehow we got around to family and how he thinks our family is extremely unusual compared to most of the families of the kids he is in college with. He now seems to think we are abnormal. Starting with my grandparents there have been 42 marriages,only three divorces. He is the only one in his class to have parents with only one marriage and both sets of grandparents with over 55 years of marriage for each couple. Also no one on either side of the family argues. Strange as it may be we all get along and really like each other.

Of course he has complained that all this peace and tranquility in his life, with two completely functional families, leave him very little turmoil to pull from for his acting. Sorry son! So he was teasing me about this last night and I was apologizing when he said “Just kidding, Mom actually you are helping me right now”. I said “What are you talking about?” His answer, “I’ll tell you in about 10 minutes”.


We talked on about this and that and finally I asked him if it had been ten minutes! He laughed and told me that his voice and diction teacher had assigned them to write a paper on the speech patterns of the area where they grew up. He had been taking notes as we were talking! Since he has all but erased his Southern accent he now has to call home for pointers. Should I feel used? Anyway I thought everyone, and especially Eva, should know that the way I speak is now being studied at institutes of higher learning! No doubt it will soon be a course and I will be invited as to come as a guest speaker! So there Eva!!


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  2. Every once in a while i read something i just have to comment on and this is one of them.I know how your son feels. We come from a family that has virtually no divorce's on either side. I guess that's a sign of a strong sense of family! About that southern accent,,everytime we go up north they always ask about it.(Especially niagara falls). Even in Pa.they want to know what part of the south we're from! Seems to remind them of plantations and rebel flags. There is something about the south that makes people smile!

  3. The southern drawl is a fine art that only a few of us have mastered! I must agree!


  4. So you and I are both bragging about our baby boys today, lol! Other posts will wait... it is the day-to-day events of life that give us the most incredible and magical moments... all I can say about your son's family history is that he already seems to have a true appreciation for how very lucky he is!

    And that southern drawl? I love it... us native Floridians don't have it, but I picked a bit of one up after moving to Alabama in my teens and then to the moutains of NC, where their accents make the heart just melt!

    Love you lots,

  5. Believe it or not, when I went to Chicago for my grandmothers funeral, EVERYONE there said I had an accent. I live in CALI. people, WHAT accent?

    Well, apparently I call my mom, mom. Up there in Illinois they call moms, Ma.

    Or, maybe I sound like a Valley girl...



  6. PK, of course you are lovable, I'm old enough to think that your family record is enviable, LJ is one lucky boy coming from a stable background.
    When he settles on a partner he'll have a good idea what a marriage should be like
    He has every cause to bless you both.
    Warm hugs,

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM

    So there? So there, Eva? Is THAT the best you can come up with? Don't I at least get a y'all or something? Sheesh.

    Let's see...where Grace comes from it's "mom" and in Illinois it's "ma" and in the south it's "mama" cuz they can't name no one with just one syllable~ Billy Bob, Barbie Sue. Oh wait... George and Jeb. They are from the south and just one syllable, huh? Okay, I take it back. Oh wait. They are from Texas, huh? Anyhow, it's mom in my part of the world also.

    Since I have NO idea where I'm going with all this, I'll shut up now.


  8. PK, everyone knows that the southern dialect is perhaps the most melodious of all the U.S. accents...

    I'm very glad that you've helped to document this fact!


  9. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Mollie has the strongest southern accent of any of us. Once on vacation in Yankee land she said "Maaa-maaa where aaarrre ya'll? As thick as syrup! A women in the store said "Where is she from?" I just said "Jersey" and walked off!

    The song of the south...

    Oh Tig,
    Our babies do make us proud!

    I think Florida has too many Yankees and they are diluting the beautiful speech!

    I always knew you were a valley girl at heart! I always said Mama. Mollie calls me Mama but LJ calls me Mom.

    I think of my family as my security blanket. They have always been there for me and I know we will all be there for my kids.

    Dear Eva Lou,
    Its all right if ya'll don't know what youins air talkin 'bout. Us-ins will still read youins!

    As long Mollie and I live the southern dialect will live on.

  10. I have no idea why I was anonymous it was me! PK

  11. I'm there too! The only divorces here that we can trace in either side of the family are my husbands sister who has had 2, and 1 cousin of my mom's out of over 11 cousins. I can't remember how many she has! My mother and father in law and my parents all get along great. It is weird to see others that don't! I love that he is studying you! That is great! What a fun way to let you know! Sounds like he is doing great.


  12. Wait a minute here! I'm from illinois.. I grew up here near chicago, and I never said ma! That is only in the center of Chicago.. the rest of us in "the Burbs" or "Downstate" (which by the way encompasses everything out of Chicago whether north or south) say Mom :-) Of course when I was really little I said Mommy like my kids do now :-)