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Saturday, December 09, 2023

Saturday Spankings - Cassie has her say

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I’m continuing with snippets from Cassie’s River Living. In Last week’s snippet I introduced Phyllis and Burt, Cassie was less than thrilled. As the week went on she was becoming more and more agitated. Sue and Steve joined them, and Cassie at least had someone to vent to. But despite Tom’s firm warning to behave herself Cassie could take it no more.


We had a lovely dinner with no Phyllis in sight. But our luck wasn’t to last. We were lingering over coffee when I spotted Phyllis and Burt enter the dining room. Phyllis scanned the room and homed in on Tom at once. I barely had time to kick Sue under the table as warning for the incoming trouble.

I couldn’t believe it, but that horrible woman grabbed a chair from the next table, plopped her behind in it and pulled right up to our table. She actually pushed Sue’s chair to the side as she did so. I was scared for a moment Sue was going to attack before I was able to. Phyllis acknowledged no one else at the table as she grabbed Tom’s arm and stuck her boobs in his face.

I had had plenty of wine earlier, drinks with dinner and Sue’s sympathetic ear all afternoon.

Hairbrush be damned. I had had enough! Now it was time for my say.

“Mrs. Hawkins,” I began.

“Oh honey, you can call me Phyllis,” she interjected, without looking my way.

“There are a great many things I could call you madam, but most of those names aren’t considered proper to use in a polite conversation, so I will just tell you what you need to know.”

I had her attention then, so I continued. “You need to put your drooling tongue back in your mouth, your mascara spider eyes back into your head and your fake boobs back into that cheap dress that is two sizes too small for you. The man you are so eagerly pawing is my husband and although he rarely needs rescuing, I am stepping in because he is too much of a gentleman to know how to get rid of a cheap slut who clings like lint. So, I am telling you straight out – keep away from both of us. It’s not normally my job to take out the trash, but trust me, if you lay one more finger on my husband, I will take you out.”

There was total silence for a moment. Sue’s face was priceless and even in my tirade it was all I could do to keep from grinning at her. Phyllis slowly rose to her feet, and I rose to match her. Tom reached out to take my arm but I shook him off. Phyllis put full drama in her voice as she started, “Well, I never…” she began.

“And you’re never going to,” I answered flatly.

I stayed on my feet staring until Phyllis turned and flounced away. I had not shouted, only those sitting close and paying attention could have heard me. But as I sat, I did receive grins and a thumbs-up from the tables closest to us. Sitting also reminded me of Tom’s earlier ministering and the promise of more to come if I didn’t behave. I was not looking forward to that, but I still had no regrets. As we rose to leave, our waiter came hurrying over with a large picnic basket and presented it to me.

“What’s this?” I asked him, taking the basket.

“Miss Cassie, that’s a large vanilla-raspberry swirl cheesecake complements of the management and a bottle of wine from that couple just leaving. Here’s a note from them. I opened the note to read, “That was beautiful. We had dinner with them last night.”

I passed the note to Tom and got another ‘Hmm…’

The ride back to the cabin was in total silence. Tom parked but made no move to get out of the car. Suddenly the silence was broken by Tom’s laughter. Goodness! I can’t remember when I have seen him laugh with such abandonment. It didn’t take the rest of us long to join him. There we were, four old folks sitting in the car laughing until we cried.

The rest of the evening was perfect. The company, the cheesecake, the wine and the sunset couldn’t have been better. As the sun slipped behind the far mountain, Tom drew me down to sit on his lap and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for the rescue, honey. You slew the dragon and you did it like a lady.” I chuckled and completely relaxed knowing there would be no hairbrush in my immediate future.

Cassie and Tom are happily settling into River Living. Cassie hoped that this peaceful setting would be enough to keep her out of trouble. But how can she stay out of trouble with Sue living at the river too? Staying out of trouble proves just too difficult.

Cassie is happy that Tom and Ryan are growing so close, but she is concerned about what relationship advice Tom may be giving him. Overheard conversations and statements from Ryan have her worried. Is Tom sharing his thought on adult spanking with Ryan? It seems so and when Cassie realizes that Allie is hearing these thoughts too, she’s worried. Cassie realizes she is going to have to try to explain things more fully. Can Cassie explain this way of life to eighteen-year-old Allie?

Cassie’s Space series


These ten books introduce Cassie. She is my friend and has been since she wandered into my imagination fifty-four years ago. She is married to Tom, the man who loves her in a way that makes my heart nearly burst with happiness for the two of them. He loves her, guides her, protects her and when necessary, spanks the fool out of her. I’ve been told that their adventures are exciting, funny and realistic. Their love-life is passionate and fulfilling – but you’ll hear no graphic details, Cassie is a lady and giving too much detail would not be proper.

Cal’s Law series


Cal and Jenny are one of my younger couple. The spanking in their relationship began mere minutes after they met, and Cal hasn’t let up much since. There relationship has it’s struggles, but these two are meant to be together. They live in the same town as Cassie and Tom and there is a lot of interactions among the character of both series. Jenny is not as reluctant as Cassie to openly discuss her sex life, so you’ll find a little more spice in this series.


On the River series


In this, my latest series, everyone is around – all the characters I’ve grown to love over the years are living on the area of the river that they call The Landing. Their lives, their adventures, even their spankings sometimes intertwine. By this time in the series, I’m just typing as my characters tell me what’s happening. And I love it!

These books do take you through time as it passes, but please don’t think you have to read them in order. Start anywhere. Just grab one and give it a try. If you are a spanking enthusiast, I know you'll enjoy it.


I’ll close today with a review on the latest book. This is one of the finest reviews I’ve ever had. 


Starting with the first Cassie book until now, I have never been disappointed or failed to wait expectantly for the next one.

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  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Just brilliant. Go Cassie lol. She sure got her point across. I was convinced she was going to be in trouble with Tom. Perhaps she will later! Had to laugh at the reaction from the other patrons, and the gifts lol.


    1. Cassie would have probably been just as happy to beat the woman up, but that would definitely have riled Tom up. But verbally she let her have both barrels.

  2. This was perfect! Tom was right. Though she gave the hussy both barrels, she did it as a lady would, so there was no reason for him to take her to task. Loved it!

    1. Tom is strict about many things, but this time he saw that Cassie kept things under control and said what was needed. I think he enjoyed her little speech.

  3. :-) I have some catching up to do!