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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Great weekend

We had a wonderful time at the craft show! The weather wasn’t the best, it was definitely dreary and rainy but people came out anyway. The show was held in my old elementary school. The room we were in was actually the room where I attended 2nd grade. Lots of people stopped by to visit and many bought books. 


It was all fun and I was enjoying myself when I had a very special customer come by. Late in the afternoon a lady came in the room looking extremely tired. She had a boot/cast on her foot and was using one crutch. She broke into a smile when she saw us. She greeted us with, “I’ve been looking all over for you guys. I even went downstairs looking (the way she was walking that could have been dangerous). She went on to tell me, “You’re the only reason I came out today. I had to have some more Cassie books.”


Talk about making my day! I was thrilled. She got two more of the original Cassie series and then she brought the first two of the On the River series. She had made me so happy that I gave her the third book in the series for free. I told her there would be two more in that series maybe as early as next year – but if so, I better get busy! But just the idea that she had come out in the gloom and rain and with a hurt foot and had looked all over for more Cassie books made me happier than you can imagine.


Later a lady came by and after visiting with us for a short time she brought each of the Cassie books ($50) and then seven of Sister’s books ($35) – who drops $85 on a couple of authors you’ve never even heard of before. This lady, I guess. I sure hope she likes them.

In Mollie news she went to a big Christmas dance in her town. She and her friend put some pictures up on Facebook and guess who was there with her? Yep, that guy, D himself. I ‘liked’ the picture but didn’t say anything more. 


She sure did look pretty, and happy.

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  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Hi PK,

    How wonderful, so happy for you! So glad the stall went so well. It must be wonderful to have fans :) Seriously, how lovely of the lady in the cast to specifically seek you out.