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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Why now?

What do you guys know about blood pressure? I know it’s called the silent killer and I’m trying to keep it reigned in, but it’s fighting me. I’ve been on BP medicine for years, 10 mg. a day. Fine, no problem. But it was a little high at the doctor’s office the other day and she wanted me to go to 20mg. I follow doctor’s orders, so I went to 20 mg. I began taking my BP several times a day at home to keep up with it. 


On the higher dose my first check of the day was 167/116, ridiculous! After four days of high reading, I took the average of several days and the average was 158/86. I took Nick pressure too to see if my machine was just wrong but as usual his was 120/58. 


I called the doctor back with this news and she increased my dose to 40mg. It did go down some after that but certainly not where I want it to be. I took another average for the past five days and it was 142/79. That seems too high for me.


I called the doctor back with this information and talked to the nurse. I’m guessing they will be back with me sometime today. I’m also seeing my heart doctor today for an ultrasound and I’ll be sure mention it to him.


Why is this happening now? There have been no changes in my life, my eating habits or anything. I feel I'm at a fairly low stress level. What's happening? I'm of two minds about all this. I both hate going to  doctors and glad that they’re available.


  1. Hi PK, good on you for being on top of this and keeping the doctor informed. It's good you are seeing the heart doctor. Hope they come up with a solution quickly to improve the situation.


    1. They still seem to want to talk about my breathing. Sleep apnea can cause high BP too. I do NOT want a c-pap machine but it's beginning to seem like the doctor wants me to have one.

  2. Anonymous10:45 PM

    A comment my doctor made to me early this year when we had to change my BP medication:
    Me: "I've been in balance for 15 years and now out of balance - what is causing this"
    Doctor: "Age is a factor in high blood pressure and you are not getting younger I'm afraid"
    Me: "Thanks"

    Keep working on it - it takes a while for any medication change to sort itself out (I'm assuming your doctor has checked for any major health changes already)

    1. Thanks. Your doctor's comment is annoyingly accurate. And that could be part of my problem. I appreciate being able to have the test I'm having and they seem to be on top of things. I'm glad you stopped by.

  3. I hope your bp is under control now. Let us know what your heart doc says.


    1. I'll let you know but I feel like i'm talking to too many at once. Regular doctor, heart doctor, breathing doctor and sleep doctor - too many!

  4. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I have been on BP meds for years now and have always stayed around 130/80 although always higher at the doctor's office. White coat Syndrome, haha.

    I was switched from the drug I had taken for years because it predisposed you to skin cancer. The new pills make my ankles swell, which is normal for that drug. I got my home BP tester calibrated at the doc's office to make sure it was reading correctly.

    Ron pours salt over every meal and his BP is way lower than mine. Not fair!


    1. I did take my BP machine to the doctor with me yesterday to see if it was close to their reading. It was, with mine reading a little lower than theirs.

      You tell Ron that I don't think that's fair either!