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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Update on Collin and a disaster averted

Here’s a quick update on my boys. Collin got his staples removed yesterday. The doctor seems pleased with his progress and wants him to begin putting more weight on the leg. He walked half a block and back yesterday, still with crutches. It was very tiring for him, but he did it.

Now for their near disaster today. They’d hired a car to take them to the hospital. It took them to a corner with a small quarter-circle drive where you let patients off. While they were standing there a car in the driveway slowly began backing into another car. It moved slowly but it kept coming. LJ was just thinking I don’t want to be standing here, when the car shot forward as fast as it could go. Collin had to hop in his good leg to get away as LJ dove for the other side of the drive. The car continued across a street and smashed into the passenger side of a van and pushed the van up onto the sidewalk smashing it against a donut shop. Thankfully, no one was in the passenger seat. LJ said they would have been badly hurt.


LJ told me that there were two older women in the car. I’m guessing the driver finally realized they were rolling back into the first car and stomped the brake – only to hit the gas instead. No one in or out of the car was hurt, but it was a very scary experience. I’m just so glad neither of them got broken again.


Today is an anniversary for them. Eighteen years ago today they kissed for the first time. They were both in a local play. Collin was the lead and my sixteen-year-old child was a townsperson. Collin was twenty-six and I was terrified. Not that I knew all this at the time. But all’s well that ends well. 

Collin even spoke of this in his wedding vows. He said, “I remember coming out on a stage in a small town in North Carolina and a boy smiled at me and changed my life.”


Their goal to celebrate their anniversary is for Collin to be able to walk to the small bar on their block and they’ll have a drink.


LJ will begin his new job at the museum on the fifteenth. The third interview for the other job never happened. He said he felt good about the first two, but they never sat up a third. He emailed but got no response. I think the museum will be perfect for the time being and he does too. I think he’s really looking forward to working there.


I know that they still have some problems to overcome, but it looks to me like things are improving. And that’s all I can ask.



  1. Hi PK, I'm so glad to hear things are on the up swing for the boys in time for their anniv anniversary. Happy Anniversary to them!

    So good to hear Colin is recovering well and from what you have said, the museum job sounds like the job LJ will be most happy doing.


  2. I pushed the button too quickly lol. Gosh, that was a scary near miss. Very good news, and lucky nobody was hurt!

    1. I talked to Collin today. Getting around is still very hard, but it's improving a little each day. But they were lucky at that near accident.

  3. A very scary close call for the boys.

    Happy anniversary to them, and all the best. They are two lucky guys.


    1. It was a very close call! But all is good and Collin will eventually heal.

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Hey PK,

    Has it really been that long? I am thrilled Collin is walking again, albeit slowly but still.

    I am so glad they weren't hurt and were aware of things going on.

    Yay!!! The museum won (even if it was by default), I am thrilled LJ is working there. I also think there is quite a story attached to their meeting and first kiss. That is a large age gap at a young age. Still happy that they made things work though!

    I am happy things are going right over there!

  5. I always love hearing from you Boo. I'm really happy about the museum too.

    Yes there is definitely a love story - and the story of Mama finding out Collin was ten years older than my boy! But as I said, it turned out all right

  6. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Scary for them. Happy to hear Colin in on the mend. Happy Anniversary to them both. LJ will be happy working at the museum.


    1. Thanks Ronnie - things are going better for them.