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Saturday, May 28, 2022

The great dryer debate

It appears that our dryer is on its last leg. It runs but doesn’t heat up and dry the clothes. Mollie was here when we noticed the problem and the debate was on. Mollie began pointing out that there were so many new, fancy, efficient washers and dryers these days. I have to agree, some are just beautiful.


Nick tends to go for used washers and dryers. Something a little more like this.

Mollie’s main points were the overall aesthetics and the increased efficiency of a new appliance. Nick’s points were the fact that our washer and dryer resides in a basement and that no one ever sees them.  The used dryers he’s gotten over the years are efficient enough to suit him fine and cost a fraction of what a new one would. He pointed out to get them to match and look beautiful, we would have to get a new washer too. Strangely, Mollie hadn’t offered to pay for either.


So where was I in this great laundry debate?


I was hole up in my writing room trying to ignore them both. This is not my debate. The truth is I probably haven’t done a load of laundry in twenty years. I stopped when LJ was about fourteen. My theory was I bought his clothes, Nick and I paid for the washer and dryer to keep them clean. We also paid for the water and detergent. So why should I run my butt up and down the stairs when I had a fourteen-year-old to do it. Now some would be horrified at a kid doing their laundry, but the truth is my clothes aren’t that fancy and I’m not that picky.


LJ held this job until he went to college and them Mollie took over until she left home. By that time my knees were giving me trouble. I could go up and down the stairs, still can. But I go slowly and I never know when a knee could give a severe sharp pain or decide not to hold me up. I like to hang on to the rail and that’s tough carrying a load of laundry. The laundry job then fell to Nick and he never seemed to mind.


When he can no longer run up and down the stairs easily, I guess the job will go back to Mollie if she can pop over once a week or so. She is then welcome to purchase any washer and dryer she’d like to use over here. But for now we’ll stick with used. 


  1. Hi PK, I'm focussed on the fact you managed to get your teenagers to do the laundry. That's no mean feate! LoL

    I would be tempted to go with both a new washer and dryer if they are both getting old.


    1. Funny the kids never really complained. Nick can get whatever he wants.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    The one single chore Ron refuses to do is laundry. His ex never did any, except the one or two pieces she wanted to wear the next day, So Ron did all of his and his son's. I don't mind doing it, although I find the stairs a challenge too. Ron carries the baskets up and down stairs for me, so it works out well.

    A new dryer would be much more efficient than an older, used one. It doesn't have to match the washer (although a new washer would also be very efficient, and would spin more water out of the clothes, so the dryer would not run for as long).


    1. I guess Nick figured he had to carry the laundry up and down stairs anyway he might as well go ahead and do it. But I can understand Ron's reasoning.

      Nick got a used one and I'm staying out of it.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Gasp! What do you mean, you gave your children chores!!! Don't you know that is down right CRUEL! LOL :)

    Sheriff and I had that debate when daughter started doing laundry (with help by age 8). He thought it was a bit mean, I said it was a life skill. Side note, Sheriff learned to do laundry at university. sigh.

    I am with Nick on this one. I probably would buy a basic model....have bought used in the past and they have done just fine. More bells and whistles means more opportunity to break.

    Nice job hiding through that debate though!

    1. You have no idea of the horrors we inflicted on our kids. They always had to bring the groceries in from the car and put them away. LJ had to mow both our yard and my parents - but they were able to act as a instructor to others in college when it came to some life skills. I honestly didn't care which Nick got. We usually have two small loads a week. We'll survive either way.

    2. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I am shocked that you would have your kids bring in groceries! Of all things! And mowing the lawn???? GASP.

      I am glad the dryer will work.

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I do agree with Mollie that new washer/dryers are more efficient and economical and would dry your clothes much better,


    1. I believe you are she are probably right - but not enough to get in the dabate.

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I only got my first dryer a few years ago when I moved house. I still like to dry my washing on the line if the weathers good enough. I did buy a new one though.

    1. I've never hung clothes on the line. My father sold appliances when I was a kid, we had a dryer before I was born and a dishwasher by the time I was ten. I was spoiled by the fact Daddy was trying to spoil Mama.

    2. Anonymous4:07 PM

      I don't think anyone had a dryer when I was growing up! We didn't even have an automatic washing machine until I was 15. Still used a mangle outside to wring out the clothes! I remember creeping through the clothes round the fire on a wet day to warm myself by the coal fire. I think the UK was probably behind the US in getting appliances and we were quite slow to get them as we didn't have a lot of money.
      Alice x

    3. That's interesting. It would be fun to sit and talk about our different upbringings.