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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Where are they now?

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I know that one of the most unsettling things is having people, that you feel you’ve come to know, just disappear on you. This has happened to me hundreds of times. And it still happens occasionally. I don’t panic like I did when I first started blogging, but I still can’t help wondering – Did they just lose interest? Did life get too busy? Did something happen to make them fear they were going to be outed? Did something bad happen? Did they die? There should be a rule that you have to at least say goodbye if you’re leaving. 


Lots of my friend are still here either blogging or at least popping up in comment so we know that they are alive and kicking, Terpsichore, Ronnie, Windy, Baker, Boo, Roz, Hermione and Bonnie and probably  others that my Covid brain is forgetting at the moment. But a lot of my good friends just stopped. Thankfully I’m still in touch with many of them, at least on FB, so I thought I’d update you.


If we go way back, fifteen years my closest friend were Eva, CeeCi and Grace. Eva and CeeCi are doing great. Eva is still teaching and seems to be enjoying it. My ‘twin’ has many grandchildren and I do envy her. CeeCi has a lovely career and does it beautifully. I still get to talk with them occasionally. 


The last time Grace posted was June of 2020. At time she told us that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was bad and she went through hell. But she survived! She is healthy and cancer free and she and Bossman even drove cross country last year and came to visit us. They are now doing great and even contemplating some fun changes for the future.


 As for my more recent friends who no longer blog, I keep up with a few on FB – Lindy, from Down Under dreaming. Faerie, from Faerie Learns to Fly are two that I know are still around.


Here are some I occasionally speak with by phone, text, zoom or email – Terps – A Place to Share. Wendy – When the Storm Whispers to the Wind. Ella, Ella ever after. Meredith, New Twist after all these years. Minelle – My Breath. Katie T, This whole thing (Katie’s last post told us that she had become a mother-in-law and she said I could tell you that she now has a beautiful baby granddaughter! I get to zoom with Rosie Jones and occasionally with Sarah Coltman. And I got a Christmas card from an English Rose. 


All of these ladies are doing well. There have been deaths in some of their families that hurt deeply, but gratefully no one has lost a spouse. Some have taken lovely trips, some have moved to new homes. I mentioned that there have been new grandbabies. There have been surgeries, and all have been successful. Everyone is going about their life, but most of these folks aren’t blogging. Or at least not as much as I’d like them too.


As I began writing this post, I went back in my mind over bloggers from the past that I have completely lost contact with. I would love to know how they are now. I’m putting up an incomplete list of those people here and should they by chance be reading or if anyone knows anything about them, I sure would love to hear. elisspeaks@yahoo.com


Mistress Sky

Todd and Suzy

Reesa Roberts – I think Reesa has passed away. But I never heard this for sure.

Spanky and Kallisto


Theresa – She was from my early days, but I felt we were close. She had a son near LJ’s age. She disappeared suddenly and I’ve always wondered.

Florida Dom


Maggie Dear – I’ve always wondered if she ever brought TTWD up to her husband.

Purple Angel

Cindy’s Dave

Claire – Claire was recent, but I enjoyed her blog and her comments. I think life kinda overwhelmed her and she has no time. But I wish she would let us know how she is.


There are so, so many other I could include but I’ll stop here for the moment.


If anyone would like to come back for a word, I’d be happy to have you as a guest on my site if you don’t want to reactivate your own blog. Mostly we just want to know how our friends are.


  1. Hi PK, thank you for updating us on the bloggers you are in contact with. Lovely to read about Katie's granddaughter.

    It is hard when fellow bloggers and friends leave and I too wonder about them and how they are doing.


    1. I care about these blogger - and also I'm very nosy!

  2. Thanks PK for keeping us "in the loop" so to speak. There are so many more that have disappeared. If I go through my blog roll and see others, I'll let you know.

    1. I really don't want to bug these people, but if you can tell me if any are okay I'd love to hear.

  3. Wow. What a great update. It's wonderful that you have been able to keep in touch. Thank you!

    I too wonder about many of these fine folks.

    I think Florida Dom and Blondie have posted in the last year or so. If they're gone, they're not long gone.

    I heard that Todd and Suzy split up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see either again.

    If you remember Keagen, the writer and former model, she has a baby daughter.

    As for us, our granddaughter is now in high school! I feel so old. But we're still working from home.

    1. I am worried about Florida Dom. I did find his email and wrote him, but nothing yet. I had heard that about Todd and Suzy split but I'm surprised neither have been back at all. Yea for Keagen! You g-daughter was just a little think when I met you. Can't believe she's nearly grown.

  4. Hey, PK, I'm with you. I'd love to say that I know about some of the bloggers you listed above, but I really don't. I can attest that Cat, Amy (from Amy and Eric) and Lindy are all doing well. I am in contact with them all regularly. I am interested in a follow up post once you've heard more from others. I also would love to hear if Abby is still around.

    1. I'm happy to hear about the ones you are in touch with. I could have included them - there are so many I miss. Let's keep each other updated if we hear from anyone.

  5. Does the Universe have reminiscing on the brain?? Of all the days and years that I'm feeling the need to check in on my blogger friends... then I had to jump through hoops to prove that I am me. Thanks, googl.

    I am obviously alive. (Go, me.) I had a mass last year that turned out to be Stage 2 cancer. But I'm now cancer free. (Lookit me saying that to you all when my family doesn't even know).

    I'm a grandma x2.

    I was in a relationship with someone close to here that didn't work out. And over the past year, I've had a fling with a gorgeous youngun 15 years my junior... when he said "hey", I said hey back. I mean.. dayum.

    I think about you all. I worry about you all. And I pray that you are all happy.

    1. Rogue! What a wonderful blast from the past. I'm delighted to hear from you! So happy to hear that you're healthy. And weren't the blogs always for sharing information we didn't share with others? I really envy the grandma thing - my granddogs just aren't the same.

      A gorgeous youngun, how interesting. Keep saying hey. We're all mostly holding our own. Please, be in touch any time.

  6. That was so nice to read. Even though I'm one of those who left the flock I too wonder about those you mentioned. It's good to hear about those who are doing well!!! Thanks for writing this and for giving me a nudge to come and read.

    1. I'm glad we're still in touch, but I still miss you.

  7. Well, I’m here. Busy with all kinds of crazy fun and hectic issues. Falls and student stuff have slowed me some as you know! Lol
    I keep planning on posting but….. if I do a drawing it takes time, sooooo!
    I enjoy the times I’m able to talk so much!

    1. I'm so happy you pop up from time to time. My suggestion is to win the lottery, retire and just spend your time drawing.

  8. What a lovely post, I'm so impressed that you've managed to keep in touch with so many of your blogging friends!

    i am pretty horrid at keeping in touch, but I do use FB for updating family and friends on what's going on with my life. Let me know if you'd like to connect there. I am FB friends with a couple of bloggers :) It was nice to see that they were still well and active even tho they had stopped blogging regularly.

  9. Hello! Thanks for thinking about me. Life is good, just super busy and unfortunately, blogging gets put on the back burner. Plus, I am the worst at keeping in touch. Thank goodness for texting. I miss you and think of you often.

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